Revolutionize Sleep Management with Three Innovative Technologies

Revolutionize Sleep Management with Three Innovative Technologies

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Laptops, smart phones and tablets are often blamed for ruining our sleep, but can the right technology actually revolutionize sleep management? The answer is yes. New innovative technologies make getting the recommended eight hours of sleep easier than ever before. Here are three innovative technologies that will change the way you sleep forever.

1. Temperature Regulating Foams

Heat build up between the body and mattress surface is a common problem that can disrupt peaceful sleep. There are a variety of premium mattresses available today made with temperature regulating foams that promote more air flow, which helps dissipate heat away from the sleep surface.

Look for premium mattresses from known manufacturers like Serta, which recently redesigned its iComfort mattresses with a new triple-action gel memory foam designed to provide pressure relieving comfort and added support, while aiding in temperature regulation while you sleep. You can learn more about how Serta’s iComfort mattresses can improve your sleep

2. Adjustable Bed Frames

Today’s advanced adjustable mattress sets are designed to provide customized comfort and support for everything you do in bed – including catching up on emails, watching television or just lounging. Most importantly, customizing the adjustment of the head and foot of the mattress can provide optimal sleep comfort based on your body’s unique needs. Look for an adjustable bed frame with a modern and stylish finish to complement your bedroom furniture. Some models even offer advanced features like built-in massage!

Serta offers a variety of adjustable foundations, and you can determine which one is right for you here.

Compare our adjustable foundations and find the one that supports all your bedroom habits.

3. Sleep Tracking Devices

Chances are you already wear a tracking device to monitor your movement and calorie intake. While some of these devices can track the hours you sleep, there are new technologies available today that provide enhanced sleep tracking capabilities.

Serta’s new Motion Custom II adjustable foundation now features SleepGPS™ with Sleeptracker® Technology, a highly advanced sensor technology build into the foundation that works to accurately track heart rate, breathing rate and movement from each sleep parther. These key indicators provide you with real time solutions for improving your sleep through a Dynamic Sleep Coach, enable a Sleep Cycle alarm that gently wakes you when your body is most receptive and provides you with Sleep Graphs that show daily, weekly and monthly visual records of your sleep patterns. And- all of this technology is built right into the foundation so you don’t have to worry about wearing a device or turning anything on!

For more on how sleep technologies can revolutionize your sleep management, check out the following sites:



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