Understanding your sleep style can help determine the perfect mattress for the best sleep. Side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers benefit from support in distinct areas and Serta offers superior mattresses that fit your needs.

Explore sleep styles

Learn more about what type of mattress works best for each sleep position.


Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you’ll love the extra support an Extra Firm, Firm, or Medium mattress provides

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Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, you need a little extra comfort at the shoulders, hip, and lower back—which makes a Medium or Plush mattress a great match

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Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach means you need extra support, so Extra Firm, Firm, or Medium mattresses are ideal

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Combination Sleepers

If you sleep in a variety of sleeping positions, a Firm, Medium, or Pillow Top mattress will respond to your body throughout the night

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How do I know what type of sleeper I am?

The best way to gauge what type of sleeper you are is to think about how you fall asleep and wake up. If you wake up in the same position that sent you off to dreamland, that position is your type of sleeper. If you didn't wake up in the same position, you're a combination sleeper.

Components for great sleep

Memory Foam
Our exclusive memory foam mattresses feature innovative technologies designed for pressure relief

The responsive support of coils meets the comfort of high-quality foams to ensure your sleep is truly restorative.

If you like a more responsive feel and a classic quilted top, you’ll enjoy the mix of advanced innerspring systems with pressure-relieving foams

Components for great sleep

Extra Firm
Great for stomach and back sleepers for additional support and lift for heavy sleepers

Great for stomach, back, and combination sleepers for extra support and lift for heavy sleepers

Great for stomach, back, and combination sleepers for extra support and lift for heavy sleepers

Great for side sleepers for extra comfort at the shoulders, hips, and lower back

Medium Firm
Great for stomach, back, and combination sleepers looking for the perfect balance between medium and firm

Ultra Plush
Great for side sleepers who want an extra soft, body-hugging feel

Components for great sleep

We offer mattresses designed with heat-absorbing layers and memory foams that keep you cool in a substantial, pressure-relieving embrace.

Motion Isolation
Our custom support systems of individually wrapped coils deliver unparalleled support and less motion transfer minimizing the impact of your partner's movements, so you sleep undisturbed.

Pressure relief
Experience fewer aches and pains when your joints are supported on mattresses that feature our exclusive Cool Twist® Gel Memory Foam.

Pillow top
Exceptional for pressure point relief and supportive sleep, the cushioning comfort of a pillow top mattress is beneficial for any sleep position and an excellent option for side and combination sleepers.

Customized comfort

From working to reading and even nursing, we do so much in our beds; customize your comfort and maximize your mattress satisfaction with an adjustable base and Serta mattress foundation.

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Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

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Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Options with extra comfort at the shoulders, hips, and lower back are beneficial to side sleepers

Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep through the night on your stomach, these options offer the support you need

Best Mattresses for Combination Sleepers

If you shift positions throughout the night, these picks are responsive to multiple sleep positions