Mattress Warranty:  Are You Covered?

Mattress Warranty: Are You Covered?

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Most of today’s brand name mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. It’s important to understand what a mattress warranty does and does not cover – and the simple steps you can take to ensure complete mattress satisfaction.

What’s Covered: Manufacturing Defects

Established brands like Serta conduct ongoing quality testing to determine what constitutes a defect. Your new mattress will come with a warranty brochure that clearly states what is and what is not covered based on what’s considered a manufacturing defect. It’s important to read this carefully and store the information somewhere safe, although most manufacturer websites will have electronic versions of the warranty.

Download Serta’s product warranty brochure to get warranty coverage details.

What’s Not Covered: Comfort Preference

Your personal comfort is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This is because comfort is unique, personal and subjective. A perfectly made plush mattress may feel great to your friend, but you may personally find it too soft and, therefore, uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s important to research online and try different types of mattresses in person with your partner before making the purchase. Online tools like our Mattress Selector can help narrow down the options before you shop.

Finally, many mattress retailers offer a trial period, allowing you to return or exchange a new mattress if you find it’s not the right match. Be sure to ask your retailer what their policy is so you know your options.

A mattress warranty is designed to protect the craftsmanship and quality of the mattress. By understanding what it does and does not cover, you will shop smarter and enjoy your new mattress for several years.



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