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Ratings & Reviews

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Good quality and comfortable

May 12, 2017

Tifton, GA

I received this Serta mattress a week ago, and it is more on the soft/plush side. So far the mattress is extremely comfortable when sleeping on my side and back, and doesn't sink in too deeply (conforms with your body). The plushness of the mattress provides well distributed support when relaxing and trying to sleep, with just the right amount of softness. However, the mattress seems smaller than my previous Serta queen size mattress, and not so sure about the temperature regulation feature because I can't tell a difference between this mattress and my old mattress(could be due to me living in the South where temperatures are hot). I can't say enough on how comfortable it is, and the great quality of the Serta Blue Max 1000 plush mattress. I am very happy thus far with the mattress.

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1 week


July 26, 2017


We needed a new bed, our old one was 10 years old, giving us neck and back aches. So one day we decided to go just look at some beds. Came across this icomfort blue max plush and couldn't pass it up!! We just wanted to look and walked out purchasing a new bed. It has been a month and I will say it is the most comfortable bed I ever slept on. I suffer from knee and shoulder issues and I will say this, I am able to sleep on my sides and stomach now with this bed. Sleep is better, I do not toss and turn, and my hot flashes are subsided. I just love this bed. Thank you for giving me the peace and comfort of sleep again!!!

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Overall Rating

Sooooo COMFY!!

August 10, 2017


We just finished night 3 on our new mattress. I LOOOVE this one. I am a stomach sleeper and the plush is perfect. My favorite feature is the cool gel. Living in South Florida I get the best sleep when I'm cool. Second best feature is how soft to the touch the mattress is yet it gives good support. We decided to get the adjustable bed frame as well. Makes watching TV in bed very comfortable as well. We are still playing with it to find the best comfort level for bot of us.

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So very dense, yet supple

August 16, 2017


We went in 17 years after buying our last mattress. Thinking hybrid was the way to go. All I can say about testing this model, is my wife melted into it. I haven't seen her that relaxed in a bed in years. A few nights in and I'm kicking myself that we waited this long. Go try one out!

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Overall Rating

We bought two mattresses, one firm and one plush.

August 29, 2017


We bought two Twin XL I comfort blue Max 1000 TXL mattresses with fully adjustable and vibrating deluxe foundations. We have them together (side by side) to make on King. After trying them out in the store, my wife wanted the plush, I wanted the firm. We replaced a Select Comfort (Sleep Number) mattress that we had had for 23 years. We wanted a change and also wanted something adjustable that would vibrate but we wanted to be able to adjust the mattresses independently. We have had our new bed(s) for six weeks now. My wife slept on the plush for two weeks and then we switched mattresses. After just a couple of days, she wanted her plush back. She rates it an 8 out of ten for sleep, comfort, etc. I tried the plush for a couple of days, and liked it, but prefer something a little more firm. Our previous Select Comfort bed had a 2" gel foam topper, so we are used to the cooling effect of the gel foam on our new mattresses.

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Overall Rating

Comfortable Mattress

October 16, 2017


I've had my bed for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a difference in comfort levels. Prior to my new mattress I was waking up with migrating pain. The pain I was experiencing has greatly diminished and I'm waking up more rested. I'm finding the mattress to be quite comfortable. However, if I had known there was a "more firm" mattress I would of purchased it. It is a little to "squishy" for me when I sit or lay on it. I know some people like the "sink in feeling" I'm just not one of them. In saying this, I must add that is still comfortable.

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Initial impressions

November 15, 2017


We've only had the bed for two nights, but already I'm seeing a difference. Our older mattress was 15 years old and in need of a replacement. I couldn't get through the night without tossing and turning and trying different positions trying to get comfortable. Of course after a long and useful life it was time for a new mattress. We have heard that foam mattresses sleep hotter than conventional beds, but my wife enjoyed sleeping on our firm foam mattress in our spare bedroom. Where as I enjoy the soft cushioning of a traditional coil spring mattress we seem to have found a happy compromise. We went to a local mattress show room and tried out at least a half dozen beds. We both found that the Serta icomfort plush blue max 1000 had the best of both worlds. The mattress definitely has some of the firmness of a foam mattress and the plushness of a softer bed without compromising support. You lay down in the bed and it feels like it's enveloping you in comfort and support. So far I've been able to sleep on my side for the first time in years. Also my wife came to bed after I fell asleep and I had no clue as to what time she came to bed which never happened in our old bed. In our old bed you could feel every move in and out of the bed by the other spouse. It's definitely a welcomed new change I'm quickly adapting to. So far I haven't slept this good in years. Thanks Serta!

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Overall Rating


November 18, 2017


We love our new mattress. It's very comfortable to sleep on. You melt into the bed when laying down. It supports you based on movement. Would highly recommend this mattress set to anyone.

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Overall Rating

Love on First Night

November 19, 2017


I have had this mattress for 4 nights. I am sleeping more comfortably than I have in a long time. My other mattress was worn out and not giving my back enough support. The Blue Max 1000 Plush is very supportive. After a good night's sleep my back feels much better than it did when sleeping on my old mattress. I like a soft feel mattress and this one is soft but very supportive of my body. I love it. Thank you Serta IComfort.

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Overall Rating

Split King Comfort

December 2, 2017


We purchased the Split King Blue Max 1000 Plush with the Motion Custom II fondation and it is one of the best investments ever. I used to snore, now the head tilt the snoring has stopped. The other features are excellent too! The massage features work very good and are pretty quite. We have a two story house with wood floors and the family room is under the master bedroom. If the massage feature is on you can't hear it..... it's excellent. Now for the bed. This is our second Serta Mattress. Our first one was a "Perfect Day" Exuberence. We loved this mattress but now because of my back and snoring we have the new bed, it is more comfortable than our old one. I sleep on my back and my wife is a side sleeper. With this bed you won't have to count sheep anymore!

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Overall Rating


December 3, 2017


We had our new mattress delivered last Monday and have been sleeping better ever since! Our "old" pillow top mattress was only 6 years old but had already starting to develop sags in it two years ago, but now there was a "mountain" in the middle of it and we are not big people. Also, I broke my femur in two 5 months ago and had to have a rod and screws placed to repair it and just the past two months have been able to sleep a little on my side and this bed has already been so much more comfortable to my surgery sites! It is supportive where it should be, yet cushiony feeling at the same time. My husband had been achey in the mornings due to the sagginess of our old bed and he's feeling much better in the mornings too! This style of mattress does take a little getting used to compared to a standard pillow top style, but so far we are very happy with this purchase. Our salesperson listened to our complaints of our old mattress and our wants in a new one and was very helpful in our selection of this one. Really glad we made the change!

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Overall Rating

Changed sleep dramatically

December 10, 2017


This is absolutely the best purchase I have ever made. I always slept on a firm mattress because of back issues. I work construction and really could never get comfortable at night always tossing and turning and waking up with sore shoulders and hips. The day we went mattress shopping we were introduced to the SERTA I comfort after speaking with the salesperson and explaining our sleep positions and back issues. We fell in love with it and we laid on a lot of mattresses and kept going back to the BLUE MAX 1000 PLUSH. Absolutely love the cooling feature of the memory foam because we both are hot sleepers. Also we bought the 2 twin XL adjustable bases, no more waking up sore and stiff and we sleep through the night, sometimes in zero gravity. In all couldn't be happier with our purchase in SERTA.

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Overall Rating


December 28, 2017


I just love this product. I have always had traditional spring mattress.. Didn't know what I was missing!! The blue max 1000 combined it with an adjustable frame and it is totally awesome. I have never sleep better.. I do not get hot like the old mattress and just love how I sleep.

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Overall Rating

Plush comfort at a reasonable price

December 31, 2017


I like that it is so comfortable and it doesn’t sag in the middle. The last mattress that I owned was a sleep number mattress and I found that after a while it started to sag in the middle. Even though it was adjustable, the air bladders stopped being able to hold the correct amount of air. It simply wasn’t as comfortable as we wanted it to be. After trying out several different beds, we finally settled on this one and so far, it has been very comfortable. There is no issue of sagging at all due to the foam part of the mattress reshaping itself after every move. There is no bouncing when someone else is moving around which allows everyone to get a great night’s sleep.

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Overall Rating

The best mattress we've ever owned

February 15, 2018


This mattress is the most comfortable mattress we've ever owned. It is also one of the best, most informed purchases we've made in the last several years. We have the iComfort Blue Maxx 1000 Plush and it meets our aging needs extremely well. We're in good health but have some physical issues due to arthritis and have found great comfort and the ease with which our bodies adjust to the mattress (actually, it adjust to us) each night. The only concern I have is that the Cool Max does not keep me cool to the degree I hoped it would. It is still great, though.

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Overall Rating

Quality and Comfort Without Breaking the Bank

February 20, 2018


My husband and I recently purchased the Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush edition Mattress and box spring. I can't tell you how happy I am that we upgraded to this mattress! We received a superior quality mattress that is not only comfortable, but is worth the price - especially a price that is far less than a competitor in which this mattress feels the absolute same in comparison to! Our first night's sleep on it was absolutely amazing! The cooling portion of this mattress was definitely an upgrade I'm glad we did, as I didn't realize sleeping on a cooler mattress would affect me as positively as it has. Being pregnant and already having a hard time sleeping, this mattress makes a nights sleep so comfortable and such a dream. I've had friends purchase the competitor's more expensive brand mattress, but honestly, I'm the one that got the most bang for my buck and this mattress is literally the best. I'd highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade their current mattress and move up the line to a superior quality nights sleep. Definitely an A and 5 Stars from my family!

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Overall Rating

Helped with hip and shoulder pain

August 27, 2018


We had been having trouble sleeping on our old mattress which was an expensive brand. It was no longer comfortable 6 years later. We went into the store looking for a kitchen table and got to talking to our salesmen about our old bed. He then told us he knew of the perfect mattress for us. He had us try several out and we picked the one he said all along we would like. We both had a rough day from moving furniture and mattresses so when we went to sleep we had our fingers crossed. I didn't wake up throughout the night which was nice. My wife and I didn't have any back, hip or shoulder pain. We felt refreshed and pain free. If you are on the fence try this out. It also sleeps cool too we didn't get hot at all.

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Overall Rating

Best Bed Ever!

September 20, 2018


I love how easy it was to set up, 15 minutes top. I have a California King (oak waterbed frame with drawers underneath). I got the low profile box with the mattress. First night did not notice difference. After 6 nights on the bed I am sleeping sounder, not waking up 4 or 5 times a night, not waking up sweating, like my old mattress, which I bought 7 years ago with Havertys. It was a Sealy pillow top which had begun to sag in the middle and every time you rolled over you end up in the middle of the bed. My German Shepard puppy (4 months old) slept with me last night for the first time and even he slept through the night! This bed fits like a glove. I do not sleep with a pillow and sleeping flat on this bed I think I have gotten a better deeper sounder sleep. Go to a store and test out a bed in person before you buy online. Believe me, I have tested out a lot of beds in a lot of stores and read reviews online. You will be glad you did. You have to really check all the beds available and in your price range. Sort of like buying a car. Research. Research. Research. Test out the Blue Max 1000 Plush Set and see for yourself. Best bed ever! Happy sleeping! :)

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Overall Rating

Comparable to other memory foam mattress on the market, but BETTER!

February 6, 2019


I am a previous Simmons customer and have been researching Serta forever because I was no longer comfortable and rested each morning. I woke up with aches and pains. I started with Serta by investing in their scrunch pillows. From there, I noticed a huge difference in my neck and I RARELY am getting migraines! So the next step was mattress. I went back and forth between the foam vs hybrid... And after laying on them for what felt like hours I went with the I inform Blue Max 1000 Plush. The mattress just forms to every curve you have. It alleviates all the pressure points. It is so unbelievably comfortable. I did the side sleeper test, tummy test and back and all are great. It truly molds to your body. Foam does NOT stay sunk down, it forms right back up when you get up. My next step will be an adjustable base to match. You have to invest in your sleep and this is a mattress that I HIGHLY recommend. Anything Serta, really. Make sure you get those matching pillows... Well worth it.

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Overall Rating

I say iComfort you say rocks... iComfort...

June 1, 2017


I absolutely love this mattress, it's so soft like a cloud that hugs me in all the right places and supports me where I need it. The one major selling point for me was the cooling features this mattress had, because I sleep like a heater and I like it cold. Unfortunately, I have a big tv and home theater system in my bedroom which tends to cause it to be hotter than your usual bedroom and on top of that my old memory foam would retain my body heat so I could never get a cool nights sleep. The only mattress that I knew of that would keep me cool was the Tempurpedic Breeze models, and I don't know about you but I don't have $3,000 or $5,000 for a mattress. It was like this mattress was a gift from God, because I could not only afford this mattress but it was soft and cooling. I honestly have to say, I sleep like a baby in this mattress and I strongly recommend that anyone looks at the new Serta iComfort mattresses. You won't regret it.

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Overall Rating