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Ratings & Reviews

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July 26, 2017


We needed a new bed, our old one was 10 years old, giving us neck and back aches. So one day we decided to go just look at some beds. Came across this icomfort blue max plush and couldn't pass it up!! We just wanted to look and walked out purchasing a new bed. It has been a month and I will say it is the most comfortable bed I ever slept on. I suffer from knee and shoulder issues and I will say this, I am able to sleep on my sides and stomach now with this bed. Sleep is better, I do not toss and turn, and my hot flashes are subsided. I just love this bed. Thank you for giving me the peace and comfort of sleep again!!!

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Overall Rating

Oh So Soft

October 18, 2017


We have had this mattress for about 3 weeks now. We LOVE it! This mattress is so soft. I love how it conforms to your body. When I lay in it at the end of a long hard day this mattress will take away all the pressure of every square inch of my body. Our old mattress was a very old traditional mattress with a pillow top. As I age my needs are definitely changing. My old mattress I use to wake up nightly and couldn't fall back asleep. With this new Serta I haven't awaken once during the night since we have received it. I love that my husband can move around and I can't feel a thing. We also purchased the Serta movable and vibrating base to go along with this mattress. The comfort of the two of these together is out of this world! I feel like I am living like the rich. I hope this mattress gives us this kind of comfort for years to come. I would definitely recommend this mattress and the base to anyone. After doing plenty of research this was the mattress we thought would fit our needs best. So far it hasn't disappointed! I wish I would have made the change years earlier.

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Overall Rating

Plush comfort at a reasonable price

December 31, 2017


I like that it is so comfortable and it doesn’t sag in the middle. The last mattress that I owned was a sleep number mattress and I found that after a while it started to sag in the middle. Even though it was adjustable, the air bladders stopped being able to hold the correct amount of air. It simply wasn’t as comfortable as we wanted it to be. After trying out several different beds, we finally settled on this one and so far, it has been very comfortable. There is no issue of sagging at all due to the foam part of the mattress reshaping itself after every move. There is no bouncing when someone else is moving around which allows everyone to get a great night’s sleep.

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Overall Rating

Best mattress ever!

February 11, 2018


I absolutely love this bed. My husband and I have owned many beds over the years and this is by far the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. It totally conforms to your body without being overly squishy. You don't get that hard "bottoming out" sensation as you do with some other memory foam mattresses. You just slowly sink in, but not too much. The way it conforms to the small of your back is amazing. I'm a side sleeper also and it's perfect for that as well. It's definitely softer than some other memory foam mattresses. If you prefer a firmer feel, then this may not be for you, but if you liked to be cuddled in softness, the plush is the right choice. Don't ruin the effect of your mattress by using one of those puffy mattress covers. Be sure to find a thin waterproof cover that doesn't change the feel and benefits of your mattress. Right now I'm using an inexpensive cover that's working, but I may be investing in one of the Serta 2 in 1 covers later on. I'm using my mattress on a Serta Motion III adjustable frame. Fantastic!

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Knew right away/I-Comfort Foam Blue Max 1000 Plush Set

April 8, 2018


I hate shopping for beds. You lay on all of them and eventually they all start to feel the same however, once we laid on this one we knew. I called my husband over because we were shopping with him in mind. I had picked out the last one forever ago, a firm spring mattress. The foams that were available at the time I found very uncomfortable, like i was being suffocated, and highly expensive. My husband suffers from chronic neck and back pain so needless to say the spring we had was not the best but it served it purpose. So with this one it was all him, foams all the way. We saw and laid on the ones that have been around since the last time we looked ( no names necessary) and just as expensive with the same results for both of us this time. This was like a light in a sea of darkness, it stood out of all of them. Kinda shocked me at first. Once my husband laid on it he had the same reaction as I did. We giggled like school children. We still didn't rush, we looked at all of them and tested them all out, talked, wandered around the store came back and did it all over again. Still this one stuck out. I will say that it took the hubby a few days to get accustom to it, my mom and her new foam mattress had the same start, but me I noticed a difference the first morning. It was wonderful to wake up and not hobble to the bathroom and have achy shoulders (side sleeper) among other "old"' aches and pains. Couldn't wait to see if it was a fluke but nope...slept on my sons for a couple hours (exact same style and make of our old one) and as soon as I woke up knew it was no joke. Hubby is doing great with it now too. I've never been so anxious to come home and lay in bed....its wonderful.

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Helped with hip and shoulder pain

August 27, 2018


We had been having trouble sleeping on our old mattress which was an expensive brand. It was no longer comfortable 6 years later. We went into the store looking for a kitchen table and got to talking to our salesmen about our old bed. He then told us he knew of the perfect mattress for us. He had us try several out and we picked the one he said all along we would like. We both had a rough day from moving furniture and mattresses so when we went to sleep we had our fingers crossed. I didn't wake up throughout the night which was nice. My wife and I didn't have any back, hip or shoulder pain. We felt refreshed and pain free. If you are on the fence try this out. It also sleeps cool too we didn't get hot at all.

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Overall Rating

Best Bed Ever!

September 20, 2018


I love how easy it was to set up, 15 minutes top. I have a California King (oak waterbed frame with drawers underneath). I got the low profile box with the mattress. First night did not notice difference. After 6 nights on the bed I am sleeping sounder, not waking up 4 or 5 times a night, not waking up sweating, like my old mattress, which I bought 7 years ago with Havertys. It was a Sealy pillow top which had begun to sag in the middle and every time you rolled over you end up in the middle of the bed. My German Shepard puppy (4 months old) slept with me last night for the first time and even he slept through the night! This bed fits like a glove. I do not sleep with a pillow and sleeping flat on this bed I think I have gotten a better deeper sounder sleep. Go to a store and test out a bed in person before you buy online. Believe me, I have tested out a lot of beds in a lot of stores and read reviews online. You will be glad you did. You have to really check all the beds available and in your price range. Sort of like buying a car. Research. Research. Research. Test out the Blue Max 1000 Plush Set and see for yourself. Best bed ever! Happy sleeping! :)

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Overall Rating

Comfort Is The Goal - Success!

February 23, 2019


I am always confused as to what type of mattress I could benefit from with having bilateral knee replacement, a lumbar fusion and needing shoulder surgery. I am 5'0 and overweight and was so tired of waking up in pain in my back, shoulders and hips and yes... knees. There are so many types of mattresses out there and the choices are endless. It is also a very large investment and a most important decision to make. How much am I willing to pay? Will it make me more comfortable or worse off than I was before? What if I'm dissatisfied? Then I'm stuck with something I can't use. We tried dozens of mattresses when searching in the store and reading online reviews. The Blue Max 1000 plush was the very last mattress that was presented to us. I felt more comfortable and cool on this one than any of the others we tried. I was very nervous about the price and wondered if it will feel just as good at home. You know, buyers remorse that I so hoped we wouldn't have. The first night was iffy. Had I made the right decision? I know it takes some time to get use to a new bed or is it.. it takes time for the new bed to get used to me? All I can say is that it has been three nights now and I slept in late for the first time in years! I hope this will be the trend from now on and that it will only get better. I know the adjustable bed frame we also purchased with the mattress has helped tremendously. So far the investment with improving my sleep is paying off. I am hopeful that we will continue to get along and come to know each other much better. I am glad we met after all these years..... So far! Thank you.

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Overall Rating

Initial impressions

November 15, 2017


We've only had the bed for two nights, but already I'm seeing a difference. Our older mattress was 15 years old and in need of a replacement. I couldn't get through the night without tossing and turning and trying different positions trying to get comfortable. Of course after a long and useful life it was time for a new mattress. We have heard that foam mattresses sleep hotter than conventional beds, but my wife enjoyed sleeping on our firm foam mattress in our spare bedroom. Where as I enjoy the soft cushioning of a traditional coil spring mattress we seem to have found a happy compromise. We went to a local mattress show room and tried out at least a half dozen beds. We both found that the Serta icomfort plush blue max 1000 had the best of both worlds. The mattress definitely has some of the firmness of a foam mattress and the plushness of a softer bed without compromising support. You lay down in the bed and it feels like it's enveloping you in comfort and support. So far I've been able to sleep on my side for the first time in years. Also my wife came to bed after I fell asleep and I had no clue as to what time she came to bed which never happened in our old bed. In our old bed you could feel every move in and out of the bed by the other spouse. It's definitely a welcomed new change I'm quickly adapting to. So far I haven't slept this good in years. Thanks Serta!

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Overall Rating

Amazing mattress

November 16, 2017


I have only had it for a week, but my sleeping has been great. And love the size of the king. I went from a queen waterbed that I have had for over 20 plus years. To a king. And I absolutely love it!!!! Husband has also been getting great sleep. Would highly recommend this mattress.

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Overall Rating


December 3, 2017


We had our new mattress delivered last Monday and have been sleeping better ever since! Our "old" pillow top mattress was only 6 years old but had already starting to develop sags in it two years ago, but now there was a "mountain" in the middle of it and we are not big people. Also, I broke my femur in two 5 months ago and had to have a rod and screws placed to repair it and just the past two months have been able to sleep a little on my side and this bed has already been so much more comfortable to my surgery sites! It is supportive where it should be, yet cushiony feeling at the same time. My husband had been achey in the mornings due to the sagginess of our old bed and he's feeling much better in the mornings too! This style of mattress does take a little getting used to compared to a standard pillow top style, but so far we are very happy with this purchase. Our salesperson listened to our complaints of our old mattress and our wants in a new one and was very helpful in our selection of this one. Really glad we made the change!

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Overall Rating

Worst Bed of My Life

December 6, 2017


Hate hate hate this bed. Nothing plush about it. I cry almost every morning getting out of bed. I haven't had a restful night sleep since the purchase of this bed. I bought it from Ashley furniture and no one ever told us that there was a comfort guarantee. I called them and was told sorry you are about 20 days out of your comfort guarantee. My husband and I spent $3,400 between this mattress and adjustable base and it was the worst purchase of my entire life. If I could afford to I would throw the bed away and purchase a new one.

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Overall Rating

This is the best mattress I have ever owned and it is Awesome!!

January 7, 2018


This mattress is so soft but firm to sleep in all night. We have adjustable platforms and Love it! We spend a lot of time in bed now watching TV and taking naps. It is top quality and we have the Blue max and do not any problems with getting hot at night. Very Nice Produce. We Love It.

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Overall Rating

Literally Sleeping on a Cloud

March 6, 2018


We've never owned a product quite like the Blue Max 1000 Serta iComfort Mattress before. It truly is amazing. For a fraction of competitor pricing, you can own a pure heavenly product without feeling bad for how much you spent on it. The cooling sensation of the Blue Max is something I didn't think I'd feel through a mattress protector and sheets, but boy was I wrong! It's so nice to have a nice, cool, comfortable bed to slide into at night and fall straight asleep. I used to have a hard time with sleeping because of waking up multiple times in the night and tossing and turning - but no more. This mattress is on my list of "best things I ever bought" purchases. I highly recommend this mattress!

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Overall Rating

Shocked at no more joint pain

March 7, 2018


Truly was skeptical that I would sleep more sound just from a mattress! The first night was even noticeable, not even more from changing types of beds. Has been a great spur of the moment purchase!

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Overall Rating

Blue Max split twin

April 21, 2018


Love this mattress , it has given me the best sleep I have had in years. I have problems with hips and shoulders and this mattress has given me relief so I can finally sleep thru the night. It’s worked so well my mother in law and our son also purchased the same mattress.

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Overall Rating

Silent night

April 24, 2018


Had a Serta and loved it . This mattress is not too soft and not too firm ! Counting sheep is so easy with the Serta memory foam! Also provides a cool nights sleep !

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Overall Rating

Terrible Quality

May 5, 2018


I purchased the iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush and couldn’t be more unsatisfied. The mattress is defective. There are multiple lumps and it appears the foam layers detached and shifted the entire mattress at some point in the delivery. I had a new one exchanged and experienced the exact same problems. The delivery drivers and the sales manager told me they were aware of this problem and that they have several exchanges of this mattress weekly due to the quality of the mattress. I don’t understand how a product that is so known to be defective is still being sold, let alone the price point it is sold for. I’m extremely dissatisfied and do not recommend this mattress to anyone.

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Overall Rating

Very nice. Appears to be made better than the original icomfort mattress I replaced under warranty.

May 30, 2018


Looks good and is comfortable. I can't give you a more detailed review because I haven't had very long.

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Overall Rating

Very Nice Blue Max 1000 Plush

July 6, 2018


We originally purchased a TP supreme breeze after trying it out in the store. After 3 weeks it still felt very stiff. We then found the Serta Blue Max 1000 plush in the store and fell in love with it. It was very soft and was exactly what we were looking for. So we returned the TP and brought our new mattress home. It was a little stiff at first but after some break in it became as soft as the sample in the store and is very comfortable.

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Overall Rating