Why to Buy a Mattress Made in the USA

Why to Buy a Mattress Made in the USA

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Do you know if your mattress was made in the United States? Aside from national pride, there are a few significant reasons why you should buy an American-made bed. Manufacturing laws in the United States are often broader and stricter than regulations in other countries around the world. And regulatory guidelines that govern the manufacturing process affect issues like health and safety, quality, environmental standards, and human rights. Because we hold our product to a very high standard, all Serta mattresses are manufactured in the United States at one of our 28 facilities across the country.


Health and Safety

Product requirements and standards in the United States make sure that important health and safety concerns, like flammability and chemical components, are addressed. Serta mattresses, for example, meet or exceed the federal flammability standard and fully comply with the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Serta’s FireBlocker system is a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibers that help isolate the impact of a fire and limit its spread. Serta mattresses are assembled from finished components, and no chemical processing is introduced in any of our manufacturing facilities. All Serta foam is CertiPUR-US® certified and tested by each of our suppliers to have low VOC emissions for indoor air quality and made without prohibited phthalates, CFCs, lead or heavy metals, formaldehyde, or PBDEs.



Comfort is something that should endure day after day. And we know a thing or two about lasting quality! Serta has blazed the trail in comfort since we introduced our first Perfect Sleeper® mattress in 1931.


We build Serta mattresses with the highest quality materials to give you years of outstanding comfort and support. All Serta mattresses are designed and assembled in the USA, leveraging Serta’s 85 years of manufacturing expertise.


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Our focus on quality is one of the reasons that Serta iComfort® has been named a Consumers Digest Best Buy for six years in a row and Serta has earned the Women’s Choice Award for mattresses four years in a row.


Environmental Standards

Environmental regulations in the United States around manufacturing processes and the chemicals produced as an output are relatively strict — which is a good thing for our environment.


Serta is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through energy and waste-reducing manufacturing processes by recycling scraps of mattress ticking, foam, wood, steel, and plastic. We’ve reduced secondary packaging to less than 5% of product weight. Serta Mattress’ plants and suppliers are located near our customers to minimize transportation cost and fuel consumption, and we manufacture Serta products on a just-in-time schedule to reduce unnecessary energy use, minimize waste, and allow for less warehousing.


Additionally, Serta uses eco-friendly mattress components. Our innersprings and boxsprings are made from 95% post-industrial recycled steel, and the wood in our foundations is sourced from forests that are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Many of the fabrics used in Serta mattress covers are made from natural bamboo and/or pure organic cotton. Our latex blend is naturally anti-microbial and allergen resistant, and we use soy-based foams in multiple product lines.


Human Rights

Labor practices outside of the United States vary and, in certain places, are not closely monitored. American manufacturing plants must adhere to OSHA standards, pay a minimum wage, and follow child labor laws. Unfortunately, there are places around the globe where this is not the case.


Buying a mattress made in the USA also supports American manufacturing, which creates jobs and helps keep our economy diversified. Before you make a decision about your next mattress, find out where it was made and make sure the company’s production processes meet the safety, quality, environmental, and labor standards that are important to you.



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