December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Life gets busy. And so, naturally, you are, too. If you have a pulse, then you’re always “on.” On your phone. On Facebook. On the daily grind. And that’s all good. Until it’s time to go to bed. And all you want to do is turn down and turn off.

You’ve heard it before. Getting plenty of good sleep is important. It can improve your memory, your decision-making, and your creativity. Among many other things. But sometimes good sleep habits only get you so far. Enter, natural sleep aids.

Here are our favorite natural sleep aids and supplements for improving your quality of sleep:


Your body’s already loaded with magnesium. In fact, it plays major role in many of its processes, including heart health and brain function. And it also helps put your body at ease and quiet all those thoughts racing in your mind after a long day. Which, in turn, helps you get to sleep. That’s because it can regulate melatonin production in your brain. Ah, speaking of…


Melatonin is a hormone your body’s already producing. It sends signals to your brain when it’s ready to get some rest and go to sleep. Taking this supplement can increase the melatonin levels in your brain, so that the signal happens faster. Getting you to sleep sooner and getting you more total sleep time.

Valerian Root

No, it’s not a character from Guardians of the Galaxy. But it is a Eurasian herb commonly used for treating some unpleasant symptoms of menopause, anxiety and depression. It can also help calm and ease you, which will ultimately lead you to sleep better.


Is there anything better than the scent of lavender? It just oozes with “soothe.” Laundry detergent companies get it. We know you do, too. So it’s probably no surprise to see lavender on here. Of course something this soothing could naturally get you snoozing. (Ever fall asleep on a massage table? Nothing to be embarrassed about. That is, unless you snored the whole time. Awkward. But, we digress…) In this case, we recommend you skip the supplements, as they may lead to nausea and stomach pains. And try a little lavender aromatherapy instead.

Now go on, busy body. Get busy sleeping.



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