Back, Side, & Stomach Sleepers: What's the Best Mattress for You?

Back, Side, & Stomach Sleepers: What's the Best Mattress for You?

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Close your eyes. Think of the most comfortable night’s sleep you could possibly get.

Do you imagine having to make sacrifices to get it? Having to settle on a mattress that kinda, sorta delivers what you need to get the best sleep ever?

Okay, good. Because that’s not what true comfort is. You deserve to sleep comfortably all night, every night. No matter what sleep style you practice. So here it is. Back, side and stomach sleepers, listen up. These are the mattress you should be shopping for:


Ask the professionals. The ones in crisp, white coats. They’ll tell you sleeping on your back is the best for your spine’s wellbeing. So, you’re off to a good start. You’ll want a mattress that keeps weight off your joints and pressure points and that cradles your spine just right, so that it’s aligned properly. Oh, what’s that? Your current mattress isn’t doing this for you? Break up with it right away. (Gosh, you’re so lucky you have us.)

What to look for:

A medium firm mattress. Any too soft or too firm won’t give your spinal cord the TLC it really needs.


Bad news, side sleepers. You’re at a higher risk of back pain and injury than back sleepers. Not that this is a competition. See, we have more curves on our side. Shoulders. Hips. Knees. And that’s more opportunity to create tension and pressure.

What to look for:

A softer mattress. It’ll give you the support you need and cradle your hips and shoulders to prevent stress and injury. What more could you ask for?


This one’s for the biggest risk takers of all. Because stomach sleepers are at the greatest risk of back pain and spinal problems. And sleeping on your stomach puts a great deal of pressure on your thoracic and lumbar spine.

What to look for:

A firm mattress. Anything too soft won’t hold up under your hips, putting loads of pressure on your lower back. And nobody wants that.

Now that you’re ready to shop, get mind blown in just 7 easy steps. Check out our Mattress Selector and find the best mattress for you.



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