Your Best Bed at Any Age

Your Best Bed at Any Age

August 31, 2022

Author: sertaadmin

Did you know that your sleep needs will change throughout your life? You’ll generally need less sleep as an adult than you would as a teenager, and as you get older, you’ll require even less time to catch up on your Zs. As you deal with changing life situations and a changing body, your comfort preferences will also change. Don’t be surprised if the type of mattress you liked ten years ago has changed! Find your best beds for every age.

Babies and toddlers

Babies sleep on very firm surfaces, without padding or pillows. Infant mattresses are made specifically to accommodate your baby’s safety needs. Toddler mattresses, while similar to infant mattresses, offer a little softer surface and more cushioned support. Because both infant and toddler mattresses are crib-sized, a two-sided mattress is a great investment. You can use one side for your newborn and transition to a toddler bed when the time is right.

Kids and teenagers

When your child outgrows the toddler bed, it’s time to move to a bigger mattress — one that will last through your child’s teenage years. The right mattress size depends on the size of the bedroom and the needs of your kid. Children and teenagers are growing, need more sleep, and spend more time in bed. So the best kid’s bed is one your child loves! If you have the space for a full or queen sized bed, go for it.


Adults not only have different sleep requirements from teenagers and college students, their life circumstances look very different. Once you start living with a pet, a partner, or children, your mattress needs change again! The most obvious requirement is more bed space. But you’ll also have to compromise on the type of bed you buy if you share your mattress with someone else. This is a good time to upgrade to a king sized bed.


At age 60+, seniors report more difficulty sleeping and increased cases of sleep apnea, back pain, and insomnia. Often, sleep patterns change later in life, and seniors rise earlier in the morning and go to sleep earlier at night. Given the important benefits of sleep, this is a crucial time for seniors to get better rest and find the best mattress for their sleep preferences.

Adjustable beds are a great option for seniors. Adjustable foundations with compatible mattresses allow you to raise the head or foot of the bed, which can help improve circulation, snoring or sleep apnea, and acid reflux. An adjustable bed also allows you to easily change positions if your body is feeling tired or achy.

It’s time to make a move! Shop Serta’s popular adjustable beds and compatible mattresses.

As your life changes, your comfort preferences and your bed requirements will change, too. That’s one reason Serta makes such a wide variety of mattresses — so you can choose your best bed at any age.



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