A House in the Hills Shares Bedroom Makeover Tips

A House in the Hills Shares Bedroom Makeover Tips

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Hello friends! To say I’m sleep obsessed these days is an understatement along the lines of saying that Cookie Monster kind of likes cookies. I literally count down the hours until I can crawl into bed again. The other night Lou and I were in bed about to call it a day when he turned to me and said “The sun hasn’t even gone down yet” and as I looked at the bright light peeking out from behind our blackout curtains I realized how right he was. In response I pulled my eye mask down, mumbled “who cares!” and proceeded to nestle further into our cozy bed. I can’t be bothered with little details like whether it’s only dinnertime or if the sun is still shining, not when there’s sleep to be had. At 11 pm when we were up with the baby he said to me “This is what time we used to go to bed” and I had a laugh. We’d been asleep for 3.5 hours. We are a living cliché of sleep deprived new parents.

This renewed dedication to sleep inspired me to makeover our bedroom, I really wanted it to become a peaceful sanctuary- as cozy and relaxing as possible for Lou and me to enjoy in the few moments of downtime we have in the day, before our heads hit the pillows. It didn’t require much, but a few key changes transformed the space for us and made it feel fresh. I started with a new mattress by Serta- nothing improves sleep and comfort like a mattress! This one is perfectly soft and offers just the right amount of give for me to cozy into, but is firm enough for Lou, who prefers to sleep on his back. It’s heaven I tell you and has a unique set of comfort and support features which help solve five common sleep problems!!! And in case you’d love to give your own bedroom an update, Serta is hosting a sweepstakes through June 16 where you have a chance to win a grand prize bedroom makeover, plus weekly prizes like free mattresses, pillows, blankets and more. Pop over here for details on how to enter. You’ll also find tips on how to make your own space a cozy sanctuary. Click through below to see our completed space and read about what changes I made to turn it into my dream bedroom! If you need me I’ll be sneaking in naps whenever I can and if it’s past 7 pm, I’ll probably be in bed soaking up as many horizontal hours as I can.

{This post was sponsored by Serta; all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that keep this site running!}

We removed the legs on our bed to make it lower to the ground in case the babe takes a tumble off of it, and found that it makes the room feel larger as an added bonus! Next up I added new bed linens. Heavy linen bedding is my jam- and these are such high quality that I feel like the queen of England when I slip into bed at the end of a long day. So luxurious- color me spoiled! We moved the dresser into Teo’s room and replaced it with this lightweight bench. I debated keeping the room empty save for the bed, but in the end a bench and giant piece of art was enough to complete it without adding clutter. We replaced the flat weave rug with this Beni Ourain that used to be in the dining room (impractical now that we have a babe who is enjoying solid foods!) and that brought next level coziness to the space. Lastly, we loved having a ceiling fan, but I missed the ambience that a light can bring. And when I spotted this guy at Ikea I knew it was time to make the swap. With a dimmer switch and an edison bulb it provides the romantic, soft light I was craving. Ahhh, it truly has become my happy place! The countdown until bedtime is ON!!!! xx- Sarah



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