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Ratings & Reviews

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Best Night's Sleep!

May 24, 2017


The Sleep To Go memory foam mattress has given me the most consistent quality, comfortable sleep ever! How did I go so long without it? Super easy set up and weighs less than a conventional mattress. Set up took all of 10 minutes and it was ready for bedding! Pressure point issues and tossing and turning are a thing of the past. I no longer wake several times a night needing to move to relieve shoulder, hip, or back pain. The memory foam supports you even though it's forming to your body and quickly reshapes to the original shape when you roll over. I was concerned intinally that it would take too long to reshape, but I was pleasantly surprised with its speed in reshaping. Amazing how this mattress can be both plush and firm feeling! This mattress does heat up just a bit where you're lying down from body heat, but easily cools when you move. Nothing that makes me need to move to cool though, so I'm still very happy with the temperature while using it. Only drawback are the edges. It does take some getting used to the squishiness that you don't get from an inner spring mattress. Even as an avid mattress side-sitter, it's still such a small inconvenience when compared to all the positives gained. Also, an added bonus is the lack of movement when someone else moves next to you! No more waking just from movement from the other side. Super comfortable, stylish pattern, easy set-up, light weight as compared to conventional mattresses, quiet, stable, reshapes quickly and easily. Wonderful product every bedroom should have!

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Was extremely skepical but what a great choice!

December 15, 2017


I have to be completely honest. My wife and I needed to replace our mattress for a few years now, but since our house is older and has narrow hallways, we were trying to figure out how to replace our king size mattress. (I believe the bending made our current mattress prematurely fail). We had been looking at buying a Casper mattress, but did not know if a mattress in a box would be comfortable. A few weeks ago, we saw the Serta mattress in a box at Sam's Club. The display looked good and felt firm. We decided to take a chance and buy the mattress. If it was not comfortable we would use it for guests in our spare bedroom. I have to say I am sorry I waited so long to buy a new mattress but I am so glad we did since it led us to buying a Serta. First, the box the mattress came in had wheels on it making it easy to move. When we unpacked the mattress and finally opened the vacuumed bag, the mattress went to full size in a matter of minutes. It is so firm and full that extremely comfortable. Honestly I am sleeping better than I have for at least the last three years. It is so comfortable that I struggle some morning to make myself get out of bed. Another worry was I heard people comment that these types of beds hold in heat and make it uncomfortable to sleep. We do not have that problem with our new Serta. It is really a great mattress. We like it so much we are buying one for our daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. Thank you Serta for producing an excellent product!

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Overall Rating

This mattress is truly AMAZING!!

December 21, 2017


Had a conventional spring style mattress and it out lived its youth. Started researching memory foam and stopped by a couple mattress stores to get more info and try them out. WOW, technology sure has changed in the last 20 years since I bought a mattress (that's how long our last Serta coil mattress lasted - this brand sold me!). After feeling confident I'd be happy with a memory foam I started searching once again for a Serta. Prices can vary but I found one through our local SAMS Club. We got the mattress in a box and I'm through impressed. It was soooooo simple to set up. Easy to handle, set in place and cut the plastic bag. It fills up extremely fast and had no issues doing all of this myself - we got the king size. Took a quick nap on it and I fell a sleep immediately. Time to replace mattresses in the guest bedrooms and I'm definitely using SERTRA through out the entire house! This product can't be beat for the price!!! Highly recommend this product if your in the market for a mattress- you'll be glad you did!

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Fantastic quality, I bought two!

February 1, 2018


I purchased a king size Serta Castleview Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop King mattress set to be used at my son's home whenever I visit. I initially bought it for the price, since I wouldn't be sleeping on it every night, but just occasionally. I loved the quality right away and had an excellent night's sleep. No rolling feeling, no bouncy feeling when another person gets in bed or rolls over. Firm, but not too firm. Absolutely no "new product" smell. So, when I got back home I ordered another one, this time the same bed except for a Cal-King size. I love this one just as much and I sleep on this one every night. I have recommended this same mattress set to a friend who is looking for a new bed. I love it.

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April 22, 2018


I purchased a "mattress in a box" that had been advertised on Facebook constantly. I read the reviews and they all seems great. I ordered it and had a friend help me set it up. When I went to bed that night I couldn't believe how hard the mattress was. I woke up with a backache. I never had a backache from sleeping before so I assumed it had to be the mattress. I wanted to give it a fair try. I decided to give it 30 days. Well.... at the end of 30 days all I had was a more serious backache. At Easter I asked my son to go in and lay and the bed and tell me what he thought. I heard him yell, "My gosh Mom.... why did you get a mattress this HARD!". Thankfully, the mattress company was good to their word about letting me return it if I didn't like it. The return was very simple, which was great. Then, I saw a Sam's Club ad that the Serta mattress was on sale. I figured I'd give it a try. I received it and a friend came and helped me set it up. What a WONDERFUL difference! I 'sunk' into the mattress and was in heaven. Thank you so much for my wonderful new mattress!

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Seams do not follow a straight line. Some higher, some lower down on the side.

June 25, 2018


I have just received the Serta Plumstead mattress. I have not had a chance to sleep on it as yet. I am concerned about the seams not being lined up along the top/side of the mattress. Top to bottom measurements: 9 1/4in to 9 3/4in along one side. Other side, 10in all along the side. Inconsistancy in assembly and sewing leaves one wondering what else was "left out" in mattress assembly and sewing.

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Overall Rating

Stay with a traditional mattress

July 21, 2018


I decided to take a chance on a mattress from a box in spite of my skepticism. I should have trusted my instinct to buy a traditional mattress. This mattress holds in the body heat making it uncomfortable, therefore it is now in the guest bedroom. I would purchase a traditional mattress given the opportunity. The reason I don't take advantage of the return policy is that after the purchase there is still a $200.00 fee to return; unlike Serta competitors that do not charge a return/pick-up fee. I would not recommend this product, I gave it 2 stars because if not for holding in heat it would be a decent purchase for the money.

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Mattress is only 3 years old

November 25, 2018


We bought a Tempura Contour Supreme mattress to replace a mattress that lasted less then than 2 years old. The memory foam does remember where I slept on the mattress and what position but doesn't forget that information and have formed a "valley" with a large lump in the middle between myself and my Husband. I hope the warranty is honored to help save Serta's reputation with us.

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Overall Rating

love my new mattress

January 13, 2019


I have really enjoyed my new mattress. I am sleeping much better at night. I tried out several mattresses before purchasing this mattress but liked this one the best. I used to wake up every morning with a tremendous back ache and pain in my shoulder. I do not have this pain anymore in the mornings. I would recommend this product to others.

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Overall Rating

Motion Essentials III Split King Adjustable Base

April 8, 2019


The base itself is really nice. It’s quiet and moves smoothly. The zero gravity setting is great, really takes the pressure off your back. However I do have one complaint. The base only has one bar at the bottom to keep the mattress from sliding while the bed is in motion. Well after sleeping on it for several weeks now, I realize that it also needs a bar on the side at the top,or maybe at the corners to keep the split mattresses from sliding apart especially during those intimate times. We had a good laugh at first, but now we’re just frustrated. I hope Serta will find a solution to offer owners for this problem with their adjustable bases.

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Sertapedic Westview 12-inch Euro Top Plush Mattress (king)

April 18, 2019


I purchased this mattress about a month ago. I got the mattress because I have rheumatoid arthritis and cannot sleep on most mattresses due to hip/pressure point pain. I liked the fact that it had a memory foam mattress but also innerspring and a pillow top. When I first opened it and was lifting it to put it on my bed (it is very light so my 15-year-old son and I were able to lift it), we were putting it over my foot board and caught the mattress underside and ripped a huge hole in the mattress, right into the foam. The foot board tip isn't sharp at all, but is rounded and pointy. I don't feel this should have torn it, but it did. At any rate, since the mattress isn't reversible, at least no one can see it. Upon first impression, once we placed it on a standard split twin box spring (that I already had) the bed is VERY tall. The mattress is 12" thick so I was expecting it to be higher than normal, but it is a little too tall for me as I have to kind of hop up to get on it (I am 5'6"). When I first laid down on the bed, it felt amazing! It is on the softer side so it may not be firm enough for some people. It doesn't have a firm, Temperpedic type feel to it at all. The pillow top is, like it says, "ultra plush", so in hindsight, I should have gotten something just a tad firmer because when I lay on it, I do sink in quite a bit. I love the mattress now, but I am afraid within just a few months, it may not spring back and have large dents imprinted where we sleep. The mattress looks very nice and I am hopeful that I will get my money's worth out of it. I am just really disappointed that it ripped (into the foam even) from just sliding over the foot board post.

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Overall Rating

Nice and firm

March 30, 2018


This mattress is much firmer than the one I exchanged after only using a Philospher mattress set for 3 months. The Philospher set was already showing indentations and the sides were buckling and that was after 3 months. The Serta Warranty doesn't mean a whole lot when you have to exchange the mattress for the same and then find out they no longer make that mattress. Luckily the store was able to recommend the Blue Fusion Icom Mattress and exchanged it without my paying more. Finally got satisfaction with Furniture Fair helping me out. Furniture Fair on Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio and their delivery people were very concerned about my problem and did all they could to help me out. The Delivery people were very understanding and helpful.

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Overall Rating

Serta Stay.

September 20, 2018


I think im going to love it! First time buying this gel memory foam mattress and i can't wait to see how it works. My husband and I were tired of the soft mattress and wanted something more stable. We bought it through big lots, it came 2 days earlier! I will write a review again in a couple of months and see how i like it! :)

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Overall Rating

The Comfort of the product.

November 23, 2018


The Comfort and quality of the brand. Your company always looks after the product and not everyone does that.

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Overall Rating

my answer to a good night sleep.

November 28, 2018


got my first good night sleep. a top brand name for a good price. I would recommend this mattress to anyone. I should have bought this mattress years ago. thanks serta.

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Overall Rating

This mattress sucks and if you take the tag off the warranty is no good after 10 months

January 31, 2019


Purchased at Overstock on April 22 2018 and it has two giant troughs in the mattress after only 10 months and since we took the LAW tag off you wont honor the warranty even though we have the sales receipt. I will not buy SERTA again and will advise all my friends an on social media

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Looks and feel great

March 16, 2019


I love my New Matress!! Just Received it today and it looks very comfy. Very Pleased with my purchase and tonight I should be getting excellent Sleep. My other mattress is tossed out and im not looking back.

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Overall Rating

Amazing Sleep

May 5, 2019


FINALLY.... a perfect night sleep, 3 nights in a row for myself and my husband!!!! We purchased this bed due to the reviews!!!! I’ve had 2 low back surgeries and I have hardware in my low back, I still suffer with back pain and my hips kill me at night when I lay on my sides, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in awhile, we have 2 spare bedrooms both have queen beds in them and I go from our bed to couch to other bedrooms, my husband saw this mattress in Sams club sales book and read reviews, then told me to check it out, after reading reviews myself, I said “ sounds great to me, so far I am in love with this mattress and my husband. My husband slept ALL NIGHT, and didn’t wake up himself till 7:00am, that’s way unusual for him, and he said his body didn’t kill him getting out of bed. Mine did not either. We will definitely recommend this bed!!!

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Overall Rating

quality product

May 29, 2019


Very satisfied, high quality, great for my back and entire body. Also purchased adjustable base, and a mattress protector. All products work together great. I stay cool and comfortable.

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Overall Rating


June 3, 2019


I like the mattress, but not the smell. I’ve had it 3 weeks and still has that gassy smell.

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Overall Rating