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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

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4.6 / 5

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Serta Perfect Sleeper - An Excellent Valued Product

April 14, 2016

Long Island, New York

I have had the Perfect Sleeper for six months now and am very satisfied. Being in the mattress field I had the opportunity to try every bed imaginable. The pocketed coils as well as the design construction of the coils make for a wonderful feel for support and comfort. The Perfect Sleeper has satisfied all of my needs for a perfect night's sleep. Maybe that's why they call it the Perfect Sleeper. Since I am in my 60's it is important not to have a bed that's too firm which I have loved in the past. This bed gives you just the right amount of plush without compromising support which is so important. I would recommend this bed to all and if there is any problem Serta is there to make it right. Great bed for a great price!!

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6 months


January 15, 2018


I dragged my 14 year old Simmons Beauty Rest to the trash and set up my clean, new Serta Luxury firm mattress looking forward to starting the new year with a clean fresh mattress. What a nightmare. I haven't slept in 3 weeks! Every bone in my body aches! I toss and turn all night - even my tiny dog wonders the bed trying to get comfortable. I tried to sell it on Facebook for half the price i paid for it and three friends - a colleague and my cousin - all couples - came over to test it out. They all said "no thanks." It's the hardest bed imaginable. I honestly believe sleeping on the floor would feel better. Serta won't accept a return or exchange because I purchased it from a retailer outside their partners, so I am stuck with this giant torture chamber. The really sad thing is my old bed was still a beautiful sleeping luxury bed. It just got stained over the years from several moves and sweat (sorry) so it grossed me out a little. I would haul it back in a minute if hadn't been sitting in the snow.

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Overall Rating

Very well made mattress

December 7, 2017


My husband has a difficult time sleeping on plush mattresses, so our recently purchased mattress was sent to guest room and we found this Serta Perfect Sleeper Trelleburg Cushion Firm King to replace it. It is definitely on the "firm" side and will take some adjusting for me, but it is surprisingly comfortable. With the addition of a topper for me, this may allow us to sleep together again !! The only negative comment is the handles for moving the mattress are sown in to the seams of the mattress edges at top and bottom. Trying to move this heavy, king size mattress to put on a new bed skirt and the handles ripped from the top seam, exposing the foam, etc. Am addressing this with the store where I purchased. There may need to be some consideration on placement and how these are affixed to these heavier mattresses. They also need to add to the head and foot edges of the mattress--you move these mattress standing on their sides and there is nothing to hang on to!!

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Overall Rating

A Home Run

September 10, 2017


Without a doubt this is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept. Thank you so much....I have a degenerative back disorder and I am finally getting a good nights sleep!!

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My Perfect Sleeper Mattress

August 30, 2017


The last mattress we slept on was approximately 30 years old! The first night I slept on the new mattress I tossed and turned all night long! The next day I was so tired I wondered what in the world to do with a mattress I couldn't sleep on??? My husband who never sleeps well said he had the best nights sleep he had in a long time. I didn't tell him I didn't sleep all night and decided I would keep trying to sleep on this thing. The next night I slept much better and now I really like the mattress. My message to everyone is give a new mattress some time and your body will adjust to it. I am now getting the best sleep I have had in years and no longer think I would give it up!

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excellent lultra firm mattress

June 8, 2019


I had previously owned the Serta Moonbeam Mist mattress on platform bed, wanted to get similarly firm mattress, Trellberg II by Serta is the current firm model which is comparable to my previous serta. I like the brand, good value for the money, the mattresses seem to hold up very well and wear well. As long as Serta keeps making good mattresses such as these, I will stay loyal to the brand.

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May 14, 2019


My wife and I are newly weds and have been using this mattress for a few days now, we both have received really great sleep! It has become difficult to go to work on time in the morning now. Both my wife and I come from using different brand mattress companies but we love the Serta mattress and are super glad we invested when we did.

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amazing mattress

May 9, 2019


This mattress is absolutely amazing. The softness yet still firm is unbelievable and the nights sleep is so much better and even when I just sleep 3 hours I slept so well on this bed I feel like I been sleeping a full night

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September 3, 2019



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Amazing balance of spring and foam

July 28, 2019


The bed is a great balance. My wife and I were not sure if wanted memory foam or spring this time. Well the hybrid was the perfect balance! This thing is comfortable! My wife and I laid down 20 mins after install, and she fell asleep. It also relives the pressure points I had on the previous memory foam mattress. So while it was a little bit of an investment. I feel that the hybrid is a good balance of you are not sure which to get. Oh, and the upper models have a cooling effect that are worth investing in! You’ll be glad you did it!

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April 25, 2019



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It is a little on firmer side

March 19, 2019


It is little firm but I like firm for my aching back. Always try it in store before you buy it.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper

February 18, 2019


The mattress is firm and our sleep has improved due to not having a sagging mattress. We had checked the mattress at the store but the one that we bought was not there so we ordered it online.

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Serta Mattress

January 19, 2019


I like the way the mattress feels.It is a more comfortable mattress than the competitor brand I had before. I decided to buy a Serta mattress because it is a very good quality and it feels so much more comfortable than the competitor brand I had before.

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October 24, 2018


So far so good . My last bed was a perfect sleeper and lasted over 10 years. A very firm bed just what I wanted and needed . Along with the Serta adjustable base its great.

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Yes I would tell others about this mattress I just bought from Kanes furniture store

April 24, 2019


My son has one so we got one just like him and we love it very much

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Overall Rating

Luxury firm

January 6, 2019


We just bought this new king mattress set and love it! It’s just the right firmness for us. We slept soundly and love our new mattress set! We switched from a Stevens and Foster based upon the feel and value of our purchase. We love it!

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I have only had it for a few days and it firmer than I thought but I'm enjoying my sleep.

July 11, 2018


The mattress is firm and I'm getting use to that. I had my old mattress for years so this is a good change.

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Great mattress, sleeping like a baby.

June 14, 2018


Old mattress was a Serta but not as good as this one Better sleep Dislike the fact that I oversleep that's how comfortable it is.

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June 2, 2018


I've not EVER had a new bed and I'm 50 embarrassing yes but, I saved and bought one for my back mostly with recommendations from my pain specialist. I have spinal stenosis, bulging discs, sciatica and a little arthritis. I've had my bed almost 2 weeks and don't hurt at all praise God! ! I wake up feeling relaxed and virtually pain free! !

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What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

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