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Ratings & Reviews

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Poor Longevity

July 15, 2017


This mattress (icomfort Insight) was our first memory foam mattress purchased March 15, 2013. For the first few years, I had the best nights sleep of my life: no waking in the middle of the night, no lower back pain. We are now on year 4 and I am sleeping on the couch. The mattress has sagged and there are two dents where we sleep and a hump in the middle. I wake up several times during the night and the sagging has brought lower back pain. Since it is memory foam, I can't see the dents but can feel them. We are not heavy people either. My husband is 185 and I am 133. I am so disappointed in the longevity of this mattress, especially since I loved it so much in the beginning.

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Overall Rating

Great bed for less than the cost of the comparable competition

October 24, 2017


We had given our queen bed to my son and were sleeping on a different poor quality, old king mattress when we bought this one. The first 2 nights we were sore and debated our purchase but by night 3, we slept wonderful. For the first time in as long as I can remember I woke up without back pain, and my husband's arms didn't go numb for the first time in a long time for him. I think those first couple of nights were our bodies getting used to a quality mattress after sleeping on one that was sub-standard. If you are going to buy a memory foam mattress, we do feel the cooling features are necessary. Don't skip this to save money or you will be too hot. The cooling is perfect on this one and this review is coming from a person who is always cold (my husband is always hot). This mattress suits us both. It has an extra layer to help it vent that the expensive competition doesn't have. We are still in the trial period, but we are both happy with it so far.

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Overall Rating

Awesome Mattress

March 22, 2018


This is my second iComfort mattress. I bought the original iComfort when it came out several years ago. Still loved the mattress, and it has held up well. I decided I wanted an adjustable base, so I went ahead and purchased the new Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush. I could not be happier with this mattress. It has all the great qualities of the original, only better. It has more breathability and just feels amazing to sleep on. The first one was a firm model, but after trying out the different types I went with this one over the others. I like that it allows you to sink in while side sleeping, yet supports all areas of your body. The adjustable base is great for watching TV in bed or reading, and also for keeping your head raised for the occasional cold or stuffy head. Yes, there are cheaper options out there, but you will not be happy with the results and end up spending more in the long run.

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Overall Rating


June 22, 2018


NO DISLIKES AT ALL! After one and half month's of sleeping on this mattress, I've been having a much more restful sleep. It literally seems like you're sleeping on a cloud...not that I've ever slept on a cloud, but it I'm thinking it would feel like this! Absolutely WONDERFUL! I would highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers as the mattress is soft yet supportive. It cradles the body to a point where you don't toss around in bed to find a comfortable position to sleep. I went from one major brand and switched over to Serta, and I'm glad that I did as I had done extensive research before my purchase. THANK YOU SERTA FOR MAKING SUCH A WONDERFUL MATTRESS! I WILL DEFINITELY PURCHASE FROM YOU AGAIN!

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Overall Rating

Best Sleep I've Ever Had

July 30, 2018


We purchased our mattress set a year ago. I don't typically write reviews but this mattress is awesome! I suggest getting the bamboo sheets as it allows the mattress to perform best. The only negative is I wish we had purchased it sooner. I suggest a really good strong base as just a metal frame doesn't quite support it well. We purchased a sturdy frame and have plans for the adjustable frame in the near future. You can't put a price tag on good sleep and if you have back, hip and other problems this mattress does aide in significantly better restful sleep!

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Plush and Cool!

August 30, 2018


Bought two twin XLs for our split-king adjustable bases. Definitely soft yet supportive and a nice cool night's sleep as well. Used to dread trying to fall asleep-- now we look forward to snuggling down for the night! Highly recommend for anyone who wants/needs a softer and cooler feeling bed.

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Overall Rating

great night's sleep

October 29, 2018


I have suffered from back and hip pain for several years. I always felt the worst getting out of bed in the morning. One day my wife and I were talking and she mentioned that she wakes up in pain. At that moment we realized that our mattress was not the one for us. We just happened to be on vacation and happened upon a furniture store with serta mattresses. We went inside and looked around. The salesperson was very helpful and showed us the i-comfort blue max 3000 with the adjustable base. We knew instantly when we laid on it that it was the mattress for us. We never jump on anything right away, so when we returned home from vacation we decided to shop around. We had gotten a flyer on tempurpedic memory foam mattresses so we checked those out. I could not get over the sticker shock on the price. We located the serta mattress we tried on vacation at Mattress Firm. What a great experience!!! Very helpful staff and the price was right. We felt we got a very good value. Delivery and set up went without a hitch. We both felt the difference after the very first night sleeping on it. I wish we would have done this years ago. Our sleep has never been better.

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Absolutely Love This Mattress

October 29, 2018


I have spent 12 years in the military and have slept in many uncomfortable positions over the years and it had done its damage. My serta has helped my back and neck issues as well as give me my best nights sleep. The only issue I had was when we bought the mattress we were supposed to receive two memory foam pillows with it and never did. Hopefully that can be resolved!

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Overall Rating

Amazingly Comfortable BUT Causes Me Significant Lower Back Pain

December 24, 2018


I bought this mattress back in August 2018. I wanted a very soft but supportive mattress. I'm a side sleeper so this one seemed perfect. I absolutly love the feel of it. It sleeps very cool, but I am now suffering from lower back pain that is significant enough to prevent me from being able to sleep on my sides without pain. I only have this specific pain when I'm trying to sleep on either side. This has me very distraught. I paid a lot of money for this mattress about 6 months ago and I am now forced to discard it and purchase another new mattress. I haven't even made a dent in the debt I owe for this one. I'm going to try a firm mattress topper before I give up, but this mattress is not at all supportive for your lower back. I'm devastated and disappointed. It feels so incredible when I first get in, but within about 20 minutes I'm forced to sleep on my back. I do not have this back pain if I sleep elsewhere.

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Overall Rating

Amazingly Comfortable (Update to my prior review from December 24, 2018)

May 9, 2019


This is an update to my original review (see subject and date below) There is no way to update a prior review, so I'm posting a new review. I wanted to change my review because I realized the mattress was not the cause of my back pain issues. Once I was able to get my back to heal through a chiropractor and physical therapy, the mattress is perfectly fine and extremely comfortable. It was just a coincidence that my back pain flared up about the same time I bought the mattress, but I realize now that the mattress was not to blame! I actually look forward to climbing into bed each night. You do need to turn this mattress around routinely until you get it broken in evenly. If you continue to sleep on the same side/spot, it will start to form a low spot....like all mattresses do basically. I turn mine and I try to sleep cross-way at times just to keep the surface even across. I would buy this mattress again. This is the info for my old review if you want to read that one: Amazingly Comfortable BUT Causes Me Significant Lower Back Pain December 24, 2018 ROBYNE1545681464

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Overall Rating

Not too shabby!!

May 11, 2017

Port St Lucie, FL

We received this bed, and was very impressed by it's appearance, quality and packaging. The mattress is about 14 inches tall, and as soon as we placed it on the box springs, we both crawled up and laid down. I could feel my body relaxing as I sank into the mattress. It is a soft mattress, that gives some support, so if you are looking for a mattress with great support, this may not be for you. I must say that we didn't toss and turn nearly as much, and both my husband and I felt we got a much better sleep than our older spring mattress. I also didn't feel hot, as one may think in sleeping on a foam mattress. This is a very soft mattress, and would have given 5 stars if it gave a little more support. So far, over all we are very pleased with this mattress after 10 days of sleeping on it!

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1 week

I was impressed with the mattress at first sight! But that all changed after the first night of sleeping on it.

December 13, 2017


I have had this mattress since June 2017 and I have struggled with how soft this mattress is, it does not have enough support and I wake up after about 3 to 4 hours of sleep in nothing but pain, from my toes to my knees, hips, back and shoulders. It's sad that I have had to purchase a firmer mattress topper to put on this mattress in order to be able to sleep on my bed. For the price of this mattress, I wish I had never purchased it. It's also very hot to sleep on for me! I have done everything possible to make it cooler, from cooler mattress pad and cooler sheets, it's still very hot to me! This has been a very difficult purchase for me! I wish I had my 500q back, it was a better mattress.

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Overall Rating

I can finally sleep

May 11, 2018


So, I have a multitude of issues that affect my sleep: chronic insomnia, arthritis in neck that causes arms to go numb when I lie down, and degenerative discs in my low back. My mattress was way to soft and painful. I tried and returned 2 other high-end mattresses but no luck. My final exchange was for this mattress and my life has changed. I look forward to crawling I to bed now. Arm numbness and back pain are at a minimum. If I have one negative to say it's that I don't find the bed to be at all cool. If you're a hot sleeper, like I am, this will be hot. Still, that's the trade-off for having everything else so I'm still happy.

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Overall Rating

Best mattress ever

September 16, 2018


We no longer wake up with back pain and are enjoying the coolness of the mattress. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new mattress.

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Overall Rating

Not soft. It's advertized elite plush soft, but it doesn't allow your hips or shoulders sink in.

September 28, 2018


Our old foam mattress was softer and more comfortable. We are trying to exchange it or get our money refunded after 2 months of tryin to adjust to this firm mattress.

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Serta Icomfort will always be my first choice

October 19, 2018


This purchase is the best choice I've ever made in a mattress...I am disabled and live in chronic pain 24/7 with many conditions...I have many pressure points and needed a mattress that would not press on these areas..I researched for a few weeks...went to a retailer that sells Serta along with other brands..laid on many mattress to find my body was able to lay on the Blue Max 3000 elite without pressing on my pressure points...I purchased the motion base and I couldn't be happier with my choice...ordered from Serta online and so glad I did...they took care of all my questions and were there for me all the way to delivery and beyond...if you live with chronic pain...I would highly recommend you try out this mattress...you will be so glad you did...I am !!

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Overall Rating

If you have back problems, be careful.

January 2, 2019


I have had 2 foam mattresses and this one has really hurt me. It's a $3k mattress that looks great and is cool, but just a few months after buying it, my side started to really sag and give me lower back pain. I sleep on my side and now turn over constantly due to my hip and back alignment issues due to this mattress. I travel a lot and didn't really get the 90day trial worked out. Had I slept on it for 90days in a row, it would have gone back. I am 220lbs and 6' with an athletic build if that helps you. My wife literally is several inches higher on the bed (not sunk in) but weighs in at about 120lb. It works for her, but not me. The retailer won't help me past the 90days.

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Overall Rating

Comfortable mattress and better quality than made in China all foams

January 6, 2019


We just purchased this mattress and the quality is awesome so far. We love how soft it is and still supports as needed to ensure best sleep. Serta is a great brand and they are made in the USA, so always a plus.

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Overall Rating

Best mattress ive slept on

January 14, 2019


Im a real penny pincher and a VERY picky customer. That being said, im glad i spent the money for this mattress every night when i lay down, and every morning when i wake up. I honestly dont want to get out of the bed. Best money ive ever spent!

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Overall Rating


January 15, 2019


Comfortable and adjustable with body. Wait for first 10 days for best results.

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