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Ratings & Reviews

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Superior Comfort and Excellent Value

May 1, 2018


After sleeping on our Tempurpedic for 5 years we began to notice an alarming deteriorating difference in the support and overall comfort. That being said, we made a warranty claim which took over 2 months to complete and received a new set at a pro-rated price. Within 2 years it too gave out. My grandparents ALWAYS had a Serta so I decided to learn more about the advanced technology Serta provides. I was amazed at how many models Serta manufactures in order to accommodate all sleeping habits at such a great value. The Customer Service Representative took the time to advise us as to the perfect model based on our sleeping habits/patterns, and reffered us to retailers in our area. We went with the ISERIES 100 FIRM KING and are absolutely thrilled! The quality is visible, with its plush thick covering and the little details such as the straps on each side making it easier when changing the sheets. Affordable superior craftsmanship and a company that is committed to providing the best experience for every customer. Thank you Serta!

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Overall Rating

Life changing

October 30, 2017


I am currently 6 months pregnant. With my old mattress when I went to bed at night, I would wake up between 3 and 5 every morning with so much back ache that I could NOT go back to sleep. It was getting worse and I was getting fed up. So I went over to the mattress store, and a salesperson showed me around. I knew as soon as I felt this mattress that it was the one I wanted. I was kinda nervous to look at the price tag, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was not thousands of dollars! Since I got the bed I have been sleeping a FULL 8 hours and not waking up early to aches. The bed doesnt sink to one side like my old one. It supports my partner and I both perfectly. It's the first nice mattress I have ever owned, and I will never go back. I am even sitting in bed to type this now - and I would NEVER hang out longer than I had to in my bed before. Thank you!!!

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Overall Rating

Good compromise for couples that have different firmness needs and if someone tends to be an alligator.

March 5, 2018


This mattress has enough softness for me, but it's firmness meets my husbands needs as well. And the firmness that i do sense feels like i am being supported, not like i'm laying on a rock-so it actually feels good to me too. I am one to rotate into positions constantly throughout the night, which would normally disturb my husband. This mattress has been great for that too, i think i've only woken him up twice in the last 2 weeks, when it was Several times a night before. And it may not have been the motion that woke him, i may have stolen the blankets. I don't remember because i was able to go back to sleep quickly-another thing that has improved since we got this mattress. My husband wasn't on board to buy a new mattress-at all, but he is Very happy with this purchase.

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Heaven, like laying on a cloud

June 12, 2018


I went to purchase a memory foam mattress, but after laying on this mattress at the store...I knew this was a better choice. This Hybrid mattress gives the support of a traditional mattress and the relief of pressure points that a memory foam mattress offers. No problem falling asleep at all. My previous mattress, i was tossing and turning all night long, but this one is Heaven, its like laying on a cloud and nothing hurts! As soon as I got home the 1st night after my mattress was delivered, i ran up to lay on it...I could have fallen asleep for the night, right then and there. Plus there is a 120 day try it guarantee. That made it easier to decide when making an investment. If this one didn't work for me...then I can always pick a different model. But I doubt that is going to be a problem! I no longer dread going to bed, worried that my back is going to be screaming in pain. I can't wait to slip under the sheets and recharge my tired body. If I had known better, sooner, I would have purchased sooner!! Best mattress I have purchased during my 32 yr marriage!!

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July 22, 2018


I owned a VERY EXPENSIVE mattress not even two years old yet. It was a hybrid Cushion Firm with Eurotop. It was a top brand from a famous store. Having arthritis pain unfortunately that mattress never helped me. I would always wake up stiff and with difficulty. I knew I needed something firmer without too much sinking softness like I had. So I shopped and found this iseries 100 firm Serta. I felt it very firm with a soft layer on top that was very welcoming and cradled my joints but did not sink down. It had that support on the back , the hips, legs, arms while feeling so comfortable. After having the mattress about a week I started to really sleep deeper as if I could reach what some call a delta level of sleep..... meaning very profound. I started to wake up with my muscles and bones released of tension and stiffness I had been having for two years when I had the other mattress. This mattress cost half the price I had paid for that other fancy mattress. And it is just fantastic! I also got it with the SERTA base foundation with electric controls. I can now have a better mood all day having slept so well and comfortable. I have learned now that SLEEP is crucial to good health. This mattress as given me much better health because my body is sleeping Deeply and is well supported. I highly recommend this mattress

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Overall Rating

Shoddy workmanship, quality I would expect from products made in a 3rd world country

August 16, 2018


Just received the mattress yesterday so I cannot provide any information about how the mattress lasts or how it wears over time. But as I was putting my sheets on the mattress, for the first time, my hand caught on a thread and it felt like I was ripping a stitch from the mattress top. On inspection, I identified over a half a dozen loose threads (didn't actually count how many, could be over a dozen) that were at least 4 inches long, coming out from the round circles (buttons?) on the top of the mattress. There were also a number of "looped" threads going from one "circle" to an adjacent "circle", and a dark colored thread coming out of the side of the mattress. Don't know if the loose threads on the top are signs of a serious enough problem to return the mattress, and since the company took my old mattress, and this new iSeries 100 Firm King size mattress was the only mattress I had, I proceeded to covered it with the sheets and slept on it. Since the mattress is now covered, I hope the only risk will be when I pull the sheets to wash them and replace them, exposing the looped threads to further pulling. Assuming this is just an example of factory carelessness and poor quality control in not trimming these loose threads, it does not give me a lot of confidence in the parts of the mattress I can't see. I shouldn't have to trim the threads, and don't know if that is even the right thing to do. Just not very happy, and don't want to go thru the whole process of staying home to accept delivery and changing mattresses again, and don't want to penalize the store that I bought this from (since it came sealed in a plastic bag, and I can't imagine anything they did to cause the problem). Having slept on the mattress ONE NIGHT, I can confirm that it was firmer than same model that I tested in the store, but when I bought it the salesman told me that over the next month or so it will loosen up, and or it will come to have the feel I was expecting. So on that issue I will have to wait to see if it does"loosen" up.

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Overall Rating

Very pleased so far

December 12, 2018


We purchased the split king mattresses and adjustable bases about a month ago. So far our experience has been excellent. I can't remember when I have slept better and my husband is extremely happy too. We chose the 100 series firm and it is soooo comfortable. We wanted adjustable beds for quite some time, but some of the prices were completely ridiculous. These were right in our price range and an excellent value for the money. I hope we continue to have a positive experience with this purchase and we highly recommend this set to anyone thinking about an adjustable bed.

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Overall Rating

Present to myself

April 14, 2019


I've purchased many beds in the past from "deals" and was never really satisfied. During research this product came up and decided to go check it out. I've always wanted an adjustable bed so I went all out and got the Motion series base as well. The mattress was great from the get go and I was on the fence about the base, certainly great if you enjoy reading in bed like I do. However, I found a sweet spot from both head and foot adjustments and it's a wonderful experience and from a person who moves around alot. But that's another thing, I don't do that too much anymore. Very glad I got the firm too because it tends to feel like a medium when compared to other brands. Well, it's only been about thirty days so I'll have to get back to you later for a follow up. Thanks.

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February 28, 2019


My husband and I just bought our beautiful 100 Firm mattress and have been loving it! It's well made and is such a huge change from our 23 year old mattress we just got rid of. I obviously like to keep things until they completely wear out, so I wanted to buy a mattress that would last and last. With this mattress's 10 year warranty, I'm feeling like it's been a good decision. The mattress is pretty firm, but that's what we were wanting. The first night was quite an adjustment as we weren't used to actually having support again. But each night that has gone by, we are really liking it more and more. My favorite thing about it is that we don't bother each other any more when one of us has to roll over or get out of bed. No bouncing! And no more back and hip pain in the morning!

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Overall Rating

Amazing Luxury and Comfort

November 20, 2017


I have only had this bed for 24 hours, but I can already tell from a short nap that this bed is a winner. My husband and I were both find it very comfortable. We tried the same King size model in the store (one that has been bounced on by many people, but after trying other styles and degrees of firmness, we kept coming back to this one. We have been sleeping on a queen for a number of years and found it just wasn't big enough for both of us to stretch out comfortably. The MattressFIRM store had a promotion for this mattress that included a free adjustable base that was the icing on the cake. We weren't in the market for a base like this, but it is a wonderful option to have 'at your fingertips' with a wired remote. I did my research before going to a store and a hybrid (coils and foam overlay) was the way to go. Another bonus with this bed is that there is very minimal motion transfer if one person moves or turns. Looking forward to comfortable slumber and happy dreams!

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Overall Rating

First impressions: ahhhh!

October 10, 2018


After 18 years (!), a new mattress was way overdue. My wife and I went online, but without being able to put our backs on the available models—no matter how many promises—we decided that a brick and mortar store was prudent. We tried many models, and this had the right combination of features, support, and price. The dealer added a few perks, we haggled back and forth until we agreed. We just took delivery and I took an hour trial nap. It was intended to be 10 minutes, but there you go. So far, I'm pleased with my mattress. The four stars is a hedge. If I feel the same way in a couple of months, I'll make it five if I can.

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Overall Rating

Felt good during store shopping

February 23, 2019


Just picked up this mattress 4 days ago and had been sleeping on it and so far our experience is pretty good. We bought this mattress mainly for my wife's aches and pains she was having from our old mattress and so far she has been sleeping well. She's not having those aches and pains when she wakes up in the morning anymore and as for me it's still too soon to comment. We're switching from Tempurpedic mattress to iSeries Hybrid from Serta. What I like so far about the iSeries was the firmness and the comfort it provides being it's part foam and part coil springs. We were looking for a firm mattress and we both tried the all springs mattress but its way too firm until we found the Hybrid from Serta. I think we will be satisfied and will be sleeping well on this mattress for years to come. I definitely recommend this type of mattress for those people that are looking for firmness and comfort together. Mel from Oceanside, CA

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Overall Rating

Best Sleep in Decades

September 20, 2019


Over the past two years I have experienced discomfort while trying to sleep due to being too hot and tossing-and-turning all night. I was in the market for a hybrid mattress with a cooling gel foam top, and went to several stores and even tried a couple of online options, but nothing was working for me, and then I found the one. My Serta ISERIES 100 Firm Hybrid mattress has enabled me to sleep throughout the night without overheating or tossing-and-turning, and I awake revitalized and ready to tackle the day. Thank you for this amazing product.

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Overall Rating

Nice Mattress, Hybrid Is Comfortable

September 7, 2017


Our first hybrid and we went with a split king so that we could adjust separately. It's not as firm as our previous bed, but has good support. The hybrid gel is suppose to be cooler, but hard to tell given the hot weather if it's any better than a traditional coil mattress. It's comfortable, but I do worry whether it'll last as long as our previous mattress given it's on an adjustable base and subject to bending. I'm using a mattress protector instead of a mattress pad, as I had previously used, since I don't want to cover up the benefit of the gel top. I do find the mattress comfortable, but it's just my first few days with it.

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Overall Rating

Extremely Comfortable!

October 11, 2017


While my husband is a big fan of extra firm memory foam mattress is, I am not! Was quite leery of purchasing one of these types of mattresses, however after resting in different positions on the show room mattress for several minutes, I thought I might be able to get used to it. We have now had this mattress for about a month and I am so incredibly happy with it! It is so comfortable and I am happy to report that I wake up with far less of the aches and pains that I had become so accustomed to in the mornings on our old mattress. The quality of my sleep has increased dramatically. I was also concerned about heat problems with this type of mattress, but I'm happy to report there is no excessive heat! All in all, I am one happy Serta customer!

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Overall Rating


March 1, 2018


The comfort of this bed is remarkable. Easy to adjust to the right position and sleep has improved since purchasing this mattress. My husband has chronic back pain and he immediately feels the difference between our old firm mattress and the comfort of this one. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

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Overall Rating

Amazing sleep!

June 30, 2018


This is our first memory foam mattress and I was nervous from hearing people say they got to hit on foam mattresses. But my back has been hurting and many articles say the memory foam is better for your back. 3 different articles recommended the Serta brand specifically. We bought this bed for a great price and purchased a new foundation as well, also very reasonably priced. We slept like babies the first night! We have had this set for 2 months and are sleeping great! I love when I lay down and don’t hear the squeaky sound of a spring mattress. Then as I am getting sleepy I slowly find my spot in the bed...it feels like a cool safe cocoon and I will never go back to sleeping on a spring mattress!

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Overall Rating

Hopefully better than the Westin bed we are replacing

December 30, 2017


Last bed started to sag no longer firm. Having to use two pillows and a wedge and still not comfortable. Really hoping this is a much better experience.

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Overall Rating

Great first impression in the store

October 20, 2018


We've gone to all the high-end mattress stores and spent way too much looking for a firm mattress for my wife's back problems. We should have gone to Serta sooner and saved a bunch!

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Overall Rating

Just got the mattress today...

May 7, 2018


So far, the mattress has the firmness I was looking for. It is a good looking mattress with great reviews, but it did come with a chemical smell. I hope that goes away soon. So far so good.

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Overall Rating