January 21, 2019
Filed under: Sleep Solutions

Too often. Like way, way too often. People come to us and ask, “How much sleep do I really need?” As if we’re holding out on them, keeping some secret method from them. One that’ll allow them to get more done with less hours of sleep.

We’re all about “sleeping solutions,” remember? So whatever we can share to help you get a good night’s rest and amp up your comfort, we’ll bring it to you. And that’s why we need you to pay very close attention here. And get ready for some tough love on this topic.

Stop trying to cut corners. Sleep is necessary. And with our help, sleep can be the best thing ever. That’s why we share so many great articles with you on our Comfort 101 page.

Instead of asking us how many hours of sleep you need, ask yourself this: Do I want to get by throughout my day? Or do I want to get stuff done?

That’s really what it comes down to. With the right amount of sleep your mind and body can get the rest they need. And you get more done the next day. And you’re more likely to enjoy yourself while you’re getting things done.

Remember the last time you had to push through the day after barely getting any sleep the night before? Remember how you suffered? Wasn’t that horrible?

Look. We won’t leave you hanging. To answer your question…

As adults between 24 to 64 years old, we need at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

At the very least, 6-10 hours of sleep would be appropriate. But why not aim for the full monty? You work hard. You deserve to catch some Zs and recharge.

You could start right now in fact. Unless you’re reading this at work. Then you should definitely wait until you get home.