November 20, 2017
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The thought of hosting for the holidays can seem daunting. Its time, its money, its cleaning the entire house. Thankfully, we can help put the holiday hosting stress to bed. We have five tips to help transform your guest room into a comfort oasis.

Here are 5 tips to transform your guest room into a comfort oasis:

Clear out the clutter

While your guest bedroom may double as a home office or personal gym, all of that extra clutter can take up lots of space and makes the room appear messy. Clear out as many personal items as possible, and make sure to leave storage space for your guest’s personal belongings.

Create an oasis away from home

79% of Americans they could unplug and relax more often, even for a few minutes a day1. Give your guests the calming oasis they’ve been dreaming about by bringing extra comfort into the home – think chunky knit blankets, scented candles, and lots of extra pillows so your guests can prop themselves up in bed.

Strike a balance between entertainment and relaxation

Watching TV (35%), reading (31%) and relaxing/meditation (21%) are the top 3 activities people do in their bedroom beyond sleeping2. Prep the guest room with plenty of reading materials, a card with the wifi login, and a relaxing atmosphere to make your guests feel right at home.

Protect your mattress

Guest bedroom mattresses often go unused most nights of the year, which can create a buildup of dust and allergens. Keeping the mattress safe from the threat of spilled liquids, stains and allergens with a mattress protector is an easy solution – the protector can also be thrown in the laundry with the bed linens once your guests leave for easy washing.

Prep for stress-free success

On top of hosting house guests, parents have a lot of moving parts to keep track of during the holidays between coordinating meals, entertaining family members, and buying last-minute gifts. Work to prep the guest bedroom a few days in advance, so you can check it off your list of to-do’s and focus on spending time with family.


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