September 17, 2018
Filed under: Sleep Solutions

Here at Serta we’re not just in the business of beds. We’re in the business of comfort. And what’s more comfortable than a sweet vacation?

A Serta vacation, that’s what.

We want to help you get the most out of your next vacation. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best travel destinations. But wait, there’s more.

Our mattresses are so Serta-fiably comfortable—See what we did there?—that even hotels offer them up to guests. And we want to make sure you know which hotels those are.

The top 2018 travel destinations to visit for the ultimate comfort vacation:

Honolulu, Hawaii

Just saying “Honolulu” and “Hawaii” aloud feels good. Now imagine saying it on a sunny beach. Coconut in hand. The sound of waves crashing at your feet. Watch the sunset. Drink with locals. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had in a grass skirt. And the best sleep you’ve had…well, ever.

Where to stay:

Portland, Oregon

If you like getting weird every now and then, Portland’s got a lot to offer you. A two-hour long wait in line for an Instagrammable brunch. Front row seats to watch “Jaws: The Musical” in 3D. (True story.) And a comfortable night’s rest while you dream the weirdest of dreams.

Where to stay:

Anchorage, Alaska

Sightseers, set your sights on beautiful mountains and glaciers. Adventurers, hike those beautiful mountains and glaciers. Ranging from 30- to 60-degree weather, the cold is more than bearable. It’s comfortable. Just like you as you wrap up the day wrapped up in blankets and sheets on a “Serta Comfortable” mattress.

Where to stay: