December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Imagine waking up to birds singing. Perhaps, inspired to sing yourself. Take a deep breath and taking in the fresh morning air. Imagine hopping up out of bed with energy and excitement. This is what a morning person experiences everyday.*

Yes, we usually have a sense of humor. But we wouldn’t joke around about comfort. So believe it. It’s true. You can become a morning person. And here’s how.

Four ways to become a morning person:

Adjust your bedtime.

With the rule of 15, a far more realistic method than forcing yourself to sleep at an earlier hour. Every night, inch your bedtime closer by 15 minutes. This way, in just four nights, you’ll have already eased your way into an earlier bedtime by a full hour.

Don’t sleep in.

On weekdays, obviously. But we’re referring more so to your days off. Typically, the weekend. Sleeping in will only throw you off your game. All that hard work of waking up early, gone. And you’ll find yourself back to the drawing board on Monday, struggling to get up. Bitterly cursing the morning instead of greeting the day with a smile on your face. But set that alarm, even if an hour later than usual, on your mornings off, and you’ll snap back to your usual morning routine easily.

Turn out the lights.

All of them. Yes, even your phone. Yep, that tablet as well. Bright lights will mess with your natural clock. The one that regulates when your melatonin levels increase and make you sleepy.

Up and at ‘em.

Unlike the blue light from your electronic devices, the sun’s light can help you find comfort in waking up. So rise with the sun and immediately let its natural light shine in.

Now, follow these tips and call us in the morning.

*This may be a slight exaggeration but bear with us. We’re only trying to make a helpful point.



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