Traveling? Shop for Your Next Bed While You're on the Road

Traveling? Shop for Your Next Bed While You're on the Road

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

If you had a great night’s sleep on the road and want to replicate the experience at home, use our hotel finder to search for the Serta mattress you loved.

Type the name of your hotel into our Hotel Finder search bar and voilà! You’re one step closer to hotel luxury at home.

What’s so great about hotel beds, anyway? Well, a few things. Some hotel bedding tricks can be replicated—others require a little bit of extra work. Here’s how premium hotel chains ensure you get a great night’s sleep away from home.

1. New, high quality mattresses.

Most hotel chains, especially upscale properties, understand that travelers value a comfortable mattress and good night’s sleep on the road. In recent years, hotels have scaled up their premium mattress programs, replacing mattresses more often and purchasing top-of-the-line beds. At some luxury hotels, you can even select the mattress topper that best suits your comfort preference: firm, medium or soft.

If your hotel mattress feels different from the one you sleep on at home, make a conscious comparison. Even if you don’t like the hotel mattress, you’ll narrow down your bed search and understand more about what you do and don’t appreciate in a mattress.

Search Serta hotel partners to find the bed you enjoyed on your last trip.

2. A complete premium bedding experience.

Hotel beds are stacked with luxury bedding. From soft, white, wrinkle-free sheets to fluffy down comforters, premium hotels create the ultimate sleep experience. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up that comfort when you return home.

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper® Premium Microfiber sheets are made of double brushed microfiber for extra softness, easy care, and quick drying.

Another hallmark of hotel bedding is an abundance of pillows. Serta offers a variety of pillows for every sleep position. Many hotels now offer premium pillows upon request, so be sure to ask the front desk if you have a pillow preference.

3. Bed making and turndown service.

Returning to a hotel room with clean linens, tightly tucked sheets and freshly fluffed pillows feels good. Cap the night with a mint on your pillow and the corner of your comforter turned back, and hitting the sack is pretty hard to resist.

It may be more difficult to replicate this one at home, but an extra set of sheets for more frequent rotation and a little bed-making diligence in the morning will get you close.



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