Making the Rounds: How to Shop for a Mattress in Stores

Making the Rounds: How to Shop for a Mattress in Stores

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

We’re proud to offer a wide-variety of mattress options to suit a wide variety of sleep preferences, from those who like memory foam to those who want a mattress with the most technologically advanced innerspring coils. But sometimes, more options make for difficult decisions! That’s why we list all of our retail partners online — so you can research what you like best on our website and then go experience mattresses in person. To find the best bed for you, follow these steps:

Find your local Serta retailer

Check out our store locator. Simply input your zip code and find the mattress store nearest you that carries Serta mattresses. But before you go, make sure to plan ahead. If you’ve thought through your mattress decision and done a little research, your trip to the store will be much easier.

Pre-plan your visit

Before you show up to test a new mattress, think about what you’re looking for. Consider the features of your current bed: Is it an innerspring, memory foam or hybrid mattress? This is also a good time to decide if you like the size of your current mattress or if you want to upgrade. A lifestyle change like a move, a new partner, or the addition of children will also influence your mattress decision.

Think about your sleep position and the right kind of mattress for your sleep habits. Browse Serta mattresses online to get an idea of what you’d like to try before you get to the store. Our easy mattress selector will help you narrow your search.

Shop for your new mattress while you travel! Find your favorite hotel bed from Serta.

Go for a test-rest

Once you’re armed with a good idea of the kind of mattress you want to try out, you’re ready for a test-rest. When you make the trip to a store, you want to test a mattress under the most realistic sleep circumstances. Ask the sales associate for a premium pillow to try, and shop with your partner so you both have input on the mattress decision.

Lie on potential mattresses in your usual sleep position, with your own pillow, for 5-10 minutes. It might feel awkward, but bring your phone or a book so you can relax and get a good feel for the different types of mattresses you’ll try.

Answer a few important questions

As you test new mattresses, you need to answer a few questions. First, does the mattress feel supportive? Is your spine aligned and relatively straight when you lie down? Make sure the mattress also feels comfortable. If you have a partner, could you each move independently without bothering the other person too much? Does the mattress come with a warranty?

Start getting better sleep

Once you’ve decided on a mattress, it’s time to make your purchase, schedule a delivery and get settled in for years of better sleep! Make sure that you also buy a mattress cover to protect your new investment.



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