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Do you need a box spring?

January 31, 2024

Author: Serta Admin

How low should you go?


Ah, what is a box spring you ask? It’s the OG (“original gangsta” if you didn’t know) support system for mattresses. Once upon a time, they were mainly made up of springs. That’s right, springs in a box. Hence the name, “box spring.” (Are you mind-blown yet?)


But today, much like toilet paper, we have many types to choose from. Now they can also be made of wood and metal, in which cases they’re considered mattress foundations or bases. But tomato-tomahto. Mention a box spring vs foundation, people will get what you mean.


Do I Need A Box Spring?


So glad you asked. The short answer is no. All you really need is a hard, flat surface to provide your mattress with the proper support. Do you have a floor? Awesome, you're set.


But—and this is a big but (which we like and we cannot lie)—be sure to check your warranty. Some require that you use a proper bed base, and not doing so may void it. And keep in mind that the floor will not help with shock absorption and air flow and, therefore, cannot reduce wear and you may sleep hotter than you would if your bed was up off of the floor.


Forget asking do I need a box spring or foundation, ask yourself what comfort vibe you’re going for.


The Game Of Thrones Vibe

Modern day mattresses are taller than they used to be, thanks to advancements in sleep technology. So if you’re looking to literally elevate your comfort, consider getting a 9″ box spring alternative, or foundation as some call it, to sit on top of your bed frame. You’ll feel like royalty. And it’ll help keep the kids and/or pets off the bed.


The Practical Vibe

Drop it, drop it low. If getting in and out of bed easily is totally your thing, then you’ll want to get a low-profile box spring to sit on top of your frame. They’re typically 5” to 5.5” tall. And paired with the super practical modern mattress of your choice, you can sleep easy knowing you’ve got a no-frills vibe going.


The Hipster Vibe

Go sans box spring one of two ways. First, just simply get a modern platform or adjustable bed frame that doesn’t require any sort of foundation. Or second, what goes more against the social norm than sleeping on the floor, right? But do note the point above regarding shock absorption. Although, a worn mattress is pretty hipster, too.


WARNING: An unsupportive surface may lead to premature sagging. And who on earth wants that?


Now that you have some options laid out for you, we will close with a few pros and cons of box springs vs foundations.

Box Springs
Pros: Shock Absorption | Motion Absorption | Supports the Mattress | Improves Airflow
Cons: Super Heavy | Can Become Squeaky Over Time | Not Meant for Memory Foam Beds


Mattress Foundation
Pros: Durable | Works with all Mattress Types | Prevents Sagging | Raises Bed off of the Ground
Cons: Heavy | Costs a Little More | Doesn’t Provide Give like it’s Counterpart Can


If you decide to go the foundation route, Serta has an affordable option.



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