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Introducing The Serta Arctic: Our COOLEST Mattress Yet

August 09, 2022

Author: josiel

Tired of night sweats and sleeping hot? Our new Serta Arctic Collection is here to help change the game and keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. Since sleeping hot is the most common sleep disrupter, we designed our Arctic Collection with every piece of the sleep experience in mind.

The Serta Arctic Mattress, Serta Arctic Foam Pillow, Serta Arctic Fiber Pillow, Serta Arctic Sheets and Serta Arctic Mattress Protector deliver all-night cooling relief, helping you fall asleep easier and, more importantly, help you stay asleep.

So how does it work exactly? Serta Arctic mattresses feature a cooling system called REACTEX, an exclusive three-part system which actively disperses heat away from your body, resulting in a bed with 15x better cooling power than previous Serta product lines.* This feels up to five degrees cooler when compared to the leading cooling mattress.** The Serta Arctic accessories (pillows, sheets and protectors) offer that same amazing cooling technology.

Women curled up in blanket sitting on Serta Arctic Mattress

Here’s why you’ll love Serta Arctic
(According to these happy customers.)

“This is the coolest mattress I’ve ever used, so definitely consider this if you are a hot sleeper like me. A+ on that!” – Mark T.
“Right away I noticed how much more breathable this bed is and doesn’t make you sweat…I don’t have any aches and I don’t really have that adjustment period like I expected. Two thumbs up.” – T.L.

“Great support on my whole body. And sure does keep me cool at night.” – Toti D.

Learn more here, Serta Announced Nationwide Rollout of Serta Arctic.

*Results based on the difference in heat absorbed by Serta Arctic and Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep mattresses while the phase change material is active.

**Serta Arctic feels up to five degrees cooler based on heat index results of Serta Arctic versus the leading cooling mattress



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