How to Shop for a Double Mattress

How to Shop for a Double Mattress

October 20, 2021

Author: Lisah

If you are shopping for a double mattress, you are actually shopping for what’s commonly referred to as a full mattress. The dimensions of a double, or full, mattress are approximately 53″ x 74.5″. Dimensions can vary by ½” based on the double mattress model.

A double mattress is an ideal solution for your kids’ bedroom. While many parents choose a single, or twin size, mattress, a double mattress will last longer as your child grows and needs more room to stretch. A double mattress can also be an ideal solution for a guest room when there is not enough space for a queen or king size mattress, although a double mattress may not offer enough room for two individuals on the mattress at once. When deciding between a single (twin) and double (full) mattress, you should consider the size of your bedroom, and whether or not the space will accommodate a double mattress. If you are considering a double mattress for a master bedroom, ask yourself whether or not you have space for a queen or king size mattress, as these larger sizes will give couples more room to stretch.

Serta offers many double mattresses, including double innerspring support system mattresses and double memory foam mattress models.

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