Serta Mattress, Custom Made to Order

Serta Mattress, Custom Made to Order

February 10, 2021

Author: Lisah

When you climb into bed, it’s important to know the mattress you’re sleeping on can be trusted to provide comfort, support, and durability for years to come.


Your complete satisfaction with your Serta mattress set is our number-one priority. For more than 80 years, Serta has been making consistent investments into quality and innovation, so that we can offer our retailers and consumers comfortable and supportive mattresses using today’s most advanced features. Our commitment to quality has made Serta a leader in the industry, and today we are the number one mattress manufacturer in America.


Serta is a “Just in Time” manufacturer, meaning that we only produce mattresses and foundations ordered by our retailers or hotel partners. Every Serta mattress is made by hand at one of our manufacturing plants in the United States, and then put through our strict quality control testing to make sure every Serta product that leaves our factory meets our high quality standards. This process allows Serta to produce a wide variety of mattresses, with many custom mattresses made exclusively for our retail partners. This is why you may find custom mattresses with unique model names at your local Serta retailers.


If you are shopping for a custom mattress designed to meet your unique comfort and support needs, shop Serta’s variety of mattresses today.


In addition, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint through the adoption of environmental efficiencies at our facilities and manufacturing processes that reduce energy and waste. Learn more about our mattress manufacturing process here. Have questions or need information on anything Serta? Get in touch with us here.



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