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Ratings & Reviews

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December 22, 2017


I love the feeling like as I am wrapped in a cloud, whether sitting on the mattress or lying down I feel as if I am in a bowl of jello. I will never buy a different kind of mattress.

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Overall Rating

this mattress is a better mattress than my old one.

December 23, 2017


this mattress is more comfortable than my old mattress by a very vast margin.

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Overall Rating

This mattress is very comfortable and it lived up to my high expectations for a Serta product

April 11, 2018


I have had Serta mattresses since 1978 when I bought my first home. the first one I bought lasted until 2018 and it was still fairly comfortable, despite its years of use. When I finally felt the need to replace it, because my 92 year-old mother was using it and complained that it was not as comfortable as a different brand she had used until recently, I naturally started shopping for a new Serta. Since I am handicapped I do most of my shopping online, so I went to several websites and found a Serta that met my needs. I wanted one with a soft surface because of my mother's age and arthritis. I tried it first and found it very comfortable. My mother spent her first night on it in complete comfort. We are both very pleased with the purchase and look forward to many years of Serta restful sleep.

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Overall Rating

Dreamy comfort beyond expectations

May 15, 2018


I had previously been sleeping on a mattress that was over 10 years old and the lumpiness was finally causing some serious AM grumpiness. So off went the old brand and in came this Serta Perfect Sleeper plush mattress. I had done my research and waited and tested and came to the conclusion this would be the solution to my back discomfort issues of late. Well it indeed solved that and if you have sleep issues, like difficulty falling asleep like I did, it's all over with this product. Pretty much as soon as I fluff my pillow and lie my head down, I'm out like a light. I also do not feel like I'm in a hammock anymore like the other mattress was like because it was just not the right level of firm. This is a firm and plush mattress and if that sounds contradictory then you must test sleep one at any retailer that carries this model. It's divine. It makes me feel like I want to sleep much longer than I ever did before. On top of that you will need to buy a better alarm clock because the snooze button has been getting a lot of use lately. Enjoy. I hope you get as much satisfaction out of your mattress as I am with this model.

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Overall Rating

A little bit of Heaven!

October 28, 2017


I love this bed I bought at the labor day sale @ J.C.Penny was for a great sale price after sleeping on it for over a month now I would pay double for it. I look forward to sleep now and take weekend naps. My heart and eyes Smile when I look at my new Perfect sleeper plush mattress. $$Money well spent in a long time. Thank you Serta for a Quality Mattress at a great Price!!

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Overall Rating

Great Value, Great Mattress

August 20, 2017


We purchased the Queen Blakefield Perfect Sleeper. This is our first hybrid mattress and we love the support. Have had the mattress for 5 nights. We are stomach sleepers so lower back pain in the morning was sometimes an issue. So far, this mattress has helped alleviate this issue. The only unexpected difference between our old Serta and new Serta mattress is the softness. While both mattresses are Plush, the new mattress is definitely softer with more cushion than our previous mattress. Probably just a difference between traditional and hybrid mattress types but something to keep in mind. We still receive the support which was our main concern.

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Overall Rating

Comfortable and worth the money

December 5, 2017


I purchased the Perfect Sleeper hybrid with an adjustable base. I feel the mattress is very comfortable. It's not too soft even though it's plush, which works out really well for me. I didn't want a mattress that I will sink into and not be able to get up. And it's not that firm. So it's perfect for me. The price I paid for everything was very good and I didn't want to pay too much. The adjustable base works really well. I normally use the zero gravity setting, which is perfect for what I need for sleeping. It adjusts your head up slightly and then raises your feet more but not too high. I really needed a mattress like this because I have poor circulation in my feet and my hands. I would always need to put a pillow under my knees every night so I wouldn't have some numbness in my feet. And since I have been using the mattress with the adjustable base, I haven't had any problems with my feet or hands. It's been really great. The previous mattress I had was also a Serta that I had a long time. I needed to get something new and that would really help me with sleeping. And this has certainly done the trick.

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Overall Rating

My 92 year-old Mother gets a good night's sleep at last!

May 2, 2018


Mother had been sleeping on a 30 year-old mattress and started complaining of back and neck pain. She was reluctant to let me replace it, saying "how much longer can I last." I felt no matter how long she had to live, she deserved a good night's sleep. I ordered the Serta for her on and surprised her with the delivery. Over my life I have owned several Serta mattresses since at times I had four to five bedrooms in my houses. I was always pleased with them and my relatives and guests remarked how comfortable they were. Once Mother tried hers, she loved it. She has been sleeping well ever since it arrived. We are building a new, smaller home, and originally planned to replace her old mattress after we moved, but I could not countenance her having sleeping discomfort for the time it is taking to build our new home. I am glad I went ahead and bought the new Serta, it was worth every penny for her to have a good night's sleep.

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Overall Rating

So far we have been impressed with the value and comfort of this mattress.

July 2, 2018


We like that this mattress has a layer of memory foam making it very plush and comfortable. Also we were impressed to see that the coil count of the innersprings compared with higher priced mattresses.

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Overall Rating

Like sleeping on a cloud!

December 1, 2017


We bought this mattress for our new RV. The mattress that came with it was a firm Simmons mattress and it was horrible! It is so soft! It's like sleeping on a cloud! My husband and I slept the whole night. This mattress might be better than our very expensive memory foam mattress in our house. I usually don't like soft mattresses because of back issues, but this one is great! We are very excited to go camping with this mattress again! Highly recommend.

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Overall Rating

Perfect match

February 14, 2018


I love that the perfect sleeper mattress has the ability to use an adjustable foundation or just your traditional foundation. I originally purchased my mattress with a traditional foundation. I enjoyed the thickness of the mattress with my old bed frame, but soon realized that I would like to have height adjustment which the adjustable base will provide. First impression of the mattress is that you can see the quality and attention that has gone into the design of the plush top of the mattress. I have been sleeping more sound and at a more comfortable temp due to the gel/foam layers used in the mattress. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a great hybrid mattress!

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Overall Rating

Better Nights Sleep!!!

March 16, 2018


We had bought another brand of mattress set through our local furniture dealer in Omaha, NE., who carries every type of mattress brands you can name nationally and locally available online. I took a chance and ordered the mattress set online, I go by the reviews of previous buyers and read every detail I can on a product. This was not to be a firm mattress (even though it felt like a rock), of course I read the reviews and went by the affordability of the mattress and selected it. After trying it for a year this mattress was worse than our mattress we had for 15 years prior. I had to buy a mattress cover to soften up the mattress, in fact I bought another one because that one didn't work and we continue having aches and pains we never had before. Finally I started getting lower back pain whenever I laid in bed longer than six hours in which I never had before in my lifetime...and we finally gave in and thought enough is enough! My Dad use to own a furniture store in Omaha, NE., years ago and he always carried the best brand names of mattresses and he always recommended the Serta brand. I went through the large furniture store chain again online in Omaha, this time I found the Serta name with a great price including eleven previous owners who gave this mattress a "5" Star rating (the best) and my husband and I said lets order that one. We are both grateful we did, the Serta we ordered was the "Sanborn" style the tag with the name and a sheep were proudly displayed on the side of the mattress when we received it! I figure any company that takes time to do that must be proud of their product, and so Serta should be, from the first night we could tell this bed was of great quality and comfort. My husband woke up the next morning and said this mattress feels great, after just owning it since 2/20/18 not even a month now we no longer have the aches and pains we received from our prior mattress. We live in Iowa and the mattress warranty tag stated it was made in January/2018 and wouldn't you know at one of your plants in Iowa! We are happy campers and like my Dad said years ago and that he carried in his furniture can't go wrong with a Serta! You make a great product at a reasonable cost!

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Overall Rating

Very Disappointed and Unhappy Customers

September 14, 2017


We purchased a Serta Benson King size mattress 2 years ago from our local Big Lots. We are very unsatisfied and unhappy with our purchase. We heard so many good things about Serta mattresses so that is why we purchased one in hopes that it would help my husbands back trouble. We also were had a understanding that there was a lifetime warranty on the mattress. After only 2 years the mattress is breaking down and my husband is having back trouble again..... After contacting our local Big Lots they said there is nothing they could do..... Very frustrating!

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Overall Rating

Comfortable bed

October 21, 2017


I purchased a Serta Tamron Plush King mattress because I was waking up in pain due to my back and neck. I decided that I needed to switch my mattress. Prior to purchasing this new mattress I had a Beauty rest Plush King Mattress. Don't get me wrong I loved it however over the years it became too soft for my body and what it was going thru so that is why I decided to give this mattress a shot. It is really comfortable and is doing wonders for my back and neck. It is so nice to wake up after a yr and feel good to be in your own body!!

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Overall Rating

My son loves it

February 4, 2018


My ten year old son hated his old mattress and complained about it everyday. So I took him mattress shopping. I wanted to get him the perfect mattress for him. I took him to a shop and he tried every mattress in the place. He did not like any. So we went to another mattress store. The mattress he choose was the second one he tried, he loved it instantly. When I first heard the price I have to admit I was a bit shocked. Learning that this mattress comes with a ten year warranty made me feel a little better. And it was the only one he liked so I purchased it. I brought it home and upon putting a sheet on it I found a hole where the top of the mattress meets the side. I looks like it missed some stitching. So I called the store and they told me it will be covered under my warranty. This mattress would of got a five star review if it did not have the hole.

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Overall Rating

Worth the cost, great value

February 23, 2018


Selected this brand due to past experience. It is replacing a model I can't recall exactly how old. It replaced a waterbed when we moved here in 1995 and the waterbed had to go not long after we moved, so over 20 yrs? New unit is very comfortable, my back could tell the difference the first night. Fitbit tracker Sleep function showed a solid blue line! No interruptions of sleep!

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Overall Rating

Very comfortable!

February 25, 2018


Originally bought this as it was on sale and felt pretty comfortable in the store. After we got it set up in our home, it was even more comfortable then we remembered!! Way better than the old mattress we had in our guest room!! Have a bit of a cranky back, but woke up with my back feeling great!! Thinking about moving into the guest room and making our bedroom the guest room. Have only had it a week, but we consider it one of our better purchases as far as a mattress set goes!

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Overall Rating

Don't buy one

March 6, 2018


It was nice in the beginning but after a few months start to sag it is a no flip so we would turn it around like the directions said still sag have a warranty on it called Serta and because I bought it from Big Lots I was told I have to go through them and Big Lots is giving me the run-around call Serta back to tell them what Big Lots said and they say there's nothing they can do well it's their product and the bed is worthless and for as much money as I paid for it I will never buy anything from them again and I recommend that you do not buy from them either I have gone to their corporate office so I have gone to everyone that I could and no one can help me so I have a mattress that is useless to me and a warranty that is useless from them and it's funny because the warranty is from Serta but Serta says Big Lots has to honor it and Big Lots has been no help whatsoever

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Overall Rating

Good product at fair price

March 14, 2018


This product is very comfortable and seems to have good support. Seems durable. Only have slept on it once as it was delivered yesterday but so far it meets expectations.

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Overall Rating

Big Lots Serta icollection Landen queen

March 22, 2018


I researched and tried several mattresses at several different stores and mattress retailers. Serta by far has the highest quality and most comfort. My sleep has already improved tremendously. I would recommend Serta products to the world!

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Overall Rating