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Did you get a great night’s sleep on a Serta mattress while traveling? Now, you can purchase the same exclusive hotel mattress for your home! Search our Hotel Mattress Finder to the right to find the hotel you stayed at, or call Serta’s Guest Purchase Department at 1-877-HOTEL-40 or contact us by clicking here.

Serta is proud to be the number one mattress supplier to the hotel industry in the United States.

Our fine hotel partners have the highest standards when it comes to creating the best guest experience, and we have designed Serta hotel mattresses for their properties using today’s most advanced comfort and support features. Every hotel guest can experience a great night’s sleep, and now you can bring home the same luxurious comfort.

If you recently stayed with one of our hotel partners and enjoyed sleeping on a Serta hotel mattress, use our “Hotel Finder” tool above to get information on how to purchase that same mattress for your home. You can also shop our online collection of Hotel Mattresses and choose from some of our popular models – just click the button below to get started.

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Experience the Luxury of a Serta Hotel Mattress

  • 5 Star Luxury Right at Home

    Now, you don’t have to travel anywhere to experience a luxurious hotel getaway. Our Serta Hotel Mattress collection is inspired by the exclusive mattresses we make for our fine hotel partners, so that you can experience the same comfort, support and quality in your own home.

  • The Right Combination of Comfort and Support

    Serta’s hotel partners demand a comfortable experience for their guests, with a mattress that also provides needed support. Our Hotel Mattresses are made with a unique set of features to balance luxurious comfort with proper support, and feature the same innerspring unit used in our flagship Perfect Sleeper mattresses.

  • Exclusive Two-Sided Design

    Only Serta Hotel Mattresses features a unique two-sided design for easy flipping of the mattress.

  • Chateau Plush Starting At $1,800 (Queen set)
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  • Enrapture ll Eurotop Starting At $1,800 (Queen set)
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  • Signature Suite ll Pillow Top Starting At $1,300 (Queen set)
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  • Concierge Suite ll Plush Starting At $1,300 (Queen set)
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  • Presidential Suite II Pillowtop Starting At $1,300 (Queen set)
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  • Congressional Suite SPRM ll Pillow Top Starting At $975 (Queen set)
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  • Nobility Suite II Plush Starting At $975 (Queen set)
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