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Nov 14 2014

Get Comfortable for National Sleep Comfort Month

A bowl of hot soup, your favorite fuzzy slippers, or a big hug, there’s nothing better than what comforts you. November is National Sleep Comfort Month, which means it’s the perfect time to rethink your sleep habits and get comfortable for a great night of sleep!

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Invest in Sleep Items

One of the major causes of poor sleep is your sleep products. To celebrate National Sleep Comfort Month, it may be time to ditch your old sheets, blankets, or mattress. New, fresh sleep items can revitalize your sleep behaviors and create a plush environment that’s nothing but comfortable. To find the new mattress perfect for you, click here.


Get Comfortable PJs

It may seem like a no-brainer but wearing clothes to sleep that are comfortable can lead to a pleasant night of rest. Avoid pants that are too tight or a shirt that rides up. Otherwise you’ll be busy fixing them instead of enjoying sleeping in them! Loose, soft fabrics keep you cool and comfortable as you snooze off.


Fluff Your Bed

As you start to drift into sleep, your body temperature will change. Keep an extra blanket nearby if you get chilly at night or turn on a fan if you get hot. If you love being surrounded by fluffy pillows, make sure you have enough before shutting off the light. Knowing your sleep position before purchasing a pillow can give your body the right support. Prepare for any potential disturbances—have extra pillows and a glass of water within reach and an extra blanket for temperature changes—before falling asleep so you won’t experience disturbances in the middle of the night.


Create a Sleep Journal

Each person has specific triggers that cause them to have an uncomfortable night of sleep. Keep track of what you do a few hours before bed each night this month. Then track how you feel in the morning and throughout the day. This will show you the triggers that lead to your uncomfortable night of sleep.


How will you get comfortable this month and celebrate National Sleep Comfort Month?

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