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Oct 06 2015

Freshen Your Look for the Season: Add Fall Accents to Your Home Décor

 Fall is officially here.  Leaves are changing color, school is in full swing, football and soccer seasons are well underway, apples are abundant, and pumpkins and gourds are on full display at the market. You don’t need to redecorate to acknowledge and embrace the new season and its colors and festivities. Just add some fall accents and decorations to your home in honor of the season!

Fall accent pillows in brown and orange
-Seasonal colors:  Add accents to any room in your home in traditional fall colors: orange, cranberry, golden yellow, magenta, chocolate brown.  All evoke that autumn feeling, and there are enough choices that surely one or more will complement an existing color scheme.  Choose new decorative pillows for a couch or bed.  Consider a throw blanket in warm fall colors for the family room or a bedroom. Adding “pops” of fall colors can bring a new look to a room and dress it up for the new season.

-Fruits and vegetables of the season: Fall fruits and vegetables expand our menu choices, and they are great decorating choices for the season. Display apples and pomegranates in a bowl – at least until they are all eaten up! Place colorful gourds on end tables or shelves. If squash is on the menu, display it on the kitchen counter until it’s time to cook. And consider purchasing some new potholders or kitchen towels that feature the season’s veggies or fruits.

Mums and pumpkins-Flowers and leaves of the season:Fall brings mums, goldenrod, marigolds, and, of course, colorful leaves. Use some colorful leaves, real or artificial, around your table’s centerpiece.  Buy some potted mums for your porch or table. They come in a variety of lovely warm fall hues so it is relatively easy to find one that matches your color palette. Buy some goldenrod and greens to make a lovely bouquet for the office, family room, or bedroom.

-Scents of the season: Fall is a season of familiar aromas—apples, cloves, cinnamon, pumpkin spices, cranberry, brown sugar. Get some candles scented with fall smells for your home.  Or use room freshener or aroma oils to add autumn scents.  Also remember that you can add lovely aromas simply with water, a pot, your stove, and some spice or fruit.  Add some apple slices and cinnamon to a pot of water and simmer to add a wonderful aroma to your kitchen and home. Try brown sugar and a little vanilla. Then create your own favorite home scent!

-Holidays of season: Fall is also the time when many add decor to their home in honor of two spooky, fun fall holidays, Halloween and the Day of the Dead.  And then, a bit later in the season, Thanksgiving. Pumpkins, carved or au natural, are a given for Halloween, of course, and also are a Thanksgiving staple in the form of pies – and their accompanying delicious aroma!  Skulls, usually stylized for the Day of the Dead, can add a spooky seasonal accent for that holiday or Halloween, and spiders, spider webs, and ghosts, can, too. For fall harvest and Thanksgiving, cornucopias, ornamental corn, and scarecrow motifs can be used in displays.

Fall brings new color palettes, foods, scents, plants, and holidays to inspire decorating schemes.

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