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Aug 14 2014

Soothe Yourself to Sleep

Did you know your bedroom décor can have a serious impact on your sleep health? A soothing space is important for your mind and body to relax, resulting in a night of peaceful sleep. Here are five ways you can create a soothing space for your body, mind, and soul.

Soothing bedroom space Colors

Color sets the base for your bedroom décor. Almost any tone of blue creates a calming effect. Other colors that encourage relaxation in the bedroom include grays, blue-tinted purples, and neutral earth-tone colors such as coffee brown. Most importantly, choose a color that you love. Your bedroom is a representation of you and finding joy in your room will make you feel more at peace.


Using soft lighting and dim lights allows your body to prepare for sleep. While getting ready for bed, use bedside lamps or sconces instead of overhead lighting. During the day, open the shades to let in natural light instead of harsh overhead lights. When going to sleep, use darkening shades and curtains to keep the room dark as you sleep.


A clean, fresh scent is vital to the atmosphere of a room. Lavender is a great calming agent. Use fresh sprigs in a closet or mix essential oils with water in a spray bottle and spritz into the air and on linens. On a beautiful day, open the windows to freshen the air in the room.


How often do you crawl into bed chilly but wake up in the middle of the night toasty? Layering bedding allows you to adjust blankets easily during the night. It also creates a plush environment that makes you feel enveloped in comfort.

Personal Items

Don’t forget personal items to really make a bedroom soothing.  Incorporate the things you love to make the space feel welcoming and personalized every time you enter. Pictures, a vase of flowers, or a painting of your favorite place can allow your mind drift off to relaxation.

As your own personal sanctuary, your bedroom is a place where you should relax and unwind. Try incorporating these soothing techniques to create an inviting environment.

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