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Jan 13 2015

Rest Your Head

Side, stomach, back, or a combination – do you know your sleep position? The right pillow is just as important to your quality of sleep as choosing the right mattress. Before selecting the right pillow to rest your head on, you must know and understand your sleep position. Here are some things to consider when selecting the pillow for a great night of sleep.

Woman Sleeping on Pillow

Whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper, each position has found that a certain level of firmness helps create a more comfortable night of sleep. While solutions for each sleep position may vary, firmer pillows are typically good for back sleepers, while softer pillows are preferable for side sleepers. During the night, you might change positions often. If you are a multi-position sleeper, look for a pillow designed for various sleep positions.


Do you find yourself stacking pillows to elevate your head and neck? You may need a thicker pillow! Some people don’t consider the thickness level of pillows and the role it can play in their sleep. If you love to sleep as close to the mattress as possible, a flatter pillow may be best suited for your sleep habits. The thickness and firmness of your pillow play an important role in the comfort of your sleep. Looking at the firmness level of pillows can help determine the best fit for your sleep position. For example, a pillow that isn’t firm enough for your sleep position may cause neck aches in the morning from a lack of support.


Other than your mattress, you sleep on your pillow each and every night. So, you should invest in a quality pillow that will provide comfort and support over time. An uncomfortable pillow can affect the quality of your sleep by causing you to toss and turn and re-fluff pillows and result in a neck or back ache in the morning.


A good night’s sleep doesn’t end with a new mattress. Choosing the right pillow plays an important part in the overall quality of your sleep. Serta has a variety of pillows available with a helpful guide to sleep positions and firmness levels so you can choose the pillow perfect for you, no matter how you sleep.

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