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Apr 24 2015

1, 2, 3, Clean!

Goodbye dust and germs! Cleaning the bedroom may not be your favorite chore, but creating the right sleep environment is important for a good night’s sleep. Keeping your bedroom free from clutter and dust can help you fall, and stay, asleep.

Here are 10 tips for a cleaner bedroom!

1- Clean as you go:  Instead of one day full of cleaning, clean as you go. Cleaning a little bit each day can keep your bedroom environment continuously clean and help you fall asleep each night. Designate one day each month for a deep clean to tackle bigger cleaning projects.

2- Set a timer:  Knowing you have to clean for hours on end can make it hard to even get started! Set a timer for ten minutes each day and see how much you can get done in that time frame. Racing against the clock will motivate you to clean as much as you can.

3- Dust:  Dusting is a simple task that can make a big impact! It’s important to dust regularly to rid your bedroom of allergens that could impact your sleep. Focus on furniture, windowsills, and baseboards for a quick, and effective, clean!

4- Deep clean carpets:  Freshly cleaned carpets can make your bedroom feel brand new. A deep carpet clean once a month will keep your carpet in good shape. Research the best method for your carpet type.

5- Wash sheets regularly:  Regularly washing sheets removes the moisture, dirt, sweat, and skin cells that linger. Clean, crisp sheets will also make your bed feel more luxurious. Get your sheets washed on a schedule by designating the same day each week to wash them.

6- Throw away garbage; organize clutter:  Do you have a pile of receipts on your dresser or loose change on top of your nightstand? Throw away garbage and organize loose odds and ends to keep your bedroom free from clutter.

7- Clean up clothes:  Get into a routine of putting clothing in its place. It will be easier to find a particular item and will prevent clothing from piling up on your floor, bed, or other furniture. Putting clean laundry away helps clothes to stay fresh and in good condition.

8- Open windows:  When the weather is suitable, open the windows to let in fresh air! A fresh breeze will refresh your bedroom and clean out the stale air. Try opening the window for a few minutes while you tidy up each day.

9- Keep shoes out of the bedroom:  Prevent germs and dirt from entering your bedroom by keeping shoes in the closet and only putting them on put when you are walking out the front door.  For an even cleaner room, only keep shoes by your front door and completely out of the bedroom.

10- Shake out small rugs and vacuum:  Keep floor space clean by shaking out small rugs and vacuuming to pick up loose dirt, dust, and allergens.

Remember, a little bit of cleaning each day can add up to create a clean bedroom environment perfect for a great night of sleep!

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