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VIP Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Our Serta VIP Rewards program is exciting and is a way for us to thank our loyal customers. We know you may have some questions regarding the program. For your convenience, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions with the answers below.

  1. How do I qualify for the Serta® VIP Rewards program?

    To qualify for Serta VIP Rewards, you must be an individual who is at least 18 years of age and a resident in the United States, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. You must also purchase a qualifying iComfort or iSeries mattress and have online access and a valid email.

  2. What Serta mattresses are considered a ‘qualifying mattress’?

    For a complete list of qualifying mattresses, go to

  3. How do I register for the Serta VIP Rewards program?

    Register by visiting and select ‘Register Serta VIP Rewards Program’. You will be required to provide information such as full name, address, email, phone number and proof of purchase of a qualifying mattress. A single individual may not have more than one Serta VIP Rewards membership; however, you may register multiple qualifying mattresses.

  4. What if I don’t have online access to register?

    Registration for the Serta VIP Rewards program is only available online. You must register online and have the ability to receive emails to be eligible for the Serta VIP Rewards program.

  5. What if I already have a Serta account?

    If you currently have an account on, simply log in and click ‘Register Serta VIP Rewards program’ to register.

  6. I completed the registration online, how do I know my registration was successful?

    You should receive a Welcome email at the email address you listed within 24 hours of registration. If you do not receive your Welcome email, please check your junk folder and spam filter. You can also check the email you entered during registration is correct by logging into your Serta VIP Rewards account and, if needed, revise the email address. For further assistance, please contact us here or call 1-855-204-2466.

  7. The brochure was not attached to my mattress. How do I get my unique VIP Rewards Code to register for the program?

    In order to register for the VIP Rewards program, you must have a unique VIP Rewards code.  If the hang tag containing the code was not attached to your mattress, please follow these instructions: 1) Fill out the VIP Program enrollment form on, 2) Log in if you have an existing account, or click "Go to Sign Up Form" if you do not have a account, 3) Fill out the VIP enrollment form and leave the "VIP ID Number" field blank if you do not have one, 4) When you click "Submit" you will be required to attach proof of purchase for your iComfort or iSeries mattress.  At this time, a VIP ID Number Request will be generated for the Serta VIP Rewards team to review.  Approval may take up to 10 business days, at which time you will receive a VIP Welcome email upon approval.  For further assistance, please call our toll-free Serta VIP Rewards help line at 1-855-204-2466.

  8. Can I opt out of receiving Serta emails?

    Yes, you may choose to opt out of receiving Serta VIP Rewards program emails at any time. However, if you choose to opt out, you will be disqualified from the program and your points will be deleted from your account after 60 days.

  9. Do I have to purchase my next mattress from the same retailer?

    No, you may choose to purchase your next Serta mattress at the retailer of your choice. Hopefully you had a great purchase experience with your original registered retailer. We’re sure they’ll be happy to help you with any future mattress purchases.

  10. What is the value of a point?

    One point can be redeemed for $1 to a maximum of $1,000. You can redeem up to 100 points when you purchase a qualifying mattress of $999 or more and 200-1,000 points on purchases of $1,999 or more. Points have no cash value until the redemption process is completed and approved.

  11. How do I earn points?

    You can earn points in a few ways: 1. Purchase one or more qualifying iComfort or iSeries mattress and complete the required steps
    2. Refer-a-friend who purchases a qualifying mattress and completes the required steps

  12. How does refer a friend work?

    Each person you refer will receive a special mail-in offer they can use with the purchase of a qualifying mattress. Once your friend purchases their new mattress and we receive their mail-in offer, 100 points will be added to your account – no further points are awarded, i.e. no Anniversary Points will be awarded on these referral points. If you refer 5 people and 3 complete the requirements, you will earn 300 points. Your refer-a-friend points will be added to your account in addition to the points you are already earning each year for your own purchase(s). Please keep in mind that even though you may earn points quicker, you cannot redeem more than 1,000 points at any time. All refer-a-friend points expire 10 years from the issue date.

  13. How many people can I refer?

    You can refer as many people as you want! You will earn 100 points for each referral that completes the entire process.

  14. How do the Serta VIP Rewards points work?

    You will earn 100 points for each qualifying mattress you purchase (some restrictions may apply, see qualifying beds for full details).Points will be awarded 120 days after registration (restrictions apply –go to or more details). You’ll also earn an additional 100 Anniversary Points each year (awarded at the end of the anniversary month) for that same mattress to a maximum of 900 Anniversary Points. A maximum of 1,000 points will be awarded for each qualifying mattress purchase. You can redeem up to 100 points when you purchase a qualifying mattress of $999 or more and 200-1,000 points on purchases of $1,999 or more.
  15. How many redemption points can I earn for a twin mattress?

    A single twin mattress or mattress set purchase will earn 50 points each year for up to 10 years. Two twin or twin XL equal a king when purchased together and will earn 100 points together. See below for yearly earned points for other qualifying mattress size purchases.

    Qualifying Mattress Size

    Earned Points Each Year

    Redemption Points

    King/California King


    1 point = $1

    Queen/Split Queen


    1 point = $1



    1 point = 50¢

    Twin/Twin XL


    1 point = 50¢

    Double Twin/Twin XL (King)


    1 point = $1


  16. When are my points added to my account?

    Provided that you are an active member in the Serta VIP Rewards program, your earned points for each qualifying mattress purchased will be added to your account 120 days after your registration has been approved and then yearly at the end of each anniversary month to a maximum of 10 years after the date of the mattress purchase.

  17. What do I have to do to be an Active Member?

    Remaining an active member in the Serta VIP Rewards program is simple. All you have to do once you’re a member is maintain the email address you provided during registration, continue to receive Serta email communications and continue to own your registered qualifying mattress(es).

  18. Can I transfer or share my Serta VIP Rewards Points or account?

    No, Serta VIP Rewards points and accounts are not transferable and points cannot be combined or shared with anyone. The only exception to transferring points is in the event of a death – the account and the associated points may be transferred to a person residing at the same physical address as the deceased. A copy of the death certificate is required.

  19. Do my Serta VIP Rewards points expire?

    Yes, any earned points will expire 10 years after they are credited to your account. If you choose to discontinue the program or opt out of Serta emails, all earned points will expire 60 days after exiting or opting out of the program.

  20. I’m a Serta VIP Rewards member with points in my account and I just bought another mattress – what do I do?

    You will need to add your qualifying mattress to your account (see question 22) and if you want to redeem your points, you can also complete a redemption form and apply to redeem some or all of your Serta VIP Reward points (see question 23).

  21. Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

    In order to redeem your Serta VIP Reward points, you must purchase a qualifying mattress for $999 or more.

    Qualifying Mattress Purchase

    Redemption Points

    VISA/MasterCard Gift Card

    $999 to $1,998




    200 to 1,000

    $200 to $1,000

  22. How do I add another qualifying mattress to my account?

    Log in to your Serta VIP Rewards account, go to ‘Add Additional Qualifying Mattress’ and complete the online form. Once approved, the points for your new mattress will be added to your account 120 days after registration and also each year at the end of the anniversary month after the respective qualifying mattress purchase for a maximum of 1000 points for each qualifying purchase.

  23. How do I redeem my VIP Rewards points?

    Redeeming your Serta VIP Rewards is easy! 1. Log into your account and select ‘Redeem VIP Rewards’. 2. Print and complete the redemption form. 3. Obtain a copy of the invoice from your new Serta mattress purchase (be sure to keep the original purchase receipt for your records) and IF you are redeeming $200 or more, a photo of the law tag on your original mattress that clearly shows the serial number is also required. 4. Mail your all required documentation for redemption to Serta VIP Rewards Dept., PO Box 28921, San Diego, CA, 92198-0921. NOTE: You will forfeit your points if you complete the redemption form and do not mail your redemption form and required documents within 90 days of purchase. The VIP Rewards points you redeem will be debited from your account at the time you complete the redemption form. All redemptions are subject to verification and approval.

  24. How do I receive my redemption and how long will it take to get it?

    Once you have completed the redemption process and it is approved, you’ll receive (by mail) a VISA or MasterCard gift card with your total dollar redemption amount in approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

  25. My original mattress was replaced under warranty. How do I redeem my points?

    The Serta VIP Rewards point redemption process for a mattress replaced under warranty is the same as the original mattress you purchased (see #23 for step-by-step instructions). All you need to do is provide a copy of the replacement mattress receipt along with a photo of the law tag that clearly shows the serial number.

  26. What if I purchased more than one mattress, will they all qualify?

    Yes, if you purchase more than one qualifying mattress, you can earn points for each; however, some restrictions may apply. For example, if you purchase a qualifying mattress in January and decide to purchase a second in October, each mattress will earn 100 points each year. You may combine those points towards the purchase of a qualifying mattress based on the program Terms and Conditions. However, if you purchase two mattresses at the same time, some restrictions may apply. Two twin or twin XL mattresses are considered as one king or California king and therefore count as one mattress purchase and will earn a total of 100 points each year. Check the General Terms and Conditions in your VIP Rewards mattress tag for more information.

  27. How can I access my account information?

    Your account details can be obtained in a few ways: 1. Online – log in to your account at 2. Phone – call 1-855-204-2466 3. Mail – Serta VIP Rewards Program, PO Box 28921, San Diego, CA, 92198-0921

  28. How do I cancel my membership?

    If you choose to cancel your membership in the Serta VIP Rewards program, log in to your Serta VIP Rewards account, go to ‘Discontinue VIP Rewards program’ and complete the required information. Please note that your points will be removed from your account permanently 60 days after you cancel. Opting out of emails will also cancel your membership.

  29. What is the Serta VIP Rewards Partners program?

    Not only do you get to earn and redeem points with the Serta VIP Rewards program, you will also receive valuable emails with exclusive promotions from our partners. Offers will vary so watch your email for current partner offers.