Environmental Responsibility

Serta Headquarters

Quality & Commitment You Can Trust

At Serta International, we are committed to making the world a more comfortable place for everyone. As part of this commitment, we have been and remain invested in reducing our carbon footprint while producing the high-quality products you expect from the Serta brand.

Eco-Friendly Mattress Components

  • 100% of Serta innersprings and box springs are made from 95% post-industrial recycled steel.
  • The wood in our foundations is sourced from forests that are certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Many of the fabrics used in Serta mattress covers meet the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for manufacturing without the use of harmful substances, including cover fabrics made from natural bamboo and/or pure organic cotton.
  • Serta uses latex made from a natural/synthetic latex blend that is naturally anti-microbial and allergen resistant. It is made to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard for manufacturing without the use of harmful substances.
  • All of Serta’s foams are made without the use of PBDE flame-retardans, CFCs, lead, mercury, prohibited phthalates and other potentially harmful materials. Soy-based foams are used in multiple product lines.
  • ISerta’s fire retardant barriers are made primarily from cotton or other cellulosic renewable fibers and use no harmful chemicals or processes.
  • All Serta insulator pads are made from virgin recycled garment clips.

Energy & Waste Reducing Mattress Manufacturing Process

  • All remnant scrap of mattress ticking, foam, wood, steel and plastic is recycled
  • All crating materials for innersprings are recycled.
  • Serta Mattress’ plants and suppliers are located near our customers to minimize transportation cost and fuel consumption.
  • We have reduced secondary packaging to less than 5% of product weight.
  • All Serta products are manufactured on a “Just in Time” schedule, reducing unnecessary energy use, minimizing waste and allowing for less warehousing.

Environmental Responsibility & Efficiencies at Serta Mattress Facilities

The Serta World Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL, was designed to reflect Serta’s unwavering commitment to its retailers, its employees and the environment. The building is designed to LEED standards and has received multiple awards in recognition of outstanding architecture and environmental consciousness. Some highlights of this beautiful facility include:

  • The building proportions have been designed to fit within its natural landscape, with no impact on the surrounding natural prairie and wetlands.
  • The natural landscaping reduces the requirement for intensive irrigation while reducing and filtering storm water runoff.
  • Proportions of the building have been designed to maximize employee’s proximity to natural light, reducing energy consumption from artificial lighting.
  • Natural ventilation with operable windows plus an economizer cycle for 100% fresh air intake helps keep the building at moderate temperatures, minimizing the need for heating/cooling.
  • Lighting in all Serta facilities is high-efficiency and is estimated to use up to 50% less energy than traditional systems.
  • All facilities are cleaned and maintained using environmentally friendly materials and products.
  • All processing equipment is maintained and operated for minimal energy consumption and maximum waste reduction.
  • All Serta facilities recycle paper, plastic and other recyclable waste through a companywide blue recycle bin program.