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Ratings & Reviews

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This product is amazing!

February 19, 2018

Pineville, KY

I have had many different mattresses ranging from beauty rest, to temperpedic and this is the absolute best mattress I have ever owned. Upon arrival of my blue fusion 300 plush pillowtop, I could not get over what good quality the mattress was. The top is thickly quilted, and very soft. I have never slept so good in a bed. This mattress forms and fits every curve of your body. It’s almost like you melt into the mattress. Normally upon waking, I would have aches and pains, but I can honestly say that after sleeping in the bed I had none! I cannot stress enough RUN OUT AND GET THIS MATTRESS! You will not regret it. I know a mattress is a big purchase both physically and financially, but I can promise you will not be disappointed! Serta, you have outdone yourself!!

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1 month

Amazingly soft matress

February 24, 2018


The blue fusion 300 plush pillow top is something you need, right now in your life ! This bed is insanely soft and plush but also firm and has great support . I usually have trouble going to sleep and end up tossing and turning and just not getting comftorable all night . I wake up and my back is hurting and I just don't feel rested . I feel miserable and still tired . This bed honestly has changed all of that depressing stuff! As soon as I lay down it just contours to my body it's soft ,yet firm. It feels amazing ,the pillow top is something I never tried before and I give it all the credit to why this bed is so Amazing! You get a good night rest and actually feel rested in the morning. No back pains when I get up , no tossing and turning . It does have a cooler effect compared to my old mattress , and that is another factor to getting a good sleep . This bed is extremely good quality and seems like it will last for many years to come hopefully . I want to see how well this firmness holds up . This has exceeded on my expectations and gave me every reason to give this bed a 5 star review! I recommend this !

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1 week

I am not sure that I am sleeping on the same bed as all the previous reviewers.

June 15, 2018


I am not sure that I am sleeping on the same bed as the previous reviewers. I purchased my Blue Fusion 300 Hybrid from Bernie and Phylls. I shopped for over one year and was explicit that I wanted a comfortable bed that would work with an adjustable base. I was sold the Ease 2.0 as the foundation. It was suggested that I acclimate to the new mattress for 30 days but it seems to get worse each night. I purchased the Queen size and I sleep alone. This bed is not comfortable. I find myself sinking in the middle and every morning I wake with back aches. I wouldn't mind as much if this were one of the lower end mattresses considering that you get what you pay for. However, for me $1300 is a lot to pay for just a mattress and to be so uncomfortable at night.

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Overall Rating

Too soft to market as a "firm" mattress

June 19, 2018


We bought this mattress as a compromise for a side/back sleeper and a stomach sleeper who often wakes up with a sore back. The doctor recommended a new mattress as nothing is physically wrong. The sales person ensured us that while it has a soft pillow top, it is supportive and firm enough for a stomach sleeper. I assure you it is not. My back is still sore when I wake up and getting worse. After having it only two weeks, we went camping for a week and slept on firm air mattresses - guess what? NO back pain at all. It was confirmation that this bed is not firm or supportive enough for a stomach sleeper. We have to wait 8 more days to return it under the comfort warranty at our retailer, and then we still have to pay $200 just to get rid of it. My husband, who sleeps on his side and back feels it is a little soft, but he could live with it. The bed is very soft, you sink into the pillow top. If that is what you are looking for, you should be very happy.

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Great mattress for the money

August 3, 2018


This product is a huge improvement from the mattress we previously owned. It had been since I was married that we purchased a mattress set so we were due. The plush pillow top, king size is a definite plus. We are greatly satisfied with this purchase.

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2nd erta

October 15, 2018


So Far it seems to be quite nice. We had a IComfort pillow top that just sunk where my husband and I both sleep. Serta honored their warranty . They do not make that one anymore so we settled on the hybryd. I wanted firm and my husband wanted something softer and this was a good compromise . Firm but the plush makes it soft without sinking into the bed. Hopefully this one will last longer then 3 years .

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October 22, 2018


I had looked and reviewed several mattresses before my purchase. I kept going back to this set. I have had it for 1 week and I must say, this is the best sleep I have had in years! I am not having the "pressure point" pain in the mornings and feel so much better! So glad I got this !

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Ridiculously comfortable

November 18, 2018


We were alway fans of the Serta mattresses. For our new king size bed we finally decided to get a new mattress as the old one was like over 20 years old. So now, since we have our Blue Fusion hybrid 300 plush, we have to change all mattresses in our remaining 2 bedrooms and I blaming that on Serta! It's sooooo comfortable that I don't feel waking up in the morning. It feels like you are in cloud. I use to wake up during the night, feeling my arm numbed because of laing on it. Not anymore! I forgot what back pain is. My cat is waiting for me on the bed, he wouldn't leave that comfort for sure if I wouldn't kick him off. So, now we have to change the remaining two mattresses in king (not really old) just because this one is so ridiculously comfortable and the old one mattresses feels suck comperasing to this one! Thank you, Serta very much for helping us to spend money!

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Motion II Adjustable bed great sleeptracker poor

November 18, 2018


Adjustable bed works great although it is a little difficult to set up. On the other side the sleeptracker option is poor. Doesn't work properly unless bed is flat or in the negative G position, which makes having it basically useless if you need to adjust bed while sleeping. If you want a sleeptracker option I would get a smart watch with sleeptracker on it. I switched to the wearable tracker and works great no matter what position the bed is in or how often to change positions during the night.

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Overall Rating

So far so good

November 27, 2018


Our previous mattress had seen us thru 14 years and three kids. Suddenly we were sleeping in ruts and were not sleeping well. Enter the new and improved mattress and we are back to sleeping. Such a great mattress.

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Overall Rating

Not what we thought we were getting

January 7, 2019


After "testing" this mattress in the show room numerous times, my wife and I were absolutely sure that we had found a great product to replace the old Ikea one we were sleeping on. We loved the firm, solid feel that the test-product had, giving fantastic support while not feeling like a table-top because of the memory foam topper. When my wife and I tried it out in the store, never once did we feel like we were "rolling" anywhere or fighting against gravity to stay where we lay; I could get off of it and she barely knew I had gotten up! However, the product we received in our home was different. Maybe we got a defective mattress... We have given this almost five months. Four of those months I was out to sea on deployment. My wife wasn't sure if she was mistaken about the feel being different, so she waited for me to get home before making any calls. I have given this mattress a little over a month, and as of the last two nights, I can no longer sleep on it as the pain in my back has gotten worse and worse from trying not to roll out of bed or into my wife all night long. The marshmallow we received has none of the solid feel that the floor model had, so we are very disappointed. We tried to get the retailer to take it back, but they only do that within the first 30 days. I am hoping to get better results from the manufacturer. If things work out, I will certainly update this review.

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Overall Rating

Really comfortable, it hugs you and feel memory foam working

January 30, 2019


The last one i had was a beautyrest, actually the last two of them, but Before i bought the blue fusion 300 I tried so many, many stores...and blue fusion 300 byserta was the one i chose.

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I Love This Mattress!

January 30, 2019


We had our last mattress for 24 years, needless to say, we were sleeping in two valleys! The first night on the ICloud 300 was incredible....we both slept 7 hours straight-it was nirvana!

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Overall Rating

Firm but still soft!

April 3, 2019


We have had a Serta mattress in the past. We bought a king size bed to replace our queen and it was NOT the Serta mattress. Aches and pains, sleepless nights, no comfort and it broke down quickly. I knew I wanted the Hybrid Mattress as I am one to always do my research. I traveled around to different cities comparing the Hybrid mattress. I can't tell you how many beds I have tried out in different stores. Through out my search...I came back to Serta and to the Hybrid. We love it. We wanted a firm mattress but with the pillow top we also get the softness. The mattress has a cool feel to it which helps for a better night sleep. If you choose the Hybrid you will be happy. This I can guarantee.....

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Overall Rating

Like sleeping on a cloud

April 18, 2019


The mattress is so comfortable that it is like sleeping on a cloud. I used to have issues with my back, my shoulders and insomnia. I have had the mattress for less than a week and have been so comfortable that I fall asleep immediately. It was well worth the investment for my health and happiness!

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Overall Rating

Try the blue fusion 200 if you have back issues

June 11, 2019


I bought both the I Serta comfort hybrid 300 pillowtop and I comfort blue fusion 200 one was for my guest room the other for my room! I was told to get the pillow top but I am so sorry I did! I LOVE my blue fusion 200 tight top don’t stop making that bed! The blue fusiin300 was not soft it was rated medium! I had 9 spinal surgeries and a scoliosis and it hurts like crazy! I expected a soft comfy feeling with good support but it’s too firm when it’s called a plush I expect a plush! So it’s going back and I am ordering another blue fusion 200 hybrid! I LoVE that bed! No adjustment time needed! I slept in it and could feel it softly confirm with my body! I am 5’8 140 lbs so not large! The 200 just allowed my body to confirm I woke up with no pain no trigger points and had the best nights sleep in just two nights! It’s not hard but not soft just right nothing like the 300!!! The 300 makes my whole body ache I think from what I have been told memory foam is firmer and it is! So back this goes and I am buying the I comfort hybrid blue fusion 200 so I will have two for both my rooms. If your expecting the blue fusion 300 plush PT to be soft your in for a huge surprise! The blue fusion 200 my body just gently confirmed to it no pain! The 300 causes more pain for me! But after having Simmons for years I will only buy Serta mattress they are worth every penny! Even though the 300 isn’t for me it’s a very high quality mattress great for a couple! The blue fusion hybrid 200 is great for someone my size or larger smaller anyone who needs the bed to conform with your body ! I sleep in my guest room now till I get my new 200!! Serta makes an amazing high quality bed!!

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Overall Rating

Better than some

July 24, 2018


Went to look at other brands of mattresses. Was not satisfied with the ones I went to look at. Tried the Serta on my way out of the store, and it was more comfortable than the ones I was interested in buying. Wish the store had the blue Fusion thousand or higher to try, as they only had the blue Fusion 300.

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Overall Rating

Comfort and soft

August 6, 2018


In the short time we have had the mattress, it is comfortable. Its almost too plush. I sink in to the bed but not like a memory foam mattress. I think it is going to work out well. Compared to my previous mattress, I like it better.

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Overall Rating

Total Comfort and Support

August 10, 2018


Love the combination of support and soft pillow top. This bed has changed the way we sleep by not having the feeling we were sleeping on a board like our previous mattress. Sleeping is so much more restful and enjoyable for both of us. My husband had been having back problems for the past several months and this new Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 300 has helped him greatly! We did have to return our original foundation because combined with the very thick mattress (14"plus pillow top), we had trouble getting in the bed! Carol House Furniture did a great job getting us the low profile foundation we needed. Best bed we have ever owned!

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Overall Rating

This Mattress is very comfortable

August 13, 2018


I have only had this mattress for about two days along with a adjustable frame, and already I can feel the different. I'm sleeping much better and not tossing and turning like I was with my old mattress. I would recommend this mattress to anyone its a five star in my eyes.

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Overall Rating