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Ratings & Reviews

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Great mattress!

April 15, 2018

Burton, MI

Pros: soft, supportive, conforming, limited motion transfer, memory foam hybrid, tall mattress Cons: cooling technology, doesn’t work as well with a mattress protector, doesn’t work for extremely thin people. The Blue Fusion 1000 Plush Pillow Top mattress is the nicest mattress I’ve ever owned. It is extremely soft yet very supportive. As someone who suffers from back and hip pain, this mattress provides enough support and softness to keep me comfortable. I don’t wake up with my arms or legs going to sleep either. We are currently using the mattress on a platform bed frame instead of the boxspring as the boxspring was damaged by the delivery company. Overall, this is an extremely tall setup, I couldn’t imagine using the box spring with this raised platform, we wouldn’t be able to get on the bed. The mattress itself is 16”, so you’ll have to be sure to buy sheets that fit deep mattresses. There are many things about this mattress that I like including the fact that it is so soft, comfortable, and supportive. But, there are a couple things I’ve decided that I don’t like while sleeping on this mattress. Since I plan to have this mattress for at least 10 years I did buy a zip up allergy mattress protecter case. The mattress is much more comfortable without this on. I think there’s too much tension across the mattress with it on and you don’t sink as well. That being said, as a very thin woman (under 100lbs), I don’t exactly think I weigh enough to get the full conforming comfort from this mattress. However, my husband says is the best mattress he’s ever slept on. He finds it extremely comfortable and conforming. Another aspect that kind of took me by surprise is the cooling effect. I freeze year round, and while sleeping on this mattress I can’t seem to keep warm. Usually mattresses have a warm spot where you lay, I do not find this the case with this mattress. I seem to wake up cold a lot. But again, for those that get warm this would be fantastic. My husband finds the cooling effect to be an invaluable aspect of this mattress. Even though this mattress has a couple things I don’t like, it is extremely nice. Additionally, I like that I don’t wake up when my husband moves around, there’s not much motion transfer. We both are getting way better sleep than we’ve ever had because of this mattress. All in all this is a really great mattress. It’s plush, comfortable, supportive, cooling, and provides a great night of sleep. I would absolutely recommend this mattress.

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1 month

EXTREMELY Comfortable with EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service

May 29, 2018


I am extremely impressed with the quality of this mattress and the exceptional customer service. The last mattress I owned was a Queen size. We decided to upgrade to a King and found that Serta.com had great financing options! We went to a local furniture store to lay on some Serta mattresses and found our perfect one! This bed feels like you're sleeping on a cloud! I feel refreshed and have NO aches and pain when I wake up in the morning now! We used to sleep with a million pillows around us to try to get the right support we needed, but now this mattress does it all for us! All extra pillows are now officially gone! Serta.com had such a great financing offer, I decided to ordered online. I had a couple questions, so I called Serta.com customer service. The customer service rep on the other end of the phone was UNBELIEVABLY nice and helpful! She went above and beyond any expectations I had to make sure we were satisfied customers! She went as far as to voluntarily offer us deals that were not listed online! The purchase experience and the product itself was an incredible experience and I would highly recommend Serta.com to anyone looking for exceptional customer service and quality product!

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Overall Rating

Feel like I’m sleeping at a hotel

August 25, 2018


Pros: Soft, supportive, motion isolation, quality materials. Cons: Time to get used to feel and break in. Me: 107 lbs, side sleeper and sometimes back, tailbone injury several years ago. I loved my previous Spring Air innerspring full size mattress, but after 11 years of my husband and I sharing this bed, it was worn and time for a bigger size. That company wasn’t available at our local store and we went with Serta because of its track record. We originally chose the iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 200 plush, but after 1.5 months I woke up with back muscle pain every day from day one. I’m 5’2” and 107lbs and was not sinking in enough (definitely feels like sleeping on top of the bed) which is what I thought I needed for lasting firmness, but pain was too great. We switched to the 1000 Plush Pillow Top and so much better! Now I feel like the bed gives me a light hug before I fall asleep. Going from innerspring to Hybrid, mainly the memory foam feel, takes some getting used to, but it I love the fact that my husband (175lbs 5’ 10”) doesn’t wake me up when he moves or I don’t sink into his side because he’s heavier than me like I did with our old innerspring. Overall feels like a hotel bed, supportive, but still a slight bouncy feel.

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Overall Rating

Not worth the price!

September 11, 2018


We purchased the icomfort about 2 months after a house fire 9-11-2011. Loved the mattresses until about a year ago it started breaking down the fiber in the mattress. Called to have someone take a look at the mattress and serta didn't have anyone to come out so they had the store manager where we bought the mattress come out and take a look. The mattress on the edges and in the middle are breaking down due to normal wear they say. The mattress is only 6 1/2years old and we paid a pretty penny for it. They do not want to stand behind the 20 year warranty! They should have put in the warranty does not cover if fibers break down in the mattress.. OK my question is what doe the 20 year warranty cover if anything. Very disappointed in this mattress. I would not recommend Serta to anyone.

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Overall Rating

Great Mattress - Din’t Buy Adjustable Framr

September 28, 2018


Extremely comfortable nattress. Would highly recommend it. We went through Stearns and Foster and Beauty Rest mattresses and replaced both with the iComfort. It hits the sweet spot between comfort and firmness. Our experience with the Perfect Plus adjustable bed frame, unfortunately, has not been good. The frame was delivered with a defective leg that collapsed the first time we slept. Serta referred us to the manufacturer, who said that legs are an accessory and not covered by the warranty. (It’s probably a bad sign when “Leg Replacement” is one of the phone tree items.) I said the leg was defective when delivered. The manufacturer said it was the store’s problem. Two weeks later, despite the store’s stellar efforts, the issue still has not been resolved. Buy the mattress. Five stars. Don’t buy the adjustable bed frame. Can you give zero stars? The manufacturer will not stand behind it.

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Overall Rating

So comfortable and soft!!!!

April 23, 2019


This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had or had the privilege of sleeping on. It hugs you body just right to give you that perfect undisturbed night sleep that everyone is looking for. With the combination of the adjustable bed frame this is the best purchase of have made for the bedroom, I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone that is looking to have a great night sleep.

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Overall Rating

Great mattress

September 19, 2019


Good quality, soft but firm, cooling fabric, memory foam AND springs. I believe this mattress will last a long time. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Overall Rating

Sleeping Better and Loving It

October 24, 2018


I recently purchased the iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 1000 Plush Pillow Top Queen Mattress with the adjustable base. I absolutely love it. I love the cooling activity. I no longer wake up covered in sweet. My back and hips also no longer hurt in the morning. I am also enjoying the adjustable base. I am still trying to sleep under zero gravity but with being a side slipper I find sleeping flat is still best for me. However, I recently had a cold and loved being able to raise my head. All in all I am very happy with this purchase. I had a normal mattress with box spring before so I am very happy I purchase the Hybrid and would recommend to anyone to purchase the Hybrid as I feel like you are able to have the best of both worlds.

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Overall Rating

Forever a Serta customer.

June 7, 2019


To give you some background I use to work for Serta.com and probably sold some you your mattresses. I put the money where my mouth is and actually purchased a mattress and adjustable base. My girlfriend who has pinched nerves was able to find relief almost a couple nights in on the mattress. The cooling technology works great in the hot/humid summers of Ohio. I’m a straight shooter so I will be honest. I loved the company and I love the mattresses. Thanks for providing my family and I good night sleeps to come. P.S. ask for Sidney he will get you in the right bed.

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Overall Rating

What a mattress the first night was like sleeping on a cloud so far I've had it for almost a month still sleeping like a baby

March 27, 2019


I have never owned a Serta this was my first one it will not be my last one. I plan to get me a queen next for my guest bedroom

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Overall Rating

Very comfortable and reduced my back stiffness in the morning

June 10, 2019


I have only owned the mattress for three weeks, but so far it has exceeded my expectations. My old mattress was around 15 years old and was an innerspring mattress. My husband and I shopped around for mattresses and kept going back to this hybrid mattress. It seemed to be very comfortable with an adequate amount of support. It was a good decision. I have slept much better at night. I can no longer feel movement in the bed when my husband turns over at night. The mattress is very comfortable but not too soft. I'm a side sleeper and this mattress has reduced the amount of back pain/stiffness that I tend to feel in the morning. I also feel much more rested in the morning. The only negative thing I experienced was this mattress set was about 4-5 inches taller than my old mattress set and it made getting into and out of the bed difficult for me since I am a little over 5 feet tall. For a delivery fee, I was able to exchange the standard box spring for another box spring that was 4 inches shorter. That made a big difference. I wish I was aware of the two different size box springs at the time of purchase. Overall, I would highly recommend this mattress.

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Overall Rating

I-Comfort 1000 Blue Max Plush

March 11, 2019


This is absolutely THE BEST mattress you could possibly purchase. Very comfortable for a perfect night's sleep. I would highly recommend this mattress and box springs. Firm but not too firm, wonderful mix of support and comfort. I am super picky about my mattress and I searched for a long time before finding this one. I'm totally in love with it. You won't be disappointed with this investment.

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Overall Rating

Overall well made and comfortable.

May 30, 2019


My husband and I slept on a waterbed for 25 years. This was our first mattress. We felt the blue fusion 1000 provided the best support and comfort for both my husband and I. I never had any back problems with the waterbed and I continue to have no back problems with the blue fusion.

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Overall Rating

mattress gets to hot but otherwise feels good.

June 29, 2019


My last mattress did not give me the feeling as if it was heated. This one seems to have a heating pad.Also if one lays too close to the edge you have the feeling of rolling out of bed.

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Overall Rating

Very comfortable sleep!

May 29, 2019


My husband is a light sleeper, up and down all night. Since having this new Serra Hybrid mattress, the bed doesn’t shake every time he gets out of bed. Also, feeling more rested in the morning, less stiffness in my back and legs! Thank you!

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Overall Rating

Very high quality

January 4, 2019


Very comfortable mattress, I like that is has coil springs but also has the newer memory foam/gel technology. A huge improvement over our old Sleep To Live mattress. We are finally getting a good nights rest!

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Overall Rating

True Comfort

January 18, 2019


We really like this bed so far. We have slept on it for two nights now and we are loving it. The adjustable foundation on the split king makes it possible to find your personal comfort zone with no pressure points. The plush top is also a big plus as it adds to the comfort. We also love the massage feature! You will find it hard to stay awake when this is on! We had an adjustable air bed that was fairly comfortable but our new bed with the adjustable foundation far exceeds it. I have enjoyed two nights of quality rest and I'm certain there will be many more. The only downside is the foundations are very heavy. (There are 2 XL twin foundations on a split king). It definitely requires 2 strong people to install them. The installation instructions reflect that information clearly. You will not be disappointed with this Bed!

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Overall Rating

Extremely Comfortable Mattress

December 12, 2018


I have gotten up every morning for years with a slight backache, which I was attributing to age. However, beginning with the first nights sleep in my SERTA iComfort Blue Fusion 1000 Plush Quilted Pillow Top Mattress this aching was gone! The mattress is extremely comfortable and I love the combination of the mattress with the Essentials III Adjustable Base.

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Overall Rating

Very Comfortable

May 22, 2019


This mattress is very comfortable and does not have an overbearing cooling effect. We’ve had this set for about 4 weeks and thus far no problems we are sleeping very well on it. I have bad back problems and I’m able to sleep longer and better than any other mattress set thus far.

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Overall Rating

Very comfortable, good back support.

May 24, 2019


I didn't want another pillow top mattress seems I have no luck with them! I am very happy with my new Serta iComfort Blue Fusion mattress set.

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Overall Rating