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Ratings & Reviews

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A perfect night's sleep!

July 15, 2018


My wife and I purchased this mattress after years of sleep discomfort on a "non-Serta", queen mattress. At the time we thought we were getting a good deal at a "mattress specialty" store and felt as though the sales person was just trying to meet his quota. The mattress was good for a year or two. And then our sleep patterns started to change which made us feel sluggish and cranky. We thought it was just us getting older and didn't think it was the mattress because we paid a lot of money for it. 6 years later, we decided we should try a king sized bed to see if that would help. We tested 20 or so mattresses and the Serta iComfort was the most comfortable for the both of us. Our sales person at the locally owned furniture store was awesome and gave us a great rundown of all the mattresses features. We also loved the fact that it promoted cooling since my wife says I am like a furnace at night. But the best part is...we now have a larger, more comfortable mattress for less money we paid for a queen mattress 6 years ago. I am now reviewing this mattress 1 month after we purchased it and I have to say, we feel young again. The iComfort is so comfortable we feel like we are catching up on missed sleep. I cannot tell when my wife turns over or moves ever so slightly which is great since I am a light sleeper. We actually have that, "i don't want to get out of bed ever" feeling. We highly recommend this mattress to those who like a firm feel, with a soft embrace of slight memory foam. This is an A product and we are so glad to have pulled the trigger on this one. Well done Serta! Well done.

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I am now a "Firm" believer in a firm mattress.!

February 23, 2018

North Carolina

For the majority of my life I have slept on a medium to soft mattress. Being a larger male I contributed my aches and pains every morning to a lifetime of playing sports and let's face it, my age. Until now. This mattress was a shock to me. The first night I slept on it my immediate reaction getting into bed was how it didn't dip or depress from the weight of my body. While feeling soft it gave me tremendous support. That support didn't feel "hard" or "stiff" as I expected. I still felt the softness of the mattress but with the added support to keep my body from sinking into the mattress. I woke up with no discomfort. No aches or little pains in my back as I have had for years. The real test was my wife. Her first reaction was to consider a mattress topper as she felt this would be too "hard" for her. But she gave it a few days and she reluctantly admits she too feels so much better in the mornings. She didn't buy the topper and feels no need for it now. The mattress is well made with tight stitching. Even though this mattress is firm it has the softness of a luxury mattress. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for and can honestly say you will appreciate the quality of this Serta mattress. The mattress has a depth of approximately 13.5". Combined with the boxspring height of 9" you have a total height of 22.5". Keep this in mind as my wife immediately noticed the height difference from our old mattress. Overall the quality and value are spot on with this set. I have had more expensive and less expensive sets over the years but this one tops the charts for me and happily my wife as well.

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Finally a good night sleep!!!

June 1, 2018


The Blue Fusion 100 is not too firm and at the same time not too plush. It has enough support to keep your body from sinking in. It has a softness to it. I can sit on it without it making my back slouch. The mattress stayed cool through the night. My husband is now sleeping through the night. Would highly recommend this mattress to my friends and family and anyone reading the reviews!!!

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This Mattress set has provided the best sleeping experience in years!

July 13, 2018


My husband and I like the comfort and support. We are using the wooden bed frame my mother received for her 16th birthday in 1933. The combination of bed with 5 slats, mattress and base set is a little higher than our previous combination. However, we are making the adjustment. We wanted our new Serta set to have the combination of innerspring / hybrid.

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Very good mattress, can't wait to try it out!!

July 31, 2018


Just purchased the mattress yesterday and had it delivered today. If it feels as good as it did in the store I'm in for a good nights sleep. (finally)

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Nice looking mattress

August 14, 2018


It is firm! I made the choice based on my husband request as he suffer of chronic back pain. I was a bit taken off on how firm it was but my husband really like it and he is not easy to please. I’m getting use to it and I truly sleep great,

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Just Sleep on It

September 22, 2018


I have a lumbar disc that prevents me from sleeping through the night. Looking for relief, most nights I leave our bed and head straight to the couch in the middle of the night. However, I was totally amazed that the very first night on our new Serta Hybrid, I slept through the whole night. Even more amazing, when I did awake, it was without any discomfort in my back at all! While that is beyond fantastic, I am starting to feel kind of bad about putting more Serta Counting Sheep out of business !

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Excellent quality

September 27, 2018


Great firmness! No sags or low points, easy to move around on!

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Great Mattress

October 12, 2018


Great firm mattress, offers comfortable support. I always stick with Serta brand mattresses and have never been disapointed. Also purchased the adjustable foundation, its great for watching tv etc.

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Sound sleep!!!!

October 17, 2018


I love my new bed. It is perfect. Just knowing that my bed was made to order for me and not lying in some warehouse is a plus!!! Cheers to you Serta and my many hours of sleep!!!

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Influenza Simulator

November 30, 2018


Each morning I wake up feeling like I was wrapped in a fire blanket and throw down a flight of stairs. My wife relates it to having the Flu, sweat till you freeze and repeat all night long. This mattress is hot , hot, hot

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A Great Night's Sleep

December 2, 2018


We recently purchased the iComfort Hybrid mattress. It replaced a Sealy Posturepedic that was more than a decade old. We noticed an immediate difference from the first night. I was a little worried about the new mattress being too firm, but that extra support is what we were missing. My wife and I were out cold as soon as we closed our eyes. There is virtually no motion transfer and the memory foam is soft enough to be comfortable while providing great support. This is a great couples or larger person mattress, our combined weight seems to compress the top layers a perfect amount. So far it is not overly hot, but I would recommend good pillows to help position your head, especially if you are a side sleeper. There was a faint chemical odor when we removed the plastic, but it hasn't had any adverse effects on sleep quality. We are really happy with this mattress so far. It was a great purchase!

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Great mattress and adjustable base

December 3, 2018


We purchased this mattress set and adjustable base a few months ago. We wanted to get a bigger bed and get a king vs the queen size that we had. We both had talked about getting an adjustable base as well. Can't say enough positive things about both the mattresses and adjustable base. I get a great sleep, don't wake up with a sore back, and my wife says I no longer snore not that I have the adjustable base set up with the no snoring position. She loves the mattress as well. Great purchase. Highly recommend both

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So far, so good. Like what we got

December 9, 2018


Like what we got. Good for the back and we wake up feeling refreshed

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Great mattress! Sleeping great now!

January 1, 2019


We bought two twin xl mattresses for our adjustable bases. We got the firm because my husband needed it and I just added a topper on my bed and its perfect. Very comfortable, well made and should last for many years. Well worth the money.

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Nice and firm-works well with the power base

February 6, 2019


Sleep is more sound-helps with the acid reflux too

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February 7, 2019


Nice firm mattress. Happy with sleep so far. However, It smells funny and we even let it air out once out of the bag as recommended. Hope its not toxic odor.

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Very comfortable mattress with high quality materials

February 23, 2019


This mattress replaces another brand which did not last much beyond a year. It failed to provide good back support as was stated on its label. Having previously owned a Serta mattress which provided all that we were looking for, and lasted and lasted, we decided to go back to the Serta brand. We have only slept on the Blue Fusion Firm 100 for one night, but it was blissfully comfortable; firm and supportive without being rock hard! We are so hoping this mattress will hold up at least as long as the Serta we previously owned!

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It was like sleeping on the cement sidewalk

March 27, 2019


I have a bad back and my previous mattress was sinking in the middle. I purchased this mattress after testing it against several other mattresses in the store. I managed to sleep on this mattress one and half nights before resorting to sleeping on my futon sofa in my sunroom. I cannot describe the level of pain I was experiencing after trying to sleep on this mattress the first night. It in no way provided the same comfort I got in the store. I assume this has to do with the store demo having been broken in by the numerous customers who have tested it out. The second night (half night), I cushioned it with a padded mattress cover, a memory foam topper and several quilts/blankets to no avail. It is like sleeping on the cement sidewalk. My mattress was delivered on a Saturday and Monday I called the store and returned it. I selected a different Serta mattress with padding and I am currently waiting for its delivery. I'm hoping for better success!

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April 29, 2019


I love this mattress sleeps very well, however my husband because he has back problems is a little disappointed. He feels the support of the mattress and quality should have been better for his situation and that the sales person where we purchased should have been more qualified to know this.

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