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Ratings & Reviews

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September 3, 2018


We purchased the Serta Perfect Sleeper Cache Hotel Pillow Top Queen size from QVC when it was the "Todays Special". I am 5 feet tall and I have to kind of push myself up on it, but the feeling of being on such a body-forming mattress is worth it. I will probably get a small stool. I cannot describe the first time we laid down on it. It is just so soft and comfortable that we just went ahh. We have waken up less and had a more restful sleep. It is the best night's sleep we have ever had and we had no idea that our olf mattress was so bad. Also, on the old mattress we slept on two down feather mattress topper and there is no comparison. Sertal is the best by far.

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Extended Sleeper Euro Pillow Top

January 28, 2019


We have been sleeping on the bed for less than one week, but our first impression is that it is too soft. We purchased from Serta because of a great experience sleeping on a Serta mattress at a hotel. After two nights of great sleep, we were convinced we wanted to purchase a mattress just like it. After sending a photo of the hotel mattress tag and speaking with the salesperson, we were sure we were going to get just the mattress we were looking for. So far, we're disappointed. To be fair, we need to sleep on the mattress for a while longer, but that's not going to change the firmness of the bed.

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Overall Rating

Corp Suite II Plush - Sleep better than when I travel

August 16, 2016

Cleveland, OH

I slept on this mattress at a major hotel several times while traveling and it was way more comfortable than the low quality memory foam mattress we hated at home. I was able to get the mattress model from the hotel and the Serta folks had one made and shipped to my house. Now I have hotel level comfort in my home. I no longer wake up with aches and do not wake up in the middle of the night because of the discomfort. This is one of the best purchases I ever made.

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3 months

so comfy

October 4, 2016

Bensalem, PA

This is an amazing mattress! My husband and I are in love with it. It is the perfect combination of soft and support. No more waking up with aches and pains in our legs and backs and no more loosing feeling in my hips if I'm on my side for too long. Recently spent a rainy Sunday in bed all day comfy as can be! I would definitely recommend this mattress to family, friends, strangers...anyone and everyone!

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Length of Ownership
3 months

I can sleep!

April 17, 2017

Port Townsend

I waited almost a month to write this, in order to give an informed review. Even though it took a full month to get my mattress, it was worth the wait. I have to say that I have had the best sleep this past month that I have had since I was a child. I suffer from chronic back pain which makes me wake up numerous times during the night but, since receiving my mattress, I have been able to sleep longer, waking fewer times.

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1 month


September 9, 2017


I bought a serta because I previous owned one for 10 yrs and I loved it wouldnt buy anything else and QVC had a payment plan I could afford!

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Overall Rating

Excellent very comfortable

October 24, 2017


Very firm and comfortable best nights sleep ever doesn't sag or move when in bef

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soft, yet firm

November 11, 2017


Hard to explain except it gives me support on shoulders and hip but soft enought to not hurt. can sleep on back as well. been looking for good mattress for 6 years and i finnaly found it!!!!!

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Great Value

February 14, 2018


Best mattress set ever...priced right,excellent quality sleeper.

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Slept like a log

April 19, 2018


We had an old mattress that needed replacement. Saw this on QVC and decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I do not want to look back. This mattress is great. My husband and I slept so good, no aches or pains when we get up. I suggest you give it a try.

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Great mattress

May 3, 2018


I just got this today and it’s comfortable and just like the one in the motel I slept on thank you Serta

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Overall Rating

Thank you !!!

June 14, 2018


We bought from the hotel series because my wife experienced a much better nights sleep in a hotel than from our memory foam mattress at home. It was becoming unbearable at home but the difference since the purchase has been incredible. Each week the progress she shows in getting a better nights sleep is great. It was a bit difficult to match the specific mattress she found in the hotels but the result has been better than expected. Thank you Serta for making those available !!!

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chemical flame retardants...

July 29, 2018


flame retardants...sinus infection/headaches extreme fatigue.. (why cant we stand up to the federal government..on our mattresses and what we sleep on)..it is a real problem for a mattress that otherwise would be a good thing...

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serta private luxury

January 8, 2019


after 2 years the box spring cracked now the mattress is sagging in the middle i am 130lbs only one that sleeps in bed that shouldnt happen ,i am so disappointed the wood that came out of bottom looked like pop sickle sticks that cracked. i expect them to take care of this now.

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Overall Rating

I was terrified to purchase this online! I am def. PLEASED!

February 4, 2019


Purchased this bed after staying at our friend's bed

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Overall Rating

Great mattress.

February 8, 2019


My old matress was a disaster, I used to wake up in the morning with back pain until I decided to buy a Serta Hotel series matress. It was a tortured waiting 2 weeks to get the matress, but it was worth it. When I tried the matress the first time, I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud; it was really soft. I hope to keep this matress for a long time.

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Overall Rating

Sleeping On Clouds

February 14, 2019


My wife and I decided to get this bed after hearing all the fantastic reviews about it, and so far we are really pleased with it. The bed’s firmness is just right for our liking, and gives the right amount of support. Looking forward to plenty of good night’s rest with this mattress!

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Overall Rating

Good Sleeping

March 8, 2019


Just received our new king mattress yesterday, ten days earlier than I thought it would take. It was delivered within the two hour window we selected, and the delivery men were fast and efficient in bringing in the new and taking out the old. Last night's sleep was excellent and we expect years more of comfort. As octogenarians our bed comfort is important. Replaced a six year old pillow-top from another company that had turned into a hill with depressions on each side. Have always liked Hampton Inn and Hilton Beds. Glad we found them online at an attractive price and glad they are made by Serta.

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The customer service representative was Very knowledgeable and helpful

May 24, 2019


The bed appears to be a little firm at first, compared to the hotel bed I slept on that was supposed to be comparable to this bed. Last night was my first night sleeping on it. My sleep and my back and hip pain has improved.

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June 22, 2019


Having learned that an innerspring mattress is better for the posture of the shoulders and having had the best night's sleep ever on a Serta hotel mattress at EVEN hotel in Brooklyn, we ordered a Serta hotel mattress and have had the pleasure of sleeping on it for five nights already. Telephone ordering was the most helpful I've ever experienced.

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