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Ratings & Reviews

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Very good quality mattress and very comfortable.

July 27, 2017


It's exactly the comfort level that we were looking for. The fact that we were assured that it would not sag like our former mattress was a selling point. Did not know anything about the mattress before we purchased, but the sales person informed us that the mattresses were used in all of a well known hotel so we figured it must be a good one. Hope to enjoy it for years to come.

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Overall Rating

A Quality Bed, Heavenly Sleep

April 26, 2018


Angie and I stayed at a Homewood Suites while on one of my business trips and much to our surprise, it was shut eyes at night and open eyes in the morning right after check in. The king size bed in our suite was so comfortable and left us so refreshed that we tore the covers off it to see who made it. We finally got back home and ordered on from Serta.com. Our horrid Sleep Number bed has been deflated and is now in a box (for visitors) in the attic. We did have one years ago which we loved, but gave it to an ailing family member. Even though they passed, we know that their last days were comfortable as far as beds go. Why we waited so long is beyond me. One great thing about the Hotel Line, you can flip the mattress like in the old days, which is no longer the case with mattresses today. Enjoy!

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Quality product well made

June 3, 2018


It all started with the order. My wife stays at the Hiliday Inn in Des Moines, Is every year for her work. She fell in love with this be. She said it’s the best sleep she ever had. So, we called Serra and they found out all the details for us on the model and pricing. There was no pressure put on us to buy and everyone was very helpful. When we were ready to purchase, the process was very relaxing and easy. The day the bed arrived, which was sooner than we were told, the delivery guys were quick and polite. They even went above and beyond and took my old bed next door to my mom. We have been sleeping on the bed for about a week. We no longer have back and neck pain. This is the best bed we have ever purchased.

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AAAHHHH no more aching bones

September 20, 2018


I started my search of hotel beds with Serta because of the ones I've slept on in hotels and motels. The Beautyrest we had was less than 3 years old and sagging....it was supposed to be a good quality line...they agreed that the bed was sagging, but would not honor their warranty...loop holes never mentioned in their sales, so beware of all warranty fine print when purchasing a mattress. Anyway, I spoke to several reps of different stores about Serta and ended up using their direct sales line. The rep was fabulous and answered every question I had including what was in the warranty. Ordering was a piece of cake, even when I had to make a change 2 days after the original order was made. Got the mattress 2 days ago and the sleep since that night was wonderful. First night and awakening with no soreness. Hubby and I both noticed the difference just moments after laying down on it the first time. You can't go wrong with ordering something that you have slept on in a hotel or motel, written down the the info of the mattress on the tag attached, and then be able to get it for yourself! The entire experience was painless and informative as well as delightful talking to the rep who so kindly explained every detail. I wouldn't buy any other way!

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Concierge Suite II

December 5, 2018


We bought this mattress after experiencing a great sleep experience in one of the Pensacola, FL Hotels. So much so, that we pursued purchasing the exact same model from Serta's Commercial Sales Department. The transaction was easy and professional and the delivery was nearly as fast as Instant Coffee! We remain very satisfied with Serta and our new mattress purchase.

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my love of my hotel serta mattress

December 15, 2018


whenever we would stay at the Hampton inn we would always say how we wished we were able to have the same mattress, because it was such a dream to sleep on. Finally we are able to have that wonderful nights sleep in our own home. We may never sleep anywhere else but at home on our own hotel mattress.

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There is a reason they call it "Perfect Sleeper"

February 21, 2019


This is our second purchase of the King Size, Hotel Collection, Concierge Suite mattress. Big point for us was double sided for the ability to flip as this was in a rental unit we had. But what surprised us the most is how many of our high end renters commented on the comfort of the mattress. We felt the same way so when we moved, we bought two more and love them!

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Overall Rating

Awesome mattress

September 25, 2016

Brick, NJ

Best night sleep since back and hip surgery... Stayed at a Hilton, mattress was so good I checked tag and ordered one that day, quick delivery . Been sleeping like a baby ever since

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1 month

finally, decent rest!

May 30, 2017


I didn't realize how poorly I was sleeping until I got this bed. I fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed every day. This is one of the best investments I've made in my overall well being.

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Overall Rating


July 4, 2017


Mattress was delivered like promised during the 2 hour window. Very comfortable mattress. Less waking up during the night. Love that it can be flipped.

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Overall Rating

Best night sleep ever

August 7, 2017


I slept so good. We had a numbers bed. But after awhile the numbers bed was not equally comfortable and I got back aches. I woke up on the new bed refreshed

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Best nights sleep in a long time

September 13, 2017


I haven't been this comfortable in a bed in a long time!!

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I have spinal stenosis, and the mattress (firm) seems to be helping me.

September 17, 2017


I like the firmness of the mattress, it seems to support my back very well. At this point I would say the mattress is better than any previous mattress I have owned . I learned about the mattress after staying in a hotel a few months ago in South Bend, Indiana and getting a great night's sleep (which had been rare for me).

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Overall Rating

Good bed

November 11, 2017


I slept on this bed at a hotel that I frequent for work travel. Always a good night sleep. I asked the hotel about the brand and they shared it with me. I bought one for my wife and me. Before this bed, we had a Sleep Number bed for many years. We were never comfortable in that Sleep Number bed and always woke up stiff and sore no matter what setting number we tried. In fact, we couldn't wait to replace the sleep number with this new Serta Concierge Suite II . Good bye sleep number, hello good night of sleep!

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Very Confortable Zone Quality Sleep on this matress

November 16, 2017


I love the feel of my new mattress. I am getting quality sleep on my new mattress unlike the old one. The difference i feel is a firm snug,and peaceful feel oppose to the other one.The difference in the older mattress was lumpy, and saggy feeling which left me exausted in the morning when i got out of bed. The old mattress just did not give me support as this one does. My new bed feels like one of the hotel beds ive slept in while on vacation.

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Too hard

November 25, 2017


Ordered online. Mattress was way too firm for me. I'm about 130 lbs and I often have back pain from scoliosis. I need support but with more cushion. I will be exchanging for a perfect sleeper, hopefully that will work better as I had a perfect sleeper in the past that I really liked and lasted a long time (it's actually still being used as a guest bed at my parents home).

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Everything I wanted!!

January 22, 2018


I was looking for a 2 sided mattress like I had purchased many years ago, so that I could flip it from side to side to get more use out of the mattress, and this product fit my requirements! So far it is Fantastic! My husband and I are getting a good night's sleep with a bigger bed-this is a King and my last one was a Queen size. I had stayed at a brand new hotel before looking for my new mattress, and the bed was so comfortable-I had found out that the mattress was a Serta so I went in search of it, and found it here. Love It!!!

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This is absolutely the best bed I have ever owned

January 27, 2018


Last mattress I owned was another popular name brand but I have to say there is no comparison to the mattress I just received.

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Not for us

March 20, 2018


Wakes each other up when moving at night. Bad choice for us

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Definitely FIRM

March 28, 2018


Was marketed as "medium firm" on broadcast; had slept on this style bed on several occasions in 2 different hotels so expected more "medium" than "firm" based on experience, but this is a FIRM mattress, make no mistake. Hoping it will eventually cushion more suitably. Nice that it's flippable (the other reason I purchased it!)

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