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Let Serta® help you put the world on pause and take refuge
in the comfort of your own bedroom sanctuary

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Meet the Serta Comfort Crew

Serta is joining forces with influential women who know a thing or two about
transforming a bedroom into a comfort oasis.

House of Harper

New mom Caroline lives in Houston with her husband and two sons. Caroline’s eye for design lends itself to her bedroom, where she has created a balanced and peaceful environment to relax and unwind.

Mommy Shorts

Ilana is a working mom living in NYC with her husband and two daughters. She created the blog Mommy Shorts and recently published her first book. When she does get a chance for some shut eye, Ilana retreats to her bedroom to find serenity and comfort. And probably a couple of kids begging for a pillow fight.

A House in the Hills

Sarah lives in San Diego with her husband, their young son and two dogs. Constantly on-the-go, Sarah knows there is no better place than her bedroom to find peace from her everyday busy life. With a background in interior design, Sarah has created a tranquil and comfortable space where she can take time for herself.

Lie Down, Get Comfortable - Declare Peace
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Serta's iComfort® memory foam sleep system feature technologies that helps comfortably cool and support every curve of your body. Available in both memory foam and hybrid constructions, let iComfort® take you to a place where your body and mind are at complete peace.

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Better sleep begins with a comfortable mattress. Every Serta® Perfect Sleeper® mattress is made with a unique set of comfort and support features to help solve 5 common sleep problems. Find out why Perfect Sleeper® is the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

Perfect Sleeper mattress on standard foundation

"best mattress I have ever owned" - Tracy, 4/21/2017

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