October 8, 2018
Filed under: Sleep Solutions

You’ve heard of super foods. The ones that give you the energy you need to go about your day. Get things done. Hustle hard. But what about when it’s time to wind down and get some rest? What do you munch on then?

Here are our top 5 sleepy foods that will help you get snoozing.


Almonds are “best in class” when it comes to nuts. They have many health benefits, but the ones that interest us most are the sleep-related ones. Duh. Almonds contain magnesium, which helps improve the quality of your sleep. It also helps reduce stress, which can disrupt your sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Voted most well-rounded herb in its graduating class. Is there anything chamomile tea can’t do? Probably. But for this article’s sake, let’s focus on what it can. Reduces anxiety and depression. Boosts your immune system. Improves skin health. And—drum roll please—helps improve sleep quality. Chamomile tea contains an antioxidant called apigenin that binds to sleep-promoting receptors in your brain. Let’s give it up for chamomile tea!

Salmon. Tuna. Mackerel.

They count as one because they’re all fatty fish. And they’re very healthy. Not only are they packed with vitamin D, but they’re also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation. Both may increase the production of the sleep-promoting brain chemical serotonin. And so, combined, they make for a perfect recipe to enhance the quality of your sleep.


Turkey is packed with protein and vitamins. And that makes it an all-around great food to eat. But in addition to that, it also contains tryptophan. That’s the amino acid that helps produce melatonin which is the hormone in our brain that regulates sleep. Are you writing this down?

White Rice

Your personal trainer might tell you to stay away from white rice. But we, your sleep doctors*, have to disagree. It’s low content of fiber and high content of carbs (28 grams to be exact) contributes to its high glycemic index which may help improve your quality of sleep.

*We’re not actually medically licensed. But it’s a cute nickname, and here at Serta we are all about good comfort and sleep.