December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

Last time we talked about your bedroom being a haven for rest. It’s your sleep sanctuary, but not if it’s not decorated correctly.

What? Of course there’s a right way to decorate your bedroom. And it has nothing to do with your taste. The Chinese had it right when they introduced the pseudoscience of feng shui to the rest of us. Feng shui helps you create harmony within your environment. So if you want the best sleep ever, you have to put in a little extra effort.

Lucky for you, you have us. And all these great bedroom feng shui tips for improving sleep comfort*:

Go for the best bedding.

Whether you run hot or cold, you should choose bedding that keeps you comfortable while you sleep. Not bedding that keeps you restless. You can’t go wrong with the organic sheets. They’re breathable and toxin-free. And as for pillows, go easy on them, will ya? Don’t clutter your bed with too many. And make sure to find the right pillow for your sleep style.

Surround yourself with calming colors.

Your heart appreciates earth tones. Set your eyes on blue, brown and green. And keep your heartrate steady and blood pressure down. While brighter colors like red or pink bring about too much energy and won’t let you rest.

Keep the techy stuff away.

You’ve heard this one before. Your bright digital screens, such as on your laptop and phone, are keeping you from a deep, comfortable sleep. Even if you don’t notice it. If you must use electronics in your bedroom, like say, to set an alarm, at least keep them a few feet away so they don’t disrupt your beauty sleep.

Add some life to your bedroom.

Plants release oxygen into the air which, in turn, keeps you breathing extra fresh air. Their beautiful color—green—is soothing to look at. And waking up to the sight of a vibrant living thing adds a boost of energy to your day. Maybe you won’t need that venti cup of coffee anymore? Eh, maybe you will.*In case you missed it, click here for more bedroom feng shui tips we shared last time. You probably want all the tips you can get.



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