Should I Upgrade to a King Size Mattress?

Should I Upgrade to a King Size Mattress?

December 16, 2019

Author: sertaadmin

When it’s time for a new bed, you should think about upgrading to a bigger mattress. Going to a king size bed has quite a few advantages. Here’s how you can determine the right mattress for your room and sleeping situation.

Are you moving to a bigger room?

If you’re moving, compare the dimensions of your current bedroom to your new room. A bigger room can handle a bigger bed, and in certain cases, a large bedroom appears more visually balanced with a king size bed.

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Have you added a bed partner since you bought your queen mattress?

When you bought your queen mattress, chances are one or two people were sleeping on it. Have you added a bed buddy since then? While two adults can sleep comfortably on a queen size bed, a queen mattress might feel a little small if one partner tosses and turns or get up frequently during the night.

If you have a child who likes to fall asleep in your bed, or a new family pet, your sleeping area might start to shrink! It’s amazing how much room even the smallest dog or cat can claim. Upgrading to king mattress will give you more space to stretch out.

Does your current bed feel small?

It’s time to move up a mattress size if you’re feeling squeezed for space. Do you wake up on the very edge of the bed or notice that your feet hang off the end? If you’re a mover and a shaker, a king mattress will give you more room to wiggle throughout the night.

Do you and your partner have different sleeping habits?

When you share your bed with a partner, the sleep dynamic influences which mattress size is most comfortable. If you and your partner don’t sleep on the same schedule — maybe one of you gets up early and the other goes to bed late — a bigger bed minimizes those disturbances. A larger mattress can also make it easier for both sleepers to snooze comfortably when one person snores, tosses and turns, or prefers more covers.

Will your sleeping situation change in the near future?

Before you buy a new bed, consider what your sleeping scenario will look like in the next few years. Will you move to a new house? Do you plan to adopt a pet? Will you move in with a partner? It’s hard to know with certainty how your situation will change, but if you do have big plans in the works, you can mattress shop accordingly.



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