Mattress Sizes: Queen

Mattress Sizes: Queen

December 17, 2019

Author: Lisah

A Serta queen mattress measures approximately 60″ x 79.5″. These measurements can vary by +/- 1/2″. Size availability varies by product and retailer. Mattress heights vary by product, so please see your retailer for information on specific model height.

Queen mattresses are a very popular choice for both the master bedroom and guest rooms as these mattresses can comfortably fit two sleepers.

Width x Length

Standard Size

38″ x 74.5″


38″ x 79.5″

Twin XL

53″ x 74.5″


60″ x 79.5″


76″ x 79.5″


72″ x 83.5″

California King

Serta produces a wide variety of queen mattresses featuring both innerspring and all-foam support systems.