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Mar 19 2015

Sleep Monitoring Apps

What’s your quality of sleep? Good? Bad? If you’re unsure, you can use an app to track your sleep behavior! This information can help you see what is causing your sleep disturbances and find solutions to get a great night of sleep.

There is a mix of good sleep behaviors that make up a great night of sleep.  In addition to the right sleep environment and mattress, sleep monitoring apps can help you get a great night of sleep by understanding what really goes on during your sleep cycles.

Sleep monitoring appsThere are a variety of apps that monitor sleep patterns. When selecting an app, you should consider what you hope to find out. Many apps offer information on muscle movement, sleep duration, time of disturbances, and an alarm clock.  If you need help falling asleep, many apps offer soothing sounds that can help you drift off into peaceful rest.

Here are a four sleep tracking apps to help you understand your sleep habits.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes and graphs your sleep quality plus wakes you up at your lightest sleep with a soothing tone. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock also monitors you movement to determine what sleep phase you’re in. Simply download the app to your smartphone and place it under your pillow.

Beddit – Beddit measures your heart rate, respiration, sleep cycles, and sleep time and includes a smart alarm to wake you up. Even nighttime events such as leaving the bed and snoring are tracked with Beddit.  Every morning, you’ll receive a Sleep Score along with personalized tips to improve your quality of sleep. To use Beddit, you need to download the app to your smartphone and purchase a separate sensor that is placed under your bed sheet.

SleepBot – SleepBot tracks your nighttime movement and shows pattern changes and long-term trends. SleepBot goes beyond tracking your movements by also tracking sound levels that could contribute to your sleep disturbance. You can even set a reminder to go to sleep and an alarm will wake you up at the right time in the morning. SleepBot provides tips and recommendations to help you get a great night of sleep.

Sleep Time – Sleep Time shows your sleep cycle analysis in a monthly and week graph to help you track sleep patterns over time. The app analyzes movement while sleeping and learns to wake you up at the perfect moment of lightest sleep. Or you can use the app to set an alarm in the morning to wake up on your own schedule. After waking up, the app’s heart rate integration detects your pulse. Sleep Time can also be used to help you fall asleep thanks to the app’s soothing sounds. To use Sleep Time, simply download the app and place your smartphone in your bed.

While these sleep apps may help you get an idea of how well you are sleeping, they are not proven to provide a full analysis of your sleep behavior. Remember that a good bedroom environment plays an important role in your quality of sleep.

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