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Nov 03 2015

Hosting Holiday Guests

Tis the season when guests and visitors are plentiful! And whether they be overnight guests or party guests or drop-in visitors, there are many ways that you can make your guests feel welcome and add warmth to their visit.


Overnight Guests


Favorite Foods: Prepare your home for overnight guests by discovering any food they particularly enjoy and having it available. Ask (unless you already know), for example, what their favorite breakfast foods are or snack foods. While certainly you will be preparing meals for your guests, you probably won’t prepare three meals each day, so having foods in the house that you know your guests will enjoy will enable them to make themselves at home.


Decorative Labels: Consider labeling some of the most used cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen and hallways: flatware, cups, coffee, and the like in the kitchen and towels and linens in the halls. You can make festive, attractive labels that will add a touch of color and let your guests know where to look for commonly used items (and that you welcome them helping themselves).


Welcome your overnight guests with personal toiletry gift baskets

A Pampering Touch: Prepare a basket or tray with everyday toiletries for your guest to

use and keep. Depending on the length of their stay, travel sizes are usually appropriate. Get toothpaste, mouthwash, body wash and a sponge, perhaps a small box of tissues, some lotion—whatever you feel your guests might

use and enjoy having.

Place reading material in the guest room and family areas—books or magazines or a combination. Try to choose material your guests might enjoy but regardless, just the thoughtfulness of providing things to read will ingratiate you to your company.


Other Hosting Tips


Are you hosting a meal? While there are always foods that will require your attention when your guests are present, but try to choose recipes that do not keep you chained to your stove. Your guests came not only to eat but also to see you. Include make-ahead dishes on your menu, and try to prepare as much as possible for other dishes before your guests arrive.


Keep healthful snacks onhand for guests

Do you have favorite recipes for appetizers or desserts that you are serving? Print them up on attractive recipe cards to share with your guests as a memento of the evening—either unbidden or as a response to a compliment about a particular dish you serve.


It’s a great time of year to stock up on healthful snacks and little desserts to keep around—for those welcome but unexpected guests.


In case drop-in guests bring you a gift, have some unassigned gifts of your own onhand so you can reciprocate.


For more ideas, check out our Holiday Guests Pinterest Board.

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