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Latex Foam in Mattresses Offers Unique Comfort and Support Benefits

Latex foam may be featured in combination with memory foam or with innerspring coils to provide contoured comfort and support.

Serta® offers various mattress models that include a layer of Serta latex foam, which instantly responds to your body for pressure-relieving comfort that is also supportive. Serta mattresses that do not include latex are also available for shoppers who prefer a latex-free option.

Serta uses a variety of latex foams in our products, including both Talalay and Dunlop latexes, designed to deliver comfort, support and durability.

Comfort & Support:

Latex foam is designed to respond instantly to your body for enhanced pressure-relieving support that is also supportive. This can help reduce tossing and turning while also promoting proper support while you sleep.

Breathability & Durability:

Latex foam is designed to be very breathable and resilient, so it retains less heat and maintains its integrity throughout the life of your mattress.


The natural properties of latex foam help protect the material against dust mites. This may be ideal for allergy sufferers, and those concerned with keeping their mattresses clean and healthy over time.

Read Serta’s Environmental Responsibility statement to learn more about how we use eco-friendly product components in our mattresses.

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