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Financing FAQs

Q.            How do I apply for financing?

A.            You can either apply online or call one of our sleep representative at 1-888-919-3174.


Q.           Do I have to know what I want to buy or can I pre-qualify.

A.            You can pre-apply for financing at  You do not need to know exactly what you plan to purchase if approved you will be informed of your credit limit.  


Q,           What if I want to buy more than the amount of my approval?

A.            You can pay the difference with any major credit card.  When you checkout you will be asked for the form of payment for the additional amount purchased.  

Q.           What if I am approved for more that I want to spend.  Do I have to use the full amount?

A.            NO.   You are approved for up to the amount but can spend any amount as long as it meets the minimum purchase amount.

Q.           What happens to my financing if I return the product?

A.            The contract is canceled and any amounts paid are returned less and outstanding charges, if any.

Q             I just graduated school and started a new job.  Should I apply?

A.            Credit is based on your personal credit profile.   You are always welcome to apply.

Q.           I am under 21, can I qualify?

A.            No


Q.           How can I view my credit account statement online?


Q.           How do I change my billing address?

A.            Call 877-399-6374.

Q.           I am going to be late this month.  What should I do?

A.            Call 877-399-6374 and talk to a credit representative.  If you need to change your payment due date than can assist you in setting a due date that meets your schedule. 

Q.           How quickly will a payment be applied to my account when using your Online Bill Pay service?

A.            Payments are applied within 72 hours.

Q.           It says there is 0% interest for 6, 12 or 18 months.  What if I need more time?

A.            Our 6 month 0% interest carries a term of 24 months.

                Our 12 month 0% interest carries a term of 36 months.

                Our 18 month 0% interest carries a term of 48 months.

                The 0% only applies if you pay the total amount within the promotional period. If you are unable to pay the total amount interest will be applied from the day of purchase. See full terms and conditions Here

Q.           When will I receive my first bill?

A.            Your statement should arrive within 30 days of the delivery of your new iComfort product. If you are concerned that you have not received a bill or have questions about your agreement, please contact Monterey financial Services at 877-399-6374.