Give It a Rest!

March 7, 2014

Serta Give It a Rest PledgeIn today’s technology-savvy world, it’s normal to fall asleep with the television on while your phone charges next to you. But did you know that electronic devices are a leading cause of poor sleep habits among parents and children?

The National Sleep Foundation 2014 Sleep in America ® Poll discovered that sleep quality diminished if electronics are left on overnight. People are more susceptible to having trouble falling asleep due to the bright light and are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

According to the poll, of the 48% of parents who report they sometimes leave one or more “active” electronic devices – tablet or smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, and/or video game – on after falling asleep, 57% say their child does the same.

To get the best rest possible, Serta challenges you to take the Give It a Rest Pledge!

Pledge to give your electronics a rest before bed and improve your sleep habits.

I pledge to turn off my television or computer at least two hours before going to sleep.

I will silence my phone while sleeping and remove it from my quiet space.

I will encourage others to take the Give It a Rest Pledge and improve their sleep habits.

I will set an example for my children to put down the electronics before bed.

No matter how many obstacles I face, I will continue to work diligently on my journey to improve my sleep habits.

Sign up for the pledge on our Facebook page and one lucky winner will receive two Serta Perfect Sleeper® Kessner Mattress sets for their home, comfort and size of the winner’s choice.

The sweepstakes will run from March 7, 2014, through March 21, 2014, exclusively on Serta’s Facebook page, where additional details and Official Rules can be found.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.  The  Serta Give It a Rest Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is sponsored by Serta, Inc., 2600 Forbs Ave., Hoffman Estates, IL 60192. The Sweepstakes begins at 10 a.m. CST on 3/7/14, and ends at 11:59 p.m. CDT on 3/21/14. The Sweepstakes is open only to persons who, at the time of entry, are 18 years or older and legal residents of the 50 United States, DC, and Canada (excluding Quebec).  Odds of being selected for a prize depend on the total number of eligible entries.  Limit one entry per person. Approximate Retail Value of all prizes is $2,898.  For Official Rules visit

Prepare for Daylight Saving during Sleep Awareness Week

March 4, 2014

Sleep Tips for Transitioning to Daylight Saving TimeWe are celebrating Sleep Awareness Week with the National Sleep Foundation all week long! We’ll be sharing sleep tips and facts to keep you feeling well-rested and ready for a great night of sleep.

With Daylight Saving Time just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your body for the change that will be taking place. Your mind will know there’s a time change, but it will take your body a bit of adjusting.

Start to prepare your body over the weekend by gradually making modifications. Start to head to bed 15 minutes early a few days before the change. This method will prevent a shock to your body when it loses an hour of sleep.

Be prepared for the feelings after the time change takes place. It may be difficult for your body to adjust to the longer daylight, so balance the light and dark by opening your shades in the morning and dimming your lights when it gets dark. This will help your body know that it’s time to get ready for sleep.

Know that Monday is going to be tough. While the actual time change occurs on Sunday at 2 a.m., Monday morning is when most people feel the effects. As if Mondays weren’t tough enough already! Be prepared by going to sleep on time on Sunday, and take a short walk on Monday around midday.

Use these tips as you prepare for Daylight Saving Time. Follow us on Facebook for more sleep tips and facts this week.

Holiday Survival Guide (Part 4): Five Surprising Facts You Should Know About Sleep for Your Better Sleep Resolution

December 23, 2013

A new year means another chance to improve your lifestyle. Whether you’re making resolutions to eat better, exercise, or quit smoking, consider making the important resolution to get more sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the most common reason people feel excessively tired is self-imposed sleep deprivation. To help you live healthier in 2014, we’ve compiled five surprising facts you should know about sleep for your Better Sleep Resolution:

1. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to have a bigger appetite. Leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone and when it decreases from a lack of sleep, your appetite increases. If your resolution is to lose weight, getting enough sleep plays a key role.

2. Snoring disrupts approximately 90 million American adults. Snoring may seem harmless, but it could be a symptom of sleep apnea, a life threatening sleep disorder. If you wake frequently throughout the night gasping for breath and snore loudly with pauses in the snoring, consult a physician.

3. Sleep patterns may change as we age, but the amount of sleep needed does not. Most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

4. If you wake in the middle of the night and after 20 minutes still cannot fall back to sleep, it is best to get out of bed, go to another room, and read or listen to music. Avoid looking at the clock and when you are sleepy, return to bed.

5. Regular exercise will help you to fall asleep easier and sleep better. However, exercising right before bed or exercising irregularly will make falling asleep more challenging.

How will you get better sleep in 2014? Start by determining if your mattress and pillows are comfortable and supportive. Make sleep a priority and stick to your sleep schedule even on the weekends. Remember to put away electronics and turn off the television at least an hour before bed.

What’s your 2014 Better Sleep Resolution?

Sleep Through the Summer Heat

June 11, 2013

Do you find yourself occasionally tossing and turning at night because it’s just too hot? To keep your cool even on the warmest days of the year, try these helpful pointers:


-       Keep your bedroom dark: To prevent heat build-up during the day, keep your blinds closed so the sun is not beaming into your bedroom. The more sunlight you have in your room, the hotter it will become.

-       Lower the temperature: Air conditioning is ideal for those hot summer nights and can quickly cool your room down. If turning up the A/C is not an option, add a small fan to your bedroom or open your windows to create a cool breeze.

-       Take a shower or bath: After being in the heat all day, the last thing you want to do is jump into bed feeling hot and sweaty. Before you go to sleep, take a refreshing shower to lower your body temperature.

-       Wear light, comfortable clothes: Put away the heavy, flannel pajamas. Wear light, breathable clothing to prevent your clothes from sticking to you.

-       Evaluate your mattress: Make sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress that is designed to dissipate heat and whisk it away from the body. For instance, Serta’s new iComfort Directions™ mattresses feature four exclusive technologies designed to balance comfort, support and temperature regulation.

Don't let the summer heat prevent you from sleeping well!

For more advice on how to get a better night’s sleep – even during the hottest months of the year – check out the National Sleep Foundation’s article, “Sleeping When it is Blistering Hot” and share your personal tips in the comments below.


Take the Serta Fitness Challenge and Enter to Win

March 12, 2013


We all know that sleep and exercise are needed for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that the more exercise you get, the better you sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation 2013 Poll found a significant correlation between exercise and sleep, highlighting that those who exercise more often have a better sleep than those who don’t work out. Other findings included:

Vigorous exercisers have the best sleep at night and are least likely to report sleep problems.

Less time sitting is associated with better sleep and health.

Exercise at any time of day appears to be good for sleep.

Non-exercisers are the sleepiest and have the highest risk for sleep apnea.

In order to get the best night’s sleep and improve your overall health, Serta challenges you to join the movement and have a fit 2013.

Take the Serta Fitness Challenge Pledge and make a commitment to improve your health.

I pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle by increasing my daily physical activity and getting a good night’s sleep.

I will challenge myself with vigorous to moderate exercise and experiment with new activities.

I will spend less time sitting and take short walks when I am not exercising.

No matter how many obstacles I face, I will continue to work diligently on my journey to improve my health and fitness.

Sign up for the pledge and one lucky winner will receive a Serta Perfect Sleeper Whitley’s Bluff mattress set (size and comfort of winners choice) and a $500 Serta Fitness Gift Pack!

Sleep Sound All Year ‘Round

January 23, 2013

Getting a great night’s sleep can help improve your health, happiness and productivity. If you’re tired of being tired, it’s time to put down the energy drinks and take charge of your sleep routine.

Did you know? According to reports from the National Sleep Foundation:

•Everyone should be concerned about the quantity and quality of their sleep. Studies indicate that a lack of sleep may be linked to obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

•People who are sleep deprived report being more irritable, short-tempered, and less able to manage stress.

•Insufficient sleep can lead to daytime fatigue, poor concentration, and an increased risk of mistakes and accidents. Research from the National Sleep Foundation reveals that one in ten Americans are likely to fall asleep at an inappropriate time and place, such as during a meeting or while driving.

To help one of our readers stop counting sheep and start getting a better night’s sleep this year, we are giving away a deluxe sleep package (open to residents 18 of age and older and living in the contiguous United States, see contest rules) which includes a choice between three Serta® mattress sets (Serta Perfect Sleeper®, iComfort® or iSeries™) and a Serta Gel-Memory Foam 2-in-1 Scrunch Pillow (combined MSRP up to $5,000).

Read on to learn how you can enter for a chance to win.

Official Rules:

To enter this giveaway you must be 18 years of age and live in the contiguous United States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii). No purchase necessary. Maximum of 4 entries per person. The giveaway will run from January 23, 2013 until midnight February 6, 2013. The winner will be chosen from and will be notified the week of February 10, 2013.

Enter to Win:

1. Leave a comment below that tells us why you need a great night’s sleep in 2013.

For Extra Entries:

2. “Like” us on Facebook, then come back here and post a comment below stating that you have done so.

3. Follow us on Twitter, then come back here and post a comment below stating that you have done so.

4. Follow us on Pinterest, then come back here and post a comment below stating that you have done so.

 Good luck (and best wishes for a great night’s sleep)!

Falling Back – Tips for Getting the Most from the Extra Hour

November 3, 2012

Many Americans will set their clocks back one hour on Nov. 4th, 2012 and gain an extra hour for the day.  Serta surveyed over 1,000 Americans to gauge how national time changes impact their sleep and schedules, and the results were quite telling!

We found that most Americans don’t find either the Spring Forward or Fall Back time changes to have an impact on the quality of their sleep.  Even so, about 20% of Americans reported waking up feeling not well rested* – meaning that poor sleep is the norm for them.  So, Fall Back or Spring Forward, Americans still need better sleep!

That got us thinking about the gift of a whole extra hour on Nov. 4th.  We are, by our own nature, a time-pressed and sleep-deprived society.  So, an extra hour – even if just for one day of the year – should be valued and used wisely.  And, what better way to use this extra hour than for some much needed self-pampering to reduce stress and promote better sleep for one night?

Here are some suggestions on getting the most out of the extra hour for those setting the clocks back on Nov. 4th:

  • Schedule a one-hour massage
  • Take a yoga class with a friend
  • Have kids?  Organize a family breakfast and give everyone a task so that you can relax and enjoy.
  • Start reading that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • If it’s not too cold at home, fire up the grill and sit outside sipping hot cider with family and friends, with a commitment to keep the cell phones off.

Even just one hour of down time each day can help reduce the daily stress that can impact your sleep quality.   So, use the upcoming time change to show yourself the difference that one hour can make in how you live and how you sleep.  We have a feeling that doing it for one day will make you want to do it more often!

Having trouble sleeping?  Check out our new Sleep Tips video with easy ways to update your bedroom to promote better sleep.

*Survey results are from telephone omnibus surveys of nationally representative Americans conducted by Braun Research the days following the two time changes around Daylight Savings Time in 2011.


Sleep Tips for Fall: How the Season Change Can Impact Your Sleep

September 26, 2012

Sleep Better this Fall

The beautiful and bright autumn season is here!  While there are many things to enjoy during the fall, the change of seasons can impact your quality of sleep and leave you feeling groggy during the day.  Get the most out of the fall days with these helpful tips to adjust your sleep to the new season.


Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Once the season changes, do you ever find yourself feeling ready for bed hours before your usual bedtime?  As we approach winter and the days gradually get shorter, it’s easy for your body clock to get confused when the sun goes down.  You may have been hitting the hay regularly at 9pm over the summer, but now it’s just as dark at 7:30pm.  Before you consider giving in and going to bed earlier, consider shifting your daily routine so you stick to your typical sleep/wake schedule.  If you feel yourself getting sleepy after dinner, grab your fall jacket and your dog and take a nice walk.  Stick to your normal bedtime routines and before you know it, you can help your body clock adjust and stay on track.

Goodbye, Air Conditioning!

Switching off the air conditioning and cracking open the bedroom window is one of the simple pleasures of fall.  (Not to mention the wonders it does for lowering energy bills!)  This means you may be switching from your lighter summer linens to your heavier fall blankets for sleep.  Be aware of your body temperature during sleep and pick the right top of bed items for the fall.  Using a blanket that’s very warm and heavy may feel great while your are falling asleep, but can cause you to get too hot overnight.  Look for items that help keep you comfortable without disrupting your sleep.

Comfort Food Overload

What tastes better on a crisp fall night than a big plate of old fashioned comfort food?  It’s easy to fill up on warm, rich food this time of the year.  But, it’s very important to eat these types of food in moderation and not within two hours of your regular bedtime.  Your eating patterns impact how you sleep, so maintain a balanced diet and resist the temptation to indulge after hours.  Your body will thank you in the morning.

Consider Your Mattress

Are you doing all of the right things when it comes to your bedtime ritual, but still not sleeping well?  Don’t forget to check your mattress, which is the centerpiece of your sleep every night.  If it’s been 7 or more years since you’ve purchased a new mattress, or if you are tossing and turning or experiencing back pain, it may be time for a new mattress.  Plus, upgrading to a new mattress will help you stick to your routine since you won’t be able to wait to jump in and get cozy on fall nights!  Visit Serta online to learn more about available mattresses and to get helpful mattress shopping tips.



Country Music Fans Can Bid on One-of-a-Kind Counting Sheep

April 10, 2012

Serta and City of Hope are offering Country Music fans a rare opportunity to bid on a special, large Serta Counting Sheep plush toy autographed by some of Country Music’s hottest stars!  Serta’s large display Counting Sheep are rarely sold to the public, and this is the first sheep in the herd to rub hooves with Nashville’s elite! 

This adorable #60 Counting Sheep is a special Serta Anniversary Edition measuring 30″ high.  All profits go to City of Hope. All profits go to City of Hope to aid in the continued fight against cancer.  CLICK HERE to learn more and bid on this one of a kind Counting Sheep.

We ‘Heart’ Home for Sleep – so Why Aren’t We Sleeping Better?

April 3, 2012

When it comes to sleep, there really is no place like home, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2012 Bedroom Poll. This is the only National Sleep Foundation poll to ask how fundamental elements of the bedroom contribute to sleep, and the results may surprise you.

Even though we are a traditionally sleep-deprived nation, the majority of poll respondents report sleeping well at least a few nights during the week.  On average, respondents are sleeping between 6 1/2 – 7 1/2 hours each night.  Plus, the majority of respondents take their bedroom environment seriously, with more than 60% viewing it as essential to a good night’s sleep and more than 90% considering their mattress an important part of the sleep experience.

The poll is filled with some great information, from how respondents make their bedroom purchase decisions to what impacts a “romantic” sleep environment.  All in all, the poll indicates that we are a nation taking our bedroom environment seriously while placing a premium on the quality of sleep.  Check it out by clicking HERE.

Even with these promising poll results, many Americans still report having difficulty sleeping several times each week.  So, what’s the catch? 

We all know that sleep is fundamental to our health and well-being.  After all, parents were preaching this to us as children, and our doctors (and the media) are still preaching this to us today.  We know that a good 8 hours sleep will result in a more productive day at work and a more enjoyable evening at home. Even with our beautiful bedrooms, carefully decorated to provide rest and retreat at the end of a long day, we are still waking up feeling cheated of a good night’s rest and suffering as a result.

It’s pretty clear that having the right attitude towards our bedroom is just the first step towards better sleep.  The next step is developing the right attitude about sleep overall.  Most of us live hour to hour and feel lucky if we are able to accomplish only half of the things on our ‘To Do’ lists every day.  This leaves us very little time to stop, relax and take care of our bodies and minds in the hours before bedtime.  In other words, we are a nation that isn’t very good at “shutting down”!

The effects of poor sleep extend beyond your basic sleepiness.  For instance, the NSF recently reported that sleep deprivation may cause increased calorie consumption, leading to weight gain and fatigue.  This, in turn, impacts the quality of sleep, creating a vicious cycle.

So, in closing, we are grateful to our friends that the NSF for encouraging us to love our bedrooms and create the right environment for sleep.  Whether or not we choose to use our bedrooms for better sleep – well, that’s totally up to us.

Ready to take the first step in creating a better bedroom?  Take our Mattress Selector Quiz HERE to find out which Serta mattress may be best for you!