Serta Aims to Get 1,000 Counting Sheep Adopted in April!

April 3, 2012

Earlier this year, Serta joined forces with City of Hope to raise funds for cancer research with our Adopt-a-Sheep for the Fight Against Cancer™ program.   This unique program is raising funds for City of Hope through the sales and distribution of a special, limited edition #60 Serta Counting Sheep plush toy.  And, there’s many special things about #60.  She carries an “Adopt-a-Sheep” seal and the City of Hope logo; she has a purple bow collar and is the only Counting Sheep in the entire herd with lavender eyes.  Yes, she is truly a collector’s item!

#60 Serta Counting Sheep

#60 is a collector's edition Counting Sheep plush toy!

We’ve made it fun and easy to get involved with this wonderful program – and we need your help in getting 1,000 #60 Counting Sheep adopted in April.  First, simply buy your #60 Counting Sheep plush toy online HERE.  All profits from your purchase go to City of Hope.  Next, when your #60 arrives to your home, it will be packaged with a special card carrying a unique registration code and instructions on how to officially “adopt” your #60 online.  At our Online Adoption Center, you can select a unique name for your Counting Sheep and dedicate your adoption to a loved one touched by cancer.  We will place a “virtual” version of your sheep in our Herd for Hope and give you access to exclusive Counting Sheep content, including computer wallpaper customized with your Counting Sheep’s name and date of adoption.  Last, spread the words to your friends and family with our easy Facebook sharing widget from the online adoption center.

CLICK HERE to visit the City of Hope website.


Couples Sleeping Separately: Bad For the Relationship?

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What better way to send your love than with an adorable Serta Counting Sheep Valentine?  Visit us on Faceook and click on the Sheep Valentines tab to choose your favorite and share with friends.  Each Counting Sheep Valentine is tagged with a message about Serta’s Adopt-a-Sheep for the Fight Against Cancer Event, going on now to raise funds for our friends at City of Hope.  Find us at

Now, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we ask an age-old question – is sleeping separately really bad for the relationship? 

The bed: for many, it’s a sacred private space that symbolizes union and intimacy.

But sharing a bed seems to be falling out of favor with some, as more couples choose to go their separate ways at night. In fact, a 2005 National Sleep Foundation poll found that nearly one in four American couples sleeps in separate beds or separate rooms. And the National Association of Home Builders says that by 2015 it expects 60 percent of custom-built homes to have separate master bedrooms.

That may sound decidedly unromantic, but many people have a good reason for splitting up after dark. Sometimes one partner’s nighttime behaviors – loud snoring, sleep talking, restless movements and so forth – are too disruptive. In other cases, the “fit” between the couple’s sleeping habits is the problem. Maybe one person is a light sleeper and the other has a penchant for stealing covers. Or one partner loves to snuggle with the kids in the wee hours while the other can’t get comfortable amidst all the little elbows and knees. Add in conflicting sleep times, differing work schedules and TV habits or electronics and you can see why some partners give up.  Just because a couple chooses to live happily ever after doesn’t mean their nighttime personalities are a perfect match.

Couples come up with different arrangements: two beds in the same room will do the trick for some, while others head for completely separate rooms (especially in the case of loud snoring). Sleep is a fundamental biological need and the bottom line is that we do what’s necessary to protect it.

But are separate beds a sign of a distant relationship? Some couples say bed is a place they connect, talk about the day, share feelings and so on; in the midst of busy schedules and family life, beds can feel like a personal haven. And we know that physical affection – holding, cuddling and intimacy – is an important part of healthy relationships. Our brains release bonding chemicals like oxytocin when we touch each other lovingly. For a couple pulled in different directions by day, sharing a bed might be one of their only sources of physical contact.

Only you and your other half know if sleeping separately is the right plan. But if you want to stay under the sheets together, it’s important to talk and problem solve. If snoring is the issue, consider adjusting your head or body position, avoid alcohol before bed and invest in earplugs. Decide on the rules of the bed, such as if and when pets or kids are welcome.  Make sure the mattress and pillows are comfortable for both of you and negotiate things like bedtime schedules to give each person the best chance at rest.  Remember, couples spend a third of their lives in bed, so it’s well worth a dedicated discussion and some fine-tuning.


Serta & City of Hope Join Forces in the Adopt-a-Sheep for the Fight Against Cancer Event

November 16, 2011

Serta and City of Hope have teamed up to bring the public a new and unique way to support cancer research, treatment and education.   The Adopt-a-Sheep for the Fight Against Cancer Event is going on now and offers people the opportunity to “adopt” a limited edition #60 Counting Sheep plush toy designed by Serta and City of Hope.  This new Counting Sheep will help raise funds for City of Hope through distribution at participating Serta retailers and sales made directly to the public online.  Serta will donate a minimum of $1.50 for each sale or distribution of the #60 plush toy to City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer research, treatment and education centers. The event runs until March 31st, 2012.

Serta Counting Sheep plush toys have been collected by fans since 2000, when Serta first introduced the herd as the reluctant brand icons.  The campaign has been very successful for Serta, earning a Gold Effie and the Counting Sheep a spot on the Advertising Walk of Fame.  The Adopt-a-Sheep Event allows Serta to introduce a new, limited edition plush toy to collectors and the general public while also raising funds for City of Hope and getting people involved in the fight against cancer.

“Serta has a long-standing partnership with City of Hope, and we believe in their innovative approach in fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses” says Bob Sherman, president of Serta.  “That is why our Adopt-a-Sheep Event is so important to our company, and we are excited to give people a fun and engaging way to get involved in supporting City of Hope.”

There are two simple ways to bring home a limited edition #60 Counting Sheep plush toy:

1. Visit a participating Serta retailer to receive a #60 Sheep for free with either a qualified purchase or “test rest” of the iComfort® Sleep System, Serta’s latest breakthrough in memory foam technology featuring Cool Action™ material.  The offer will vary by participating retailer; see store for details.   Serta has made a minimum donation of $1.50 to City of Hope for each #60 plush toy distributed to participating retailers.

2. Purchase a #60 Sheep from Serta online by visiting Serta.Com/Adopt and selecting “Buy Your Sheep Online”.   Serta will make a minimum donation of $1.50, up to $9, for each #60 plush toy sold online.

“Serta has been a terrific supporter of City of Hope and we’re delighted to partner with the company to offer consumers a unique way to join the fight against cancer,” said Steve Martin, vice president of marketing, City of Hope. “This year, more than one million people will be diagnosed with cancer. This partnership will enable City of Hope to advance research and improve treatments for patients while giving people a creative way to honor friends and family who have been personally affected by cancer.”

Officially “Adopt” Your Counting Sheep and Honor Loved Ones

Each #60 Counting Sheep comes with an enclosure card, carrying a unique registration code and instructions on how to officially “adopt” your Counting Sheep online at Serta’s Adoption Registration Center.  From here, adoptive families can select a unique name for their Counting Sheep and dedicate the adoption to a loved one touched by cancer.  Once the registration is complete, adopters will have access to exclusive Adopt-a-Sheep content, including a keepsake Adoption Certificate and wallpaper customized with the Sheep’s name and date of adoption.  Serta will make an additional $1.50 donation to City of Hope for each adoption registered online, up to the first 25,000 registrations.

Serta will also recognize each adoption registered online with its Herd for Hope™ Honor Wall and Virtual Pasture.  The Honor Wall will be a living scroll of all adoptions registered online, where adopters can return to find their information and share with friends and family.  A “virtual” #60 sheep will also be placed in Serta’s Virtual Pasture, coming in late November, creating a visual representation of all those joining Serta and City of Hope in the fight against cancer.

The Adopt-a-Sheep for the Fight Against Cancer Event is going on now through March 31st, 2012. Visit Serta.Com/Adopt to find a participating retailer or to purchase a #60 Counting Sheep online.

To learn more about City of Hope, visit