Mar 24 2014

Spring Ready Bedroom

bedroom with fresh flowers

It’s been five months and now we can say it; spring is here!

Your mind may be ready for spring, but is your bedroom? Get your bedroom ready for spring with these ideas:

  1. Get Going on Spring Cleaning — Start fresh by cleaning the areas of your bedroom you normally may skip. Start with your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear. Remember to switch out your winter clothing and while you’re there, reorganize it so you can find everything you need. Dust areas you typically might skip over like lamp shades and headboards or footboards. Swap out flannel linens with light, breathable cottons and pack away those heavy blankets.
  2. Rotate Your Mattress — Get the most out of your mattress by rotating it seasonally or as needed.  Mattress foams and fibers will experience normal wear over time. Rotating helps keep your mattress feeling like new! While rotating it, vacuum your mattress to keep it clean, and wash your mattress protector or purchase a new one.
  3. Cool Down As It Heats Up — To get the best night of sleep in warmer months, try replacing your linens with lighter, more breathable fabrics. Set-up a bedside fan if you find you need a constant flow of air. Don’t be afraid to kick out the kids or pets, and make sure you have enough space from your partner. Added body heat is sure to make you sleep warmer.
  4. Bring the Living In — Spruce up your bedroom with fresh flowers, or add a plant to breathe new life into your room.

Put these ideas into practice and your bedroom will be ready for spring and feeling happy!

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