Jan 15 2014

Creative Ideas for Your Children’s Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms are more than just where they sleep. It is also where their creativity expands to fight dragons, draw and color, play dress-up, and have sweet dreams. Their bedrooms become a special space where they learn responsibility and have control over their environment, two important steps in their development.

Here are a few bedroom design ideas to bring your children’s imagination to life and make them feel special:

  1. A chalkboard wall gives children the benefit of a large drawing space to inspire creativity. If you want a smaller chalkboard, consider half a wall or a door. Simply paint chalkboard paint as you would regular paint. This inspiring décor provides an opportunity for solo play and quiet time or a place to leave sweet messages. A bonus is the easy clean-up and maintenance.
  2. If your children share a room, use a similar color palette but divide a portion of the room using a curtain or furniture so each child has their own individual special space. Allow each child to choose their own bedding within the color scheme to showcase their personality.
  3. Hang their artwork using frames, wires, or corkboard. Displaying their paintings, drawings, and crafts makes children proud of the work they have done.
  4. Create a cozy corner filled with book shelves, lots of pillows, and blankets to encourage reading and quiet time. They will love to cuddle up in their special nook.
  5. Make the space their own by incorporating their interests and hobbies. Get their input on color schemes and decorations. Asking children what they would like to see in their room gives them pride for their space and the motivation to keep it tidy and in good condition.

For more inspiration for your children’s bedrooms, visit our Pinterest board.

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