Dec 18 2013

Holiday Survival Guide (Part 3): Making The Most Out Of Your Holiday Travel Sleep Arrangements

By Tésa Nicolanti of


Travel and the holidays go hand in hand. Many of us will be maneuvering our way through crowded airports, traffic jams, flight delays, and unexpected weather to celebrate with family and friends. All of this can be exhausting and that’s why it’s important to get a good night’s sleep so you can enjoy the festivities once you arrive at your destination. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your holiday travel sleep arrangements.

Bunking With Relatives

Will you be staying with relatives over the holidays? Worried that Grandpa’s snoring is going to keep you awake night after night? Make sure you pack earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. If you are a night owl while everyone else is an early bird or if you are simply dealing with jet lag, this can help keep the din of busy house to a low level allowing you can catch a few more z’s before your feet hit the floor for the day. They also can block out the snoring of any roommates or Grandpa down the hall helping you to get the rest you need so you have the energy to bake cookies, wrap gifts, go sledding, and enjoy every moment.

Hitting The Sack At A Hotel

When you know you’ll be staying in a hotel be sure to do a little research and pack a few things to ensure a good night’s sleep. Did you know that Serta is the number one mattress supplier to the hotel industry in the United States? If your hotel has a Serta mattress you are sure to be in good hands. When packing bring a sound machine or find a good white noise app on your phone. Listening to hotel room doors bang shut, ice machine racket, elevators roaring up and down, or the clamor of street traffic will surely keep you up all night. Block out all the commotion with the sleep machine or app. It’s an easy and simple way to drift off to sleep while traveling.

Hosting Guests

Will you be hosting guests this holiday season? Make their stay memorable by offering amenities that will have them sleeping as soundly as if they were in their own beds at home. Put a TV in the guest room so they have a place to unwind at the end of long and festive day. Provide reading materials, magazines and books, so they can enjoy them as they lounge in bed just a little while longer or prior to nodding off. Pamper them with Serta Memory Foam Pillows and Luxury Fleece Blankets to chase away the winter chill. Provide a small basket of snacks and drinks so they can enjoy them in their room when hunger hits.

These tips will make holiday travel a little easier and more pleasant this year. A good night’s sleep is important and will help you enjoy the festivities to their fullest.

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