Nov 21 2013

How to Prepare for Holiday House Guests

Hosting holiday guests can be an extra way to make great memories this holiday season. To create a pleasant experience for out-of-town guests, welcome them with these simple tips that can make all the difference.

Here are five ways to make your guests feel at home:

1. Give a grand tour: When guests arrive, give them a tour of your home. This helps to orient your guests and make them feel comfortable with the space.

2. Create a comfortable space: If the room your guests will be staying in is not a designated guest room, make minor changes to make it feel homey. If the room gets chilly, provide a space heater. If the sun rises in their window, consider hanging darker and thicker curtains. Clean out a drawer or leave extra space in the closet to make guests feel at home. Fresh flowers or a light air freshener can also make the room feel fresh and clean.

3. Keep guests satisfied: Provide a pitcher of water and water glasses on the nightstand so guests don’t have to search for a drink. You can also provide a welcome treat such as freshly baked cookies.

4. Provide extra bedding: It can be awkward for a guest to ask their host for items such as extra bedding. Leave extra pillows and blankets in the guest’s room so they can access what they need over the course of their stay. This is particularly important if their room is not typically used for sleeping.

5. Think of the little things: Leave a welcome tray with toiletries such as soap, shampoo, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Place books and magazines in the room to help guests fall asleep in a new place.

Follow these tips and your guests will have an enjoyable stay at your home for the holidays! On behalf of everyone at Serta, Happy Holidays!

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