Oct 30 2013

Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month with Serta

According to the ASPCA, approximately 5 to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. October is National Pet Wellness month, a time to celebrate pets, learn about pet care, and keep pets healthy. Although National Pet Wellness month takes place only once a year, Serta wants you to remember to always celebrate and properly care for your pets.

Throughout the month of October, we have been celebrating pets with our Pet Bed Contest, offering pet care tips and asking you to share what makes your pet special. But Pet Wellness is more than just for the pets who live in our homes; pet wellness is about taking the time to care for those animals that need to become someone’s pet.

At Serta, we love our animal friends. Part of our company culture is a love of animals, reflected in our pet beds. If you want to open your heart to pets in your community, here are a few ways you can help:

Donate Your Time to an Animal Shelter              

Donate your time by playing with the animals, cleaning their kennels, washing blankets, or giving baths. Many workers at local shelters are volunteers and they are always looking for pet-loving volunteers to lend a helping hand.

Contribute with Products                                                                              

Before dropping off a basket of pet goodies, call to see what items the shelter or organization needs. Commonly items include beds, food, blankets, and toys, but you should also consider items such as garbage bags, laundry detergent, and cleaning products. It’s often the most basic items shelters need the most.

Rescue an Animal!                                                                                                  

If you are looking for a new member of your family, check out your local animal shelter or humane society first. You just might find a perfect fit!

For more information on animal charities or to find one in your community visit:


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