Apr 26 2013

How to Start Planning the Room of Your Dreams

Does your bedroom need a makeover, but you’re not sure where to begin? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to planning the room of your dreams!


Set up a budget: Before you begin creating your dream bedroom, it’s important to create a budget you can afford. Set a reasonable amount so you don’t break the bank. This will help you prioritize essential items from non-essential items and keep you from spending too much money.


Measure floor space and dimensions: In order to add furniture, carpet and accessories to your bedroom, you need to have accurate measurements of the room. Know the perimeter and area of the bedroom so you can organize your room without feeling too crowded.


Determine the theme: Do you want your room to reflect the overall theme of your house or have its own unique style? If the theme is similar to your house you will want to have complementary color schemes. If you want the room to have your own personal touch, then you can get creative and experiment to develop your own customized theme.


Color inspiration

  • Keep a log of inspirational prints and colors: Once you select the theme of your bedroom, begin looking at different color schemes to select the perfect one. Take your time and choose a color that will promote sleep and make you feel restful. Cool colors such as blue and green are popular bedroom colors and make your room feel comfortable. Create a digital scrapbook of your favorite options to help you determine the prints and colors that make you feel the most relaxed.



Add accents with accessories

  • Adding accents with accessories: Who said having a white bedroom was boring? To brighten a room, you can add a splash of color with accessories such as bedding, pillows, lamps and mirrors. Accents work best with white or beige walls and can conveniently customize your room.




Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon be sleeping comfortably in the bedroom of your dreams!

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