Apr 08 2013

Snore Cures: How to Reduce Snoring

Tips to Reduce Snoring


Do you have a loved one keeping you awake all night because of their disruptive snoring? Or are you the one keeping others awake?

Here are six tips to reduce snoring for a better night’s sleep.



  • Sleep on your side- Sleeping on your side is one of the best methods to combat snoring. Rather than lying on your back, sleeping on your side significantly reduces snoring. Reposition yourself comfortably and elevate your head with an extra pillow. This will improve air passage and allow you to breathe easily for a quiet sleep.


  • Change pillows- When was the last time you changed your pillows? Allergens and dust mites accumulate in pillows over time and increase your chances of snoring. By simply changing your pillows you can quickly get rid of your snoring and sleep peacefully on a fresh, clean surface.


  • Exercise – Chances are if you are overweight, you are more likely to snore. Fatty tissue can build up around your neck and narrow your airway, causing you to snore loudly. By exercising daily you can reduce snoring and lose weight for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Clear your nasal passages- Falling asleep with blocked sinuses and a stuffy nose will not only be uncomfortable, but will force you to breathe through your mouth and increase your snoring. By taking a decongestant you can alleviate cold symptoms and breathe easily throughout the night.


  • Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills- Drinking alcohol and taking sedatives relax the muscles of your throat and jaw, resulting in an increase in snoring. Eliminate these from your diet and you will be able to effectively reduce your snoring.


  • Quit smoking- Individuals who smoke have a greater chance of snoring. Smoking irritates your nose and throat and blocks your airways, significantly affecting your sleep. By quitting you will not only reduce your snoring, but improve your overall lifestyle as well.


  • Upgrade to an adjustable mattress set – an adjustable mattress set can help you achieve customized comfort and support for everything you do in bed, from reading to watching television to just lounging.  It can also help alleviate snoring by allowing head elevation during sleep.  Serta offers a range of adjustable mattress sets that you can shop now.


Keep in mind, these tips may not be effective for everyone. If your snoring has become severe and these natural methods do not effectively reduce your snoring, then you may wish to consult a healthcare professional as it could be the sign of a more significant health issue.


Do you have any tips to reduce or “cure” snoring? Share in the comments below.

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